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It's Black Friday: Great Deals at FlexiSpot's Highly Anticipated Sale
Don't miss FlexiSpot's Black Friday Sale! Massive discounts on our bestselling products, including standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and recliners, await you.
Nov 09, 2023|974
Incredible Deals Await: FlexiSpot's Black Friday Sale
Black Friday is the perfect time to score incredible deals and invest in high-quality products that enhance your everyday life.
Nov 02, 2023|274
Scary Good Savings at FlexiSpot's Spooktober Sale: The Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)
Hop aboard the E7 express—it's more than a desk, it's a lifestyle upgrade that'll leave you saying, "Sitting? Oh honey, that's so last century!"
Oct 23, 2023|250
FlexiSpot's Spooktober Sale: Get Spine-Tingling Discounts
This Spooktober, FlexiSpot's sale is not just a treat; it's a game-changer for your workspace.
Oct 20, 2023|259
FlexiSpot's 7th Anniversary Sale: Your Chance to Upgrade Your Workspace
Gather 'round because FlexiSpot is rolling out the red carpet for its spectacular 7th Anniversary Sale.
Aug 17, 2023|271
FlexiSpot 7th Anniversary Sale Buying Guide: Your Guide to the Best Discounts and Standing Desks
Check out our buying guide for the FlexiSpot 7th Anniversary Sale, featuring coupons and discounts for the E7 Pro standing desk and C7 ergonomic chair!
Aug 17, 2023|364
Huge, Huge Discounts Await FlexiSpot Members
May 10, 2023|103
Christmas Deals from FlexiSpot
Doing some last-minute Christmas shopping? 
Dec 23, 2022|217
Celebrating December events aside from Christmas
There are so many special occasions that don’t stop just because we have the Christmas holidays around us. 
Dec 05, 2022|246