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8 Tips to Get Hired Very, Very Soon

01 June 2022

You are not alone and helpless because you have been unemployed for a while. You might have been searching for jobs but you just haven’t found one that fits the bill. This does not mean that you are a lost cause. There are many ways on how you can take action and get hired as soon as possible.

You can use this time to employ strategies that will lead you to the right job openings, make your resume stand out, and widen your network for you to get employed today. We shared some of our tips on how you can get that hired call you have been waiting for months.

1. Devise a plan.

Do not go to the battlefield without a plan in mind. First, you should know what job position you are looking for. You are able to focus on the right job openings when you have a plan and yes, it will make your hunt a lot easier.

If employers have a list they need from a potential employee, you should also have a list of what are your do’s and don’ts in a job. Is distance a factor for you? Is there a specific industry you specialize in? Do you want a part-time or full-time type of position? You will narrow down your job searches when you know and note these details down.

2. It is your job to search for a job.

Your job in the here and now is to seek employment. You work for eight hours when you have a full-time job so you have to treat your job search as if you’re getting paid to do that. And since you want to get hired very soon, you really need to put in the hours. Every day, you should be sending out your resume to multiple companies. Once you hear from these employers, the closer you are to getting hired.

3. Do not be too close to the opportunities that will come your way.

You won’t be able to get everything you want in a job. Be flexible and adjust accordingly. Know what your non-negotiables are and what you can live with, especially if your priority is to get hired very soon. What do we exactly mean by this? If the job will require you an additional 30 minutes of commute, consider still applying for it if it has a good job offer. If you will get a higher pay cut, why not bear with the additional one hour of travel time? The flexibility will allow you to get hired as soon as possible and can even be a better opportunity than what you were planning to get in the first place. You can still always search for a job even if you have already been employed by a company.

4. Apply for jobs that match your qualifications

Since our goal is to get hired in the quickest time possible, you should be applying for a job that matches your qualifications. This almost guarantees that you will be a viable candidate for the job. It will give you the edge against other applicants. Being selective in a job allows you to match your cover letter to what is specifically asked from the job. The employer will see how you are a good fit for the job because on paper, you have the qualifications they are looking for.

5. Do not stop applying just because you are already waiting for results.

A result may not always be in your favor so unless you already have a job order, you don’t have the room to rest from your job hunt. Use the waiting time for results to look for other jobs. Do not stop from sending out your application to other companies because this just limits your opportunities. And what could happen? The best scenario is that you will be fielding multiple offers. You will have many options which may be difficult for some but at least you are in a position to choose the best job for you.

6. Customize your application to the needs of the job.

Read the job description and make sure that your resume answers what they need for the job. This will make your resume much more noticeable for hiring managers who have to go through 20 applications. By customize, we literally mean grabbing phrases from the job opening description and providing proof in your resume that you’re qualified.

You want your resume to be simple and concise. The hiring manager will most likely scan it quickly before moving on to the next resume. You don’t want them to put your resume in the discard pile just because you placed irrelevant bullet points there. Sometimes, they might just be using an app tracking system so you’d want to pass through this by being straightforward and having relevant qualifications.

If you also put too much experience, you may be deemed overqualified and your resume unnoticed. It is strongly advised to have a resume that is only one page long.

Along with your resume, you’ll be sending out a customized cover letter. There might be job vacancies that won’t require this but if you submit one, you might just capture a checker’s attention. Again, write the first paragraphs with a focus on what you will specifically be able to contribute to the company that other applicants can’t do.

7. Use your network to your advantage.

Let your network know that you are on the hunt for a job. They work in different industries and might have a strong connection who can give you an opportunity. How do you do this discreetly and professionally? Post on your professional social networking profile or privately message your family, friends, former colleagues, and bosses. Make it concise and clear that you are looking for this kind of job; these are your skills, and the experience that you have that will be great for the job position that you are aiming for.

Since you are already sending them a message, if their line of work is connected to your current applications, why not ask them too if you can list them as reference. These people should know your work ethic and what value you can bring to a company.

8. Leave a positive impact during the interview.

Make sure you come prepared for the interview. Have a list of possible questions and practice answering them. Record yourself. Look at the mirror directly so you can consciously establish eye contact during your actual interview. Research the company that you are applying for. Sell your qualifications that are related to the job position. Share specific experiences and skills that will be of value to the company.

Let them know that you can start as soon as possible. After the interview, thank the interviewer on the next day so that you are still on his or her mind. In this thank you note, make sure you emphasize that you are greatly interested to fill the position.

During the interview which is mostly done online, make sure you look your best. Fix your hair and clean your face. Wear appropriate clothing and use a monitor mount so that you can adjust the computer at eye level.