Ergonomic Advice

father and his children

11 Easy Play-Learn Activities for Children

They say that every home is a child’s first school. 

 New Year Sale

Shop at FlexiSpot before January ends

Wanting to do some shopping at the start of the year but having second thoughts about whether you should just wait for another sale season? 

Woman Reading

8 Ways to Regain the Reading Habit

In this day and age of modern technology, people regard reading books as quite a chore—sadly, even to the former biggest bookworms we know. 

man working with his desk converter

Desk Converters - What They Are and Why You Need Them

The changing work arrangement allows an increasing number of people to work from home.

Save the Date

9 Tips in Planning Your Best Year Yet

Marking a new beginning, the start of every year makes most of us beam with excitement.

Home Office Space

Why Your Company Should Invest in Ergonomic Products

Did you know that a law in Mexico requires companies to give their employees ergonomic computer equipment? 

Make It Happen

How to Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

A fresh new perspective springs when the New Year comes. 

Writing Goals

Manifesting Your Dreams this 2022

It’s the New Year so it's about time to manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of having. 

Male Vlogger

Tools to Start a Vlogging Career from Home

Ever since 10 years old, Paul has been fascinated with making videos; so much so, that his social circle all knew he was pursuing the vlogging path. 

employees working on their desks

How to Persuade Your Employer to Invest in a Standing Desk

What does everyone do every day, while it can be harmful to their health?

What's New?

Ringing in the New Year with New FlexiSpot Products

We’re pretty sure you’ve felt the rush of something new. 

Resisting Sleep

7 Tips to Pull off an All-Nighter

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.” 

The Violin

8 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Classical Music

Classical music is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sale Alert

Whats on Sale at FlexiSpot

If you’re looking for an ergonomic solution for your home office needs, FlexiSpot is the way to go. 

Christmas Bonus

What to Do with Your Christmas Bonus

Why do people love the holidays? 

Painting Together

10 Hobbies to Try for Parents

They say parents are capeless heroes. 

Planting Money

Why Its Better to Invest Young

Justin and Michael graduated on top of their class at Yale University. 

insecurity to strength

Reframing Mindset: Turning Insecurities into Strengths

Don’t worry too much if you think you’ve been insecure your whole life.

Man Biking at Work

Another Q&A with a Satisfied FlexiSpot Desk Bike User

There’s no doubt that FlexiSpot customers love the V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike and with good reason. 

Christmas Gifts

Gift Ideas for Every Member in the Family

We are already through the half of December and it’s just 9 days before Christmas!

Woman stuck in a creative rut

Get Motivated to Start Your Passion Project this Christmas

Every holiday season, most of us just want to take a break and relax.

Christmas Is Here

Fun Themes for the Office Christmas Party

Your workplace must already be preparing for the annual office Christmas Party.

Home Exercise

Work Out with Friends before Official Christmas Parties Commence

Before the official Christmas festivities begin, you have to prepare your body for the food battle. 

A Grateful Kid

Teaching Kids How to Say Thank You

The early stages of a kid’s development are considered as his or her formative years. 

Christmas Gifts

Treats from the FlexiSpot Christmas Gift House

You better watch out; you better not cry

Ruminating Girl

Signs that You are Working with Someone Very Insecure

Do you have a friend who would still brag about her Maldives trip for three years?

young woman with her gifts

Give More Meaningful Gifts this Christmas season

Check your calendars because it’s just 19 days before Christmas! 

A Sweet Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

Yes, it’s extraordinary to get into an ivy league, finish a Ph.D., or patent your own invention, but try to sit down with these geniuses and ask them about their hardest struggle in life. 

Family is forever

8 Non-monetary Investments You Shouldn’t Sleep On

Invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate—the world will tell you, and understandably so.

Holiday Yoga

Why Should I Lose Weight?

The dinner invites are coming in. 

Hard Day at Work

How to Have a Longer Attention Span At Work and Wherever

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll be doing three hours of focused work but as soon as you open your laptop and check your email Inbox, you mindlessly add a new tab and forget your plan in the first place. 

Happy Employees

The 7 Secrets to Staying Happy at Work

For some people, there comes a time in their lives that they can’t explain why they are suddenly feeling unhappy.

A New Chapter

7 Tips for a Successful Career Shift

Most often than not, people settle.

Pay It Forward

Ways to Pay It Forward This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. On November 26, families would dress up and gather for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Reflection Time

How to Manage Daydreaming While at Work

Monica is a New York-based pilot. 

Silence Please

Staying Efficient at Work Despite A Personal Life Crisis

Picture this. You’re an ER nurse who had to go through the chaos of the pandemic.

Ticking Time to work

Running late again? Here's how to beat the deadline

Meet a deadline or unless you’re dead meat.

Morning Stretch

Workplaces should require meditation. Here’s why.

>Mindfulness has always been an antidote to mental health.

Beauty Rest

Why You Should Not take Rest for Granted

Bob’s first job was his dream job.

Best Buds

Better Together! How to Work with an Accountability Buddy

Distractions are everywhere.

Black Friday

How to Prepare for Black Friday

Are you ready for one of the most awaited sales of the year? 

Are you ready for Black Friday?

Flexispot Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Do you hear the repeating playlist of Christmas jingles, bells clinking, and families chattering about the coming holidays?

reward yourself

Reward yourself this coming Black Friday

Do you remember your parents trying to make you do homework instead of another hour of playtime?

Since time immemorial, humans have been toying with the idea of a four-day workw

Is the Four-Day Work Week Worth the Try?

Since time immemorial, humans have been toying with the idea of a four-day workweek.

Sales and discounts

FlexiSpot Products On Sale

People often take furniture for granted.

Meditating at Work

How to take Care of Your Mental Health at Work

In recent years, mental health issues have been brought to the forefront. 

Man Biking at work

Why a Desk Bike is a Great Investment

When we talk about exercise, we almost always think of ways to avoid it.

 Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb! 8 Ways to Avoid Distractions

With more people working from home, distractions in the office space have taken a new form.

Office Halloween

8 Virtual Ideas to Have Work Fun this Halloween

It’s no doubt that Halloween has become one of the biggest holiday events of every year. 

Work Set-up

10 Productivity Hacks You'll be Thanking us For

Working at home is not preferred by everyone; hence, the inefficiency. 

Life Anew

Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable Future

Planet Earth is in Code Red.

Business Woman on a Video Call

Six Tips to Look Professional at Every Online Work Meeting

Today is the age of remote work. 

Navigating the World

Fun Ways To Travel the World While at Home

Last year looked a whole lot different than any year in human history.

Man Without Ergonomics

All About Ergonomics

Ergonomics has become a buzzword in the furniture industry.

Man at his workstation

What Youll Need for a Passive Source of Income

Nowadays, people yearn for everything “instant.”

 I Won!

How to Make it Big as a Gamer

Think again before you join the club of people who resign from their 9 to 5 jobs to pursue a gaming career.

Shared Office Space

What to Consider When Designing a Shared Home Office

It’s no easy feat to design a workspace for one, so it’s not surprising that it becomes an even taller order to prepare a home office for two. 

Glass of Water by the Laptop

Quick Easy Tips to Avoid Getting Your Gadget Wet

For the clumsiest of us, the dreaded water spill on the gadget we’ve been saving up for months is not a rare incident.

The Working Introvert

The Introverts Skyrocketing Career in the Post Pandemic Time

The global pandemic that started in the first quarter of 2020 has turned the life of every person upside-down.

The Purchasing Decision
The WFH Hurdles

The Long-Term Effects of RSIs to WFH Individuals

1 out of 10 Canadian workers experience RSIs or repetitive strain injuries, said Canada's, Private Sector Union.

The Array of Ergo Needs

5 Important Work Area Needs of WFH and Hybrid Office Workers

A workstation is a potential place where you can encounter office hazards.

The Nerve Pain
Enthusiasm Amidst the Age

The Effectiveness of Desk Converters to the Elderly

As Talent Canada stated online, the global pandemic has left many senior workers furloughed by 9.7% from April to September 2020.

The Online Teacher at Home

4 Ways to Give Thanks to your Teacher the Ergo Way

Teachers are among the professionals in Canada that experience exhaustion and burn-outs.

Great Team Management on a Remote Work Set-Up

The Effective Management Approach for Your Employees

The world stopped moving during the pandemic of 2020. A lot of businesses found it difficult to survive.

The X-Lift Structure

Things to Consider about the Desk Converters

The global pandemic did not stop the busiest corporate achievers from attaining their career goals, and the new work paradigm just intensified their desire to excel. 

Uplifted Mood

3 Reasons a Good Blood Circulation Uplifts the Mood

In the survey that Statistics Canada made from September to December 2020, they found out that social isolation, the loss of jobs, decrease in income, and the difficulties to make both ends meet for the family were the factors why most of the global pandemic affected the mental health of some Canadians.

Giving: A Simple Act; A Joy to the Heart

The 4 People that Deserve to Receive the FlexiSpot Vouchers

Culturally, Canadians value generosity as part of their identity as a nation. 

The Discount Code
The Consumer’s Wonders

The 4 Whys of the Standiversary Event of FlexiSpot

In an analysis that explained people's consumer behavior in Canada, Santander Trade Markets found that more online shopping purchases are what Canadians have done in recent years. 

The Bond Within the Family

5 People You Could Invite to Join the Standiversary Event

A survey of Ronald Mcdonald House Charities of Canada in February 2019 stated that 62% of Canadians value strong family relationships and choose to spend more time with the family.

Sale at the Flash!

The Fun Events at the Standiversary of 2021

September is another month to feel festive for both hybrid office and WFH workers.

The Great Discount

5 Practical Reasons to Buy Items on Sale

September 2021 is an exciting month and year for most Canadian employees looking for the dream ergonomic products.

The Online Mega Sale

The Rewarding Discounts and Surprises at Flexispot this 2021

According to the statistics that Statista presented in 2020, eight out of ten Canadians perceive the deals and sales to be essential for a rewarding online purchase.

Standing Up From the Chair With Pain

5 Tips on How to Maximize the Sit-Stand Movement

As most employees and employers face the new work paradigm, there are many advantages that they can enjoy these days. 

Proactivity, Set, Go!

7 Tips on How to Become a Proactive WFH Individual

The Covid-era working environment in Canada is not just a trend but a fundamental aspect in the country's corporate sector because even during the pre-pandemic times, many Canadian companies have dispatched workers home and let them do the remote work.

Cycling for a Healthier You

4 Reasons to Use the Desk Bike and Standing Desk

As most experts say, the new work paradigm that companies worldwide embrace will be the permanent work setting soon. 

Work It All Out At Home

5 Ways to Beat the Odds of the Sedentary Lifestyle

Working from home has a lot of advantages for Canadian workers.

Stretching by the Chair

5 Exercises to Do with Desk Bikes and Gaming Chair

The survey that Redfern Research had carried out and which Consumer Health Products Canada commissioned in 2020 when the pandemic started affecting thousands of people had gathered answers from 2000 Canadians.

The Cheerful WFH-Person

5 Ways to Ensure a Flexible Movements at the Work Space

In the current global situation, many workers in Canada face significant challenges in the remote work setting. 

employee During the Remote Work

5 Ways the FlexiSpot Products Can Ease Your Exhaustion

When we talk about the countries with the most diligent workers, we will always think of Canada.

Equipment Pieces for WFH People

5 Benefits of Using Standing Desks and Monitor Mount

CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health Safety) enumerated the WMSDs or the work-related musculoskeletal disorders. 

The Work Space At Home

5 Ways to Maximize the Work Space on the Standing Desk

Workers in Canada are frequently over the moon during work hours.

The Ergonomics at the Home Office

9 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive in Co-Working Spaces

As the new work paradigm occurs in most companies, some aspects of Canadian workplace culture will retain and survive in the unique work setting.

Child’s Hunched Back

5 Ways to Help The Child Maintain Good Posture

The striking question of Canada Safety Council tries to ask readers if the ergonomics issue is detrimental to the health of the computer generation.

Strong Family Love and Care

3 Big Difficulties that Caregivers Experience in Canada

Caregivers or care partners are family members who extend their love and compassion to family members who have long-term health conditions and mental disabilities. 

Studious and Ergonomically-Protected

5 Reasons Flexispot Desks Could Be Your Childs Study Buddy

Computer generation-the term that the Canada Safety Council coined for today's children exposed to RSI-related cases in Canada. 

The Ergo Chair for WFO and WHO Workers

5 Reasons to Flexispot Ergo Chairs Are Superb

In most provinces and territories in Canada, especially in the Canada Labour Code II, it emphasizes protecting workers from ergonomic-related hazards. 

Why Choose Desk Converters

4 Reasons to Use Desk Converters At Work

Repetitive motion injuries are common among people aged 20 and up in Canada. 

Grace Beyond Age

5 Ways Flexispot Helps the Aging Population

On July 1, 2020, the population of senior citizens in Canada had increased to 6,835,866. That covered 18.0% of the population.

The Selfless Love Beyond Caregiving

5 Repetitive Motion Injuries that Caregivers Experience

There were 1.5 million senior citizens ranging from 65 and above in Canada that provided care for their loved ones that have old age-related problems with mental and physical abilities in 2018 as stated in the article of Paula Arriagada...

The Gaming Chair

4 Benefits of Using a Massage Gaming Chair

In the facts presented by the Entertainment Software-Association of Canada, 89% of teenagers and children aged 6 to 17 played video games (Real Canadian-Essential Facts of 2020; pg.7) during the pandemic.

wall design at home

The Best Wall Stickers to Spice Up Your Wall Décor (2021)

There’s nothing worse than a dull workspace; give yourself inspiration and motivation with wall stickers.

10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity As A Student

10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity as a Student

Productivity is all about striking a balance that allows you to retain your sanity while effectively doing your tasks.

15 Tips to Transition Back To School Smoothly

15 Tips to Transition Back to School Smoothly

Suggestions to make your return to school a breeze.

tree planting

FlexiSpot Helps Rebuild Forests & Restore Biodiversity 

FlexiSpot supports a sustainable and dynamic way of living. 

Being close to nature imbibes clear thinking and that is what  Kana Bamboo Stand

Financial Advice and Other Things

Plan your finances carefully to enjoy a happier future.

An Office Desk with a Lot of Clutter

Collisions and Injury: Biggest Ergonomic Problems in the Office

You are busy typing your report. You need to wrap it all up at 4:30 so you could relax until 5.

13 Tips On Teaching Your Child Backpack Organization

13 Tips to Teach Your Child Backpack Organization

Learning to move items efficiently between school and home is a lasting organizational habit.

work area transformation

Transform Your Work Area to Improve Your Eyesight Gradually

Tips to slowly but surely improve your vision.

5 Simple Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

5 Simple Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

Tips to have a productive and stress-free day at the office.

international youth day

International Youth Day (2021): Self Reflection for Youths

August 12 is a day when we focus on the issues bothering youths all over the world...

Employee Birthday Celebration Ideas WFH-Style

Employee Birthday Ideas: WFH Style

Raise the morale and enthusiasm of your employees and show them you care, even when they're not at the office.

Cat napping

National Lazy Day: Time to do... Nothing!

The hustle and bustle of our daily life often take a toll on us...

office items

A Little Color Goes a Long Way

A touch of well-placed color can create an office environment where productivity can thrive.

Learning is Forever: Reasons to Never Stop

Learning is Forever: Reasons to Never Stop

There's a reason why it's often claimed that learning doesn't end when school is out...

work like dog

Work Like A Dog Day: Celebrating the Hard Life

The world out there is fast, dynamic, and sometimes brutal...

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