Ergonomic Advice

Happy Canada Day

Get Up to 30% off on Selected Products this Canada Day

Every July 1, the whole of Canada celebrates Canada Day. 

The Setup

7 Must-Do’s When Preparing for a Backyard Wedding

Picture this in your head. 

A Clean Set-up

Every Work Dilemma Solved by an Ergonomic Item

Feeling back pains from sitting too long at your desk job? 

Morning Chat

8 Tips to Be a Better Communicator in the Workplace

Communication is a very important transferable skill.

Work-from-Home Momma

How to Ensure Productivity For Online Work

Nowadays, more and more opportunities have opened up for people to work at home.

Focused Study Time

Tools to Help You Maximize Your Online Schooling

Even though school is back in session, meaning students are back to going to face-to-face classes, there is still a wide market for online learners. 

Vlogging at Home

4 FlexiSpot Products to Stay Focused in Growing Your YouTube Channel

The market is saturated but it also means that more and more people are consuming video content. 

Curious Mind

7 Ways to Make Your Curiosity Work for You

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat?” 

Contemplating Business

4 Tips in Starting a Side Business

Be honest. 

Applying for a Job

5 Common Mistakes People Write in their Resumes

You might have been busy these days hunting for a job. 

You Order, I Deliver

6 Summer Jobs College Students Can Apply For

University or college can get really expensive even if there are many scholarship programs and Pay Now, Study Later offers.

Relaxing at Work

Questions to Evaluate Your Overall Work Mindset

How has work been lately?

Back at the Office

4 WFH Items to Still Use at the Office

You have gone by the past grueling half-of-the-year at work. 

Working Hard

Investing in Ergonomic Pieces to Work More Efficiently

You are in a tight spot when it comes to your finances. 

The Joy of Being a Dad

5 Tips for New Young Dads

Call it a blessing or a curse.

Bonding Time

6 Tips to Become the Best Single Dad

It’s quite a rollercoaster to raise kids when you’re a single dad. 

Working Dad

Giving Dad his Dream Workspace

So your dad just heard a word from his office that he’ll be working at home permanently. 

I love you, Dad

More Ergonomic Gift Ideas for Dad (and Mom!)

How do you give back to your parents?

Father’s Day Surprise

3 Ergonomic Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

We’re counting the day until Father’s Day arrives. 

On Sale

FlexiSpot Deals You Want to Cop this Summer

Looking for summer deals that will be worth every penny?

Job Hunt

8 Tips to Get Hired Very, Very Soon

You are not alone and helpless because you have been unemployed for a while.

Hard at Work

Tools to Help You Get a Work Promotion

You are probably being too harsh on yourself again. 

Goal Achieved

5 Tips in Making SMART Goals

A goal helps you to make your dream a reality. 

Project Management

4 Tips on Monitoring Project Progress Effectively

If you are a project manager, then your main responsibility is to supervise a project, making sure that each team member contributes and completes his or her assigned tasks. 

Fit and Healthy

How to Be Healthy for Summer and for Life

Summer is just a few days away. Are you ready? 

Summer is Here

How to Fully Enjoy the Incoming Summer Season

We’re just a few days away from summer! 

Woman using laptop computer for online shop

How to Shop Mindfully

There are many reasons why people buy. 

Shopping Bags

Ergonomic Pieces to Buy In Your Next Retail Therapy Session

There are those who are sad or stressed that want to just feel their emotions out. 

Achieving Career Success

6 Pointers on How You Can Achieve Success In Your Career

For many, career success is defined by the joy they get from it. 

Deep at Work

10 Tips to Keep Your Current Job

Just because you got employed in your company, doesn’t mean you have to be complacent. 

Deep at Work

How to Have More Productive Work Days

Big goals can be overwhelming. 

Baby and Me

How to Enjoy Life as a Young Mother

It’s so difficult to be a mother.

Smiling Newborn

6 Tips to Make Space for a New Baby

Congratulations on having a baby on the way!

Busy Single Parent

3 Ergonomic Gifts for Single Parents This Mother's Day

An ideal family in our heads includes a mother, father, and their children all together in one home.

Spa Time with Mom

4 Spots to Visit this Mother's Day

Excuse us as we celebrate the light of our homes, the bearers of children, the caretakers of the home, busy working employees, girl bosses, powerful and lovely women: our mothers. 

Mother and daughter cooking together

5 Activities to Bond with Your Mother on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is only a few days away and not only is it exciting for the moms, it is equally thrilling for the children and the husbands. 

 Giving Love this Mother’s Day

Treat Your Mom With FlexiSpot Gifts this Mother's Day

We owe our lives to our mothers. 

Lazy Woman

6 Tips to Combat Laziness at Work

Feeling lazy to do work today? 

Top view of international creative team having business meeting

5 Ways to Behave Professionally at Work

Your behavior today will say a lot about the future of your life. 

Newly Wed Young couple moving in new home

The Best Ergonomic Furniture Gifts for Newlyweds

You just got an invitation to your friend’s wedding. 

Working Part-Time

6 Benefits Youll Enjoy From Having a Part-time Job

You consider it a part-time job when you allot less than 40 hours per week for it. 

Settling In

8 Tips for Starting Employment Abroad

One perk employees get from their work is travel. 

Thinking Mind

8 Tips to End Your Habit of Procrastinating

If you are looking for success in your life, you should start to focus on your day-to-day.

Nature Lover Employee

Designing a Workspace with Taurus in mind

In case you don’t know, we’ve officially entered Taurus season. 

Clean Workspace

Upgrade Your Home Workstation this Spring Season

Running out of things to do this spring?

Personal Development

7 Ways to Pave the Way for Self-Growth

Life is a continuing journey of self-growth.

Organized Desk

7 Tips to Be More Organized at Work

To meet the goals of the company, productivity among the workforce is the key. 

The Home Office

The Dream Permanent Home Office Set-up

So you’re now going to work at home permanently. 

Time to Celebrate

Gifts to Give for Every Life Event

You would get invited to a lot of events in your lifetime.

Coding Work

8 Unexpected Hobbies that Will Help Enhance Your Skills for Coding

So you want to be a coder, huh? You probably know by now that it’s a growing industry that pays a lot but requires you to be patient, hardworking, focused, and keen on the littlest of details. 

Problematic Man

How to Shift Careers While Going Through a Midlife Crisis

When you are going through a midlife crisis, you are often enticed to reach out for changes in your life. 

Easter Eggs

FlexiSpot Gift Ideas for Easter Sunday

Whether you’re Christian or not, Easter festivities have very much entered our social calendars. 

Happy Officemates

What to Do During Lunch Break

Don’t skip on lunch breaks because it is a very important part of every workday. 

Up the Ladder

7 Tips for Professional Career Growth

You could only be up for a promotion, assume bigger roles in the company, or dive into a new industry if you take action. 

Work Safety

Safety Hazards in the Workplace

Most people overlook it but in every workplace, there are safety precautions and hazards in place.

Good Teamwork

8 Areas to Assess Your Work Performance

No workplace is perfect. 


8 Ways to Solve Problems at Work

There are common challenges that we experience in the workplace. 

In Deep Thought

8 Morning Routines to Be Productive at Work

An effective morning routine is crucial to your productivity and mood for the whole day. 

Long Distance

6 Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

A lot of people don’t believe in long-distance relationships even if many are living proof that it could work if the lovers in the relationship show commitment.

In Conflict

6 Tips on How to Deal with an Officemate that Annoys You

It’s already a given that you would be working with people you don’t like. 

Who’s the Boss

6 Tips on How to Manage a Team Effectively

Dealing with different personalities is arguably one of the most difficult tasks of a manager. 

Employees at Work

How to Combat Signs of Favoritism at Work

We all have favorites. 

Relaxed at Work

7 Ways to Relax When You're Stressed at Work

Multiple tasks all at the same time are not unusual at work. 

Hardworking employee

6 Communication Tools for Work-from-Home Setups

Because of the entirely different setup, there were many changes when more people began working more at home. 

Discussing with the Boss

Tips on How to Advance at Work and Hit Your Career Goals

It’s been two years and you’re still working for the same company. 

Asking for Feedback

Why You Need to Ask for Feedback in the Workplace

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working at your company; you can always ask for feedback on your work performance. 

Serious Businesswoman

Why Being Assertive at Work Matters

Being assertive at work might help you become a model employee.

Running Late

7 Tips on How to Tackle Office Tardiness

When employees report late for their jobs, there is usually an underlying reason behind it. 

Time Blocking

How to Make Use of Time Blocking to Manage Your Day

Sometimes, we feel lost. 

Painting Outdoors

Why Having a Hobby is Important

2020 changed the life course of many. 

Time to Take Photos

5 Reasons to Pick Up a Film Camera

Everything is already digital these days so some people might not find the need to try picking up a film camera.

Happy Together

6 Fun City Adventures for a Quick Work Break

Does any of these ring a bell to you? 

Freelancer at Work

6 Solutions for Work-from-Home Challenges

Work-from-home or work anywhere used to be the dream. 

Siblings in Disagreement

How to Help Siblings Resolve Conflict

If you have a brother or a sister, then you would know how it is to bicker with a sibling. 


How to Drink Red Wine, the Proper Way

There are things in life that have to be done in a certain way. 

A Happy Couple Dancing

8 Benefits of Dancing to Your Health

Are you feeling down today? 

Empowered Women

Celebrating International Women's Day

Women have bored the brunt of many years of oppression. 

Dream Big

6 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Give Up Your Dream

Pause from whatever you are doing right now and picture this with us. 

Warm Touch

Physical Touch: What, Why, How

Are you a hugger and people have constantly complimented you for your warm hugs?

Positive Affirmations

How to Motivate Employees Through Words of Affirmation

By now, you might already know the five love languages of American author and marriage counselor Gary Chapman.

Together Wherever

Virtual Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship

Michelle and Mike have been a couple for eight years. 

At Your Service

How to Show an Act of Service

Love month isn’t over just yet. 

Wedding Rings

6 Steps to Follow When Planning for Your Dream Wedding

Picture this. 

Professor at Work

7 Tips on Building Academic Honesty in Distance Learning

Even before COVID-19, there is already a system referred to as distance education or learning from home. 

Power Hug

Here is Why You Need 12 Hugs a Day

COVID-19 has made us enter an era of no physical touch. 

Babies and Dogs

How to Make Sure Your Baby is Safe With Your Pet

It’s an exciting phase when you’re about to welcome a baby into the household. 

Plants in the Workspace

All About Growing Indoor Plants

There has always been a market for indoor plants. 

Creating Podcasts

Dissecting Content Creation as a Profession

During its infancy, digital content creation was met with ridicule.

Happy Family

Tips to Spend More Quality Time with Your Family

For people whose love language is quality time, it’s not really the hours that matter. 

Sweet Surprise

4 Ways to Give Meaningful Gifts this Valentine's Day

In case you’re doing a countdown on when Valentine’s Day would be, it’s just three days away as of writing. 

Sustainable Kit

7 Items Your Sustainable Lifestyle Kit Must Have

Sustainability is not just a trendy concept. In today’s society, it has stuck and changed the lifestyles of so many because of its message of hope and urgency. 

Going Green

Start a Sustainable Business with these 9 Easy Steps

Sustainability is a concept that most businesses get overwhelmed with.

The Sweetest Surprise

Receiving Gifts: How to Show this Love Language

We watch meet-cutes unfold all the time in cinema and shows. 

Cleaning Partners

The Gender Inequality of Unpaid Work

Unpaid work is a reality that often goes undiscussed, but still very much exists up to today.

Protecting the World

4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Go Sustainable Now

In 1970, the first-ever Earth Day in the world was held. 

Loving Mother Nature

Why Companies Hesitate to Go Green

In its infant years, sustainability is not a concept that companies wholeheartedly welcomed. 

Surprising the Girlfriend

Give Ergonomic Furniture this Valentine's Day

While it’s still not Valentine’s Day just yet, it’s better to be prepared than sorry. 

Coffee on the Table

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee

I started obsessing over coffee back when I was in college. 

Plastic Waste

Why You Should Start Ecobricking

In 1869, the science world got shaken when for the first time ever, a material was created outside of nature.

Group Workout

How to Lose Weight in an Office Challenge

NBC’s The Office opened its fifth season with two episodes about Dunder Mifflin’s weigh-in office challenge.

Growing Together

Painting 101 with your Kid

Most parents introduce their kids to art at a young age. 

Journal Time

Bullet Journal Ideas to Try this 2022

The bullet journal was invented by 39-year-old digital designer Ryder Caroll. 

Office with a View

10 Remote Jobs You Can Apply For

Post COVID-19, many are saying that the future work setup is hybrid. 

The World of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy 101: What, How, Why

It is known that aromatherapy or essential oils were born during the Mesopotamian and Egyptian eras. 

Fly Away

Why Standing Desks Are Perfect For Your Child With Special Needs

Raising a kid is hard in itself; what more if it’s a kid with special needs?

Active Pregnancy

How to Stay Active and Healthy During Pregnancy

A bun in the oven doesn’t mean you should stop living your life.

Soccer Moves

7 Benefits of Enrolling Your Kids in Sports

It’s normal to be excited to enroll your kids in school and extracurricular activities.

Power of Social Media

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social media has affected our lives positively and negatively. 

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