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How Helpful are Standing Desks in Losing Weight?
The standing desk craze has taken the office world by storm, with promises of a healthier and slimmer you.
Jul 31, 2023|240
7 Common Workplace Injuries and How Ergonomic Furniture Saves the Day
This may have happened to you more often than not: you're at work, typing away like a boss, when suddenly, you feel a tingling sensation in your wrist. But we got you, for we have the perfect solution to your workplace injury woes: ergonomic furniture!
Jul 26, 2023|132
8 Reasons to Sneak in Exercise Breaks at Work
Do you find yourself chained to your desk, drowning in a sea of deadlines and paperwork? 
Jun 14, 2023|40
The Office Chiropractor: How Ergonomic Furniture Can Help You Avoid Expensive Medical Bills
Picture this: you've just spent eight hours hunched over your computer, your shoulders are tight, your neck is sore, and your back is killing you. 
Apr 24, 2023|84
Spring into Better Sleep: Tips and Tricks for a Restful Season
Ah, spring is here! Listen up, sleepyheads! Spring has sprung, the birds are singing their little hearts out, and those pretty flowers are popping up everywhere. 
Apr 04, 2023|103
How to Take Care of Yourself as a Busy, Working Mom-to-Be
Congratulations, you're getting close to becoming a mother! 
Feb 08, 2023|143
Exercises to Try While Pregnant
Even if a bun is baking, you should still go about your daily activities. 
Jan 16, 2023|196
Smoking Can Negatively Affect Your Work Performance. Here's how.
If you want to lead a long and meaningful life, it's critical to maintain your health.
Jan 06, 2023|192
How to Inject Movement to a Desk Job
Some individuals could have remote workplace fantasies.
Dec 27, 2022|203