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FlexiSpot's Spooktober Sale: Get Spine-Tingling Discounts

20 October 2023

Boo! Guess what's creeping around the corner this October? It's not a magician or a knight, but FlexiSpot's Spooktober Sale, and it's spooktacular! If you're looking to upgrade your workspace, this is the perfect time to do it. We've conjured up some devilishly good deals, and you won't need a superhero-costumed individual to swoop in to understand just how awesome they are. No tricks, just treats!

Up to 50% Off - Scarily Good Savings!

First things first, let's talk about the spine-tingling discounts you can enjoy during our Spooktober Sale. Save up to 50% off on a wide range of products. That's right; you can transform your workspace without emptying your cauldron!

C$30 Off on Orders Over C$500 - Use Code: SPOT30

If your order exceeds C$500, we're sprinkling some extra magic on it. Just use the code SPOT30, and you'll receive a C$30 discount. A spellbinding deal, isn't it?

Now, let's dive into some of our spine-chilling products that are sure to cast a spell on you!

1. FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk E7: Elevate Your Work Game

Imagine a desk that's as stable as a mountain, and you're picturing the E7. We've worked our magic to ensure this desk can hold its ground with BIFMA certification, a fancy way of saying it's super stable. We've reduced the column gap to a minuscule 0.05 mm, ensuring a silky-smooth lifting experience. It's so robust it can support the weight of two people without breaking a sweat, with an impressive 355-pound capacity.

The secret ingredient? Solid carbon steel, the kind used in fancy car parts. So, no matter how messy your desk gets, you can trust it to stay steady. We even put it through 20k motion tests at the FlexiSpot lab to prove its durability. It's a desk built to last, so you can work worry-free.

But here's where the magic happens: the sleek design, created using laser welding, is not just easy on the eyes, but it's also sturdy. With an anti-wear coating and temperature resistance, this desk's color won't fade away with time.

With a height range from 22.8" to 48.4", it's suitable for anyone from 4'2" to 6'4". The integrated cable management system keeps your wires hidden, and the quality keypad has four height settings, USB charging ports, and a child-lock button for extra convenience. It's a desk that works as hard as you do.

2. FlexiSpot Pro Standing Desk (E5): The Power of Easy Height Adjustment

If you're tired of desks that wobble like a leaf in the wind, meet the FlexiSpot E5. Thanks to its dual-motor lifting system and double crossbeam structure, you can count on it for rock-solid stability. It's not afraid of a heavy workload either, supporting up to 220 pounds without batting an eye.

No need to set alarms to remind you to stand up; the E5 has a sit-stand reminder that you can customize to your liking. The advanced keypad panel offers three height presets, and it's smart enough to avoid collisions with obstacles. Whether you're 4'6" or 6’7", this desk's height range from 24.4 to 50 inches has you covered.

3. FlexiSpot L-shaped Standing Desk E1L: Upgrade Your Office Game

Ready to level up your workspace? The Flexispot L-shaped desk has it all: a spacious work surface, splice boards, and a reversible design that works for both lefties and righties. It's not just functional, it's stylish too.

With a dual motor lifting mechanism, you can adjust the desk's height from 28.9 to 48.2 inches, perfect for the whole family. And don't worry about waking up your cat when you adjust it; this desk is super quiet.

Safety comes first with the anti-collision feature, and the built-in LED control pad makes customization a breeze. Say goodbye to cramped and uncomfortable workspaces and hello to the Flexispot L-shaped desk. It's the ultimate solution for your office needs.

4. FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converters M7 Series: Your Productivity Partner

Imagine a workstation that seamlessly combines functionality and style, like a perfect love potion tailored for your laptop. That's the M7 Series. Setting it up is as easy as winning hearts in a Zoom meeting. It accommodates your 17-inch laptop with ease and can smoothly transition from 4.7 inches to a towering 19.7 inches, ensuring ergonomic bliss, even for tall users.

The X-Lift construction ensures unwavering stability, even when loaded with up to 33 pounds of your work essentials. Your wrists will thank you for the comfortable rubber padding on both the base frame and the keyboard tray.

Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to the Standing Desk Converters M7 Series. It's the love story you've been waiting for, promising style, comfort, and a dash of flair for your work-life experience.

5. FlexiSpot H5 Height Adjustable Side Desk Overbed Table: Work Anywhere in Style

Are you itching for a breath of fresh workspace air? Well, the H5 Overbed Table is here to sweep you off your feet, no matter if you're kicking back on the couch, chilling in your recliner, or snuggled up in bed.

This table's got a sleek C-shaped base that's all about mobility. We're talking effortless shuffling, my friends! And let's not forget the hidden casters that make relocating your workspace a walk in the park. No more juggling your work essentials like a circus act.

The tabletop's no slouch either, measuring a comfy 27.6 inches in width and a neat 15.7 inches in diameter. It's your cozy haven for your laptop or tablet, complete with a keyboard. Say goodbye to cramped, crowded work setups and say hello to your newfound spacious productivity paradise.

This Spooktober, FlexiSpot's sale is not just a treat; it's a game-changer for your workspace. Get ready to work in style, comfort, and productivity, all while saving up to 50% off. Don't miss out on the magic of the Spooktober Sale, and let FlexiSpot elevate your work-life experience to new heights. It's time to bid adieu to the same old tricks and hello to a workspace that works as hard as you do.