Ergonomic Advice

New City, New Life

What You Should Know Before Moving to another Country for Work

Travel is one benefit that employees receive from their jobs.

Holiday Working

Getting Through Work in the busyness of the holiday Season

Do you hear the jingle bells ringing and the sound of footsteps filling the streets? 

Soutien Ergonomic Chair

An Important Factor to Consider When Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs

Working for extended periods of time with a computer before you can drastically harm your posture. 

Things to be Grateful For

Foster a Gratitude Mindset

Although Thanksgiving Day is already done in Canada, we shouldn’t forget to be thankful to the people we love every day. 

Colorful board room

Playing with Colors for Your Workstation

For easy access to interior design, so many individuals now use Pinterest. 

Black Friday

The Complete Guide for Getting the FlexiSpot FREE Standing Desks

1. Free Orders

Where's the fun in the Black Friday season when the buyers can't cop some free orders? This super-exciting offer is available to all our existing and potential customers, so you also stand a chance.

During this campaign, Flexispot has been benevolent to the extent that you can enjoy free orders from the 25th of November.

However, you need to note that this offer is primarily for folks who made the first three (3) purchases at 00:00 am EST and 9:00 am EST on the 25th of November. Therefore, you might be among the lucky winners that'll get the free products.

The icing on the cake here's that the free products cover almost all our ergonomic products such as the height-adjustable standing desk, ergonomic office chair, and desk converter, among others.

1 to buy desk

2.Pay C$1 To Buy A Standing Desk

Imagine getting an ergonomic standing desk worth C$629 for as low as C$1. That's an offer we assure you that you cannot see elsewhere.

This promo package will start at 4:00 pm EST on November 25, 2022. So you should be ready to throw your hat in the ring to secure a spot for yourself.

However, you should note that there are only 5 limited slots for this activity. Therefore, we will be operating on a "first come first serve" basis.

turn 1 into 100

3. Turn C$1 into C$100

Here is another magnanimous offer introduced by Flexispot to give you the perfect Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience. And you

The Office Desk

How To Pick the Perfect Desk for Your Workspace at Home

Chris was one of the many workers who had to work from home at the time when the pandemic struck, whether or not he liked it at the time. 

FlexiSpot Height adjustable desk

FlexiSpot is the Ergonomic Brand to Trust

Over the past few years, ergonomic office furniture has become more popular. 

Virtual Assistance

The Reality of Being a Virtual Assistant

Ever thought of becoming a virtual assistant?

Save Money

Ways to Earn and Save Money

It’s hard to continue working when you don’t have a monetary goal.

Young man in workwear and rubber gloves cleans the office chair

Key to a Long Life: Start Cleaning Your Chair!

After you pay the payment and the chair is delivered to your house, your investment does not end.

Ergonomic workspace

Standing Desks Are Changing the Game–Why You Need to Have One

You purchase a standing desk for yourself after hearing that it can enhance your working environment.

One young man using laptop and buying on online store.

Important Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal (November 25 - November 28)

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals are the yummiest shopping days of the year you can't afford to miss.

Black Friday neon sign

Save Money Tips for Black Friday Warming Up Activity (November 10 - November 24)

At Flexispot, the Black Friday sale is the biggest shopping days of the year and we've also slashed the price tags on all our products to make the season more worthwhile for you.

Working on a Standing Desk

Early Studies Prove that Standing Desks Boost Brain Functions

Everybody has experienced a mental slowdown as the day winds down.

Working at Home

Managing Your Time and Workload as a Freelancer

People believe that because they don't have to answer to a boss or work from 9 to 5, becoming a freelancer is a piece of cake. 

Black Friday Sale Promotion Poster

2022 Flexispot Black Friday Desk Week is Here

In the Flexispot family, the season has come upon us to celebrate another Black Friday Desk Week.

Serious Work Mode

Health Benefits that will Convince You to Get a Standing Desk

If you are employed in a standard job at the office, you will have to sit at your desk for more than ten hours each day to complete your chores.

Happy at Work

Learning to Appreciate Routine to Find Happiness in Life

Why is it that when someone does something for the first time, they feel excited, motivated, and have lots of upbeat energy to perform? 


Why You Should Start a Podcast

There are many technical information that you need to start a podcast which is why so many aspiring podcasters give up even before creating one. 

a young woman grieving and wanted to be alone

Why Am I Still Grieving and How Soon Can I Get Over It?

The anniversary of my grandfather's demise is today.

Photo on the Wall

Decorating Your Workspace with Photo Frames

Physical photo albums are largely obsolete in the modern world. 

My Dream Workspace

Merging Interior Design and Sports Science's SAID principle

A concept known as SAID, or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand, exists in sports science. 

Deep in Meditation

Maintaining a Work-Life Balance for Good Mental Health

Mental health has taken a stride these past few years. 

The Squat

Common Full-Body Exercises to Try at Home

People have different preferences for how they conduct their weekly workouts. 

Busy Working Mom

Who Wins the Debate on the Most Ideal Workspace? Remote and On-site Workers React

Let's say you are the most responsible worker in the office, and recognized at that.

Never too late to Learn

Why Even Workaholics Shouldn’t Sleep on Having Hobbies

When COVID-19 happened in 2020, everything came to a complete stop. 

The Ideal Work Table

Which Standing Desk will You Pick?

Looking for the best standing desk but can’t quite pick which one suits you the most?

There’s No More Time

How to Talk to Someone Who's Always Late for Work

Most of the time, when employees arrive late for work, there is a good explanation.

Stressed and Depressed

Keeping Your Composure at Work Even When Your Life is Falling Apart

Picture this. 

Oh No!

Subtle Red Flags that Your Annoying Officemate is Actually Really Insecure

Do you know a buddy who, three years later, would still boast about her trip to Iceland? 

Shoulder Problems

Let's Talk About Ergonomics, Shall We?

The term "ergonomics" has gained popularity in the furniture sector. 

Online Conference participants

How to Leave a Good Impression in a Virtual Call

The world may have opened up but because of the pandemic, it has also discovered the wonders of working at home. 

Tired of Procrastinating

How to Finally Put an End to Your Cramming Habit

You should start concentrating on your daily activities if you want to find success in your life.

On Time

How to Pass Your Work Assignments on Time

Some people perform at their peak when a deadline is present.

Fighting Attention Span

Heres How to Stop Your Attention Span from Declining Further

You plan to concentrate intently for 90 minutes, but when you see a blank page and a blinking cursor, you open a new tab and forget the original purpose of your plan. 

Music to my Ears

We'll Convince You Why Listening to Classical Music Helps Improve Life

Although jazz or everyone's cup of tea may be more well-known than classical music, one thing is for certain. It's standing still.

Woman Deep in Meditation

Why Meditate and How to do So

The relationship between mindfulness and mental wellness has been well established.

Don’t Want to Wake Up

How to Stop being Lazy While Working

Are you too lazy to work today?

 Sleeping Soundly

4 Benefits of Sleep for Work and for Life

Ben's first job was the ideal one for him.

Mastering the Art of Drawing

5 Tips on How You Can Slowly but Surely Improve Your Drawing Skills

Not everyone has a natural talent for sketching, drawing, or painting.

Everything You Need to Know for Triathlon Training

Unbelievably, triathlon is a versatile and accessible sport that covers a wide range of ages or fitness levels.

Time to Wake Up

All the Benefits You Will Enjoy from Having A Solid Morning Routine

Don't discount the value of mornings when trying to increase your productivity. 

Comfortably Functionable

Tools You Need if You Want to Work While In Bed

You will take notice of days that getting out of bed will be difficult. 

Here to Help

6 Typical Job Assignments Virtual Assistants Do

Virtual assistants are currently in demand in the outsource market. 

Fingers Crossed

Believing in Your Luck to Succeed May Not Be Entirely Bad. Here's why.

Even though luck doesn't make logic, why do people still trust in it?

Working Hard

The New Secret for Freelancers: Optimising Your Time, Not Multitasking

You work as a freelancer for various companies. 

Working as an Intern

Various Internships Students Can Apply For

College students wanting to fulfill their academic requirements are not the only ones who can benefit from internships. 

Job Interview

How to Seal the Deal and Be Signing a New Job Contract Soon

You are perhaps already losing patience with your current job situation.

The Rejected Applicant

6 Steps to do After a Job Rejection

Sometimes circumstances don't turn out as you had hoped. 

Climbing Up the Ladder

How to Grow for the Better on a Personal Level

You could be impatient right now to discover who you are, what you want to do with your life, and what your ideal future would entail.

Loving the Staff

Want to Ensure Success for Your Company? Invest in Your Employees

You've wanted to make significant workplace adjustments for your staff for a very long time. 

Learning about Digital Marketing

5 Tips to Acquire Skills in Digital Marketing

More businesses are increasingly looking to invest in digital marketing as the reach of the digital world expands. 

Balancing Work and Life

The Dream Work-Life Balance

When you go home from work, do you feel worn out and irritable?


Let Go of Overthinking, Let Focus In

Are you now experiencing constant mental overload?

Making time for Family

How to Not take Your Loved Ones for Granted On Busy Work Days

When we are bogged down by work, we occasionally lose sight of our loved ones.

A Family of Bakers

What You Can do With Family on a Slow Day at Home

You've recently completed a challenging project at work. 

Flowers on a Regular Work day

How Can You Make Time for Work and Love?

Do you remember the time when your parents advised you to put off finding a partner or girlfriend to focus on your studies?

Jump for Joy

6 Ways on How to Chase Happiness

Do you believe that your search for happiness has been never-ending? 

Focused Writing

How to Become a Professional Wordsmith

Writing is difficult, yet if you ask any writer about their experience, they'll all quite tell you how enjoyable or cathartic it is for them.

Giving Up on Work

7 Lines You Can Tell Yourself to Finally Stop Cramming

You are in a familiar hole. 

Too Much Work

6 Ways to Tackle Your Work Backlog

Sometimes, you can’t avoid that work will pile up. 

Cramming Stress

Your Cram-Proof Workstation Essentials

We have all crammed or procrastinated once in our lives. 

In the Operating Room

8 Jobs that Require Extreme Focus

Almost every job requires focus but there are ones that stand out wherein you need to give your 100% attention in order to perform at your best and to deliver your job properly. 

VIP Pass

Exclusive Discounts for FlexiSpot Members this August 10 - 12

Are you a FlexiSpot member yet? 

New Hire

8 Tips On How to Help New Employees Adjust

We were all once new employees at some point in the company that we are currently working in. 

A Focus Self-Reminder

7 Ways to Stay Focused During a Workday

Are you in the middle of your work day when a thought suddenly pops into your head, and you can’t get out of it? 

Carefree Woman

Gaining Direction at a Time of Chaos

There comes a time in our lives when we question what we are doing. 

Stressed Out

How to Not Let Stress Take Over Your Life

Did you know that stress is not necessarily a bad thing? 


How to Avoid Conflict with Your Loved Ones When You're Stressed at Work

Sometimes, when we are caught in the hullaballoo of work, we forget our loved ones. 

One, two, three… Smile!

Scrolling through Social Media while Earning Money

Do you spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and whatnot?

mental health wordpress

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health

How have you been lately?


Achieving an Ideal Work-Life Balance

Our work hours can quickly eat up our lives because it’s what we do on a daily basis. 

Don’t Shout at Me

Handle Criticisms at Work Like a Pro

Not everyone will agree with you, in whatever aspect of your life. 

Do Everything

Excel in Your Chosen Field or Be a A Jack of All Trades?

Some people want to be good at singing.

Playing the Guitar

Learning New Things as an Adult

People are discouraged to learn new things when they are already at a certain age. 

What Path do I take?

How to Choose the Right Career for You

Are you fresh out of high school and looking for a college degree that will give you the necessary knowledge for the career that you want to work in?

Work Stress

What to Do When You Made a Mistake at Work

We are all human. No matter how efficient you are at the workplace, you won’t be able to avoid making mistakes at some point in your work life. 

Happy to Help

Why You Should and Should Not Consider a Volunteer Opportunity

If you are a fan of the popular 90s sitcom Friends, you sure did not miss the episode, “The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS.” 


How to Enhance Your Note-taking Skills

There are many people who take note-taking skills for granted.

Solving a Puzzle

Ice Breaker Activities to have Fun Meetings

Ever since life has been returning to normal, workplaces have sent their employees back to the office, arranged a hybrid setup, or have made their work-from-home situation a permanent one. 

Tired and Sleepy

How to Switch Things Up at Work When You're Feeling Demotivated

You might have not been doing great in your job lately. 

Writing Thoughts

5 Skills a Writer Must Possess

Being a writer is no easy job. 

On Stage

How Public Speaking Can Help You Advance in Your Career

If you have been wanting to build your personal development but don’t quite know how, you may consider training to be a public speaker. 

Leading the Pack

6 Characteristics of a Good Leader in the Workplace

Anyone can be a leader but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to be one.

Fear of Failing

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

People find that feeling successful heightens their self-worth. 

You’re Hired

Signs to Spot If You Just Had A Great Job Interview

Ever wondered if the job that you applied for liked you? 

The Workspace

Why People are Not Convinced to Buy Ergonomic Furniture

There are many excuses as to why people do not buy ergonomic furniture.

Literally Burning Out

How to Prevent and Manage a Burnout

Even if you are the most positive, cheerful, and vibrant person in the workplace, you are still human and would feel exhausted at some point if you are being overworked.

The Intern

Are Adult Interns A Thing?

Almost everyone thinks that internships are for college students.

Introvert in Action

5 Jobs Introverts Would be Perfect For

During your job interview or initial exam, your potential employer will ask you what your personality type is. 

Event Planning

5 Jobs that are Perfect for Extroverts

You shouldn’t be surprised when the job that you are applying for asks for your personality type. 

Happy Canada Day

Get Up to 30% off on Selected Products this Canada Day

Every July 1, the whole of Canada celebrates Canada Day. 

The Setup

7 Must-Do’s When Preparing for a Backyard Wedding

Picture this in your head. 

A Clean Set-up

Every Work Dilemma Solved by an Ergonomic Item

Feeling back pains from sitting too long at your desk job? 

Morning Chat

8 Tips to Be a Better Communicator in the Workplace

Communication is a very important transferable skill.

Work-from-Home Momma

How to Ensure Productivity For Online Work

Nowadays, more and more opportunities have opened up for people to work at home.

Focused Study Time

Tools to Help You Maximize Your Online Schooling

Even though school is back in session, meaning students are back to going to face-to-face classes, there is still a wide market for online learners. 

Vlogging at Home

4 FlexiSpot Products to Stay Focused in Growing Your YouTube Channel

The market is saturated but it also means that more and more people are consuming video content. 

Curious Mind

7 Ways to Make Your Curiosity Work for You

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat?” 

Contemplating Business

4 Tips in Starting a Side Business

Be honest. 

Applying for a Job

5 Common Mistakes People Write in their Resumes

You might have been busy these days hunting for a job. 

Relaxing at Work

Questions to Evaluate Your Overall Work Mindset

How has work been lately?

You Order, I Deliver

6 Summer Jobs College Students Can Apply For

University or college can get really expensive even if there are many scholarship programs and Pay Now, Study Later offers.

Back at the Office

4 WFH Items to Still Use at the Office

You have gone by the past grueling half-of-the-year at work. 

Working Hard

Investing in Ergonomic Pieces to Work More Efficiently

You are in a tight spot when it comes to your finances. 

The Joy of Being a Dad

5 Tips for New Young Dads

Call it a blessing or a curse.

Bonding Time

6 Tips to Become the Best Single Dad

It’s quite a rollercoaster to raise kids when you’re a single dad. 

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