3 Reasons Desk Setup Is So Popular (and Why You Should Take Note!)

31 October 2018

If you spend a decent amount of time on YouTube, chances are good you’ve come across a video or two about the “ultimate” desk setup. At FlexiSpot, obviously, we enjoy these videos because we love to stay on top of all things ergonomic—especially when it comes to creating the perfect workspace. But, we couldn’t help but wonder: Why are so many YouTubers sharing their vision of the perfect desk setup? And, more importantly: Why are these videos getting so many views and likes?

We set out to answer both questions, and discovered there are actually 3 key reasons people are intrigued with the idea of the perfect desk setup.

1) People Spend Almost 25% of Every Day at a Desk: Did you know that according to Science Dailypeople spend 5 hours and 41 minutes on average sitting at a desk every single day? Yep, whether you’re an avid gamer, college student cramming for exams, or the average hard-working American working a 9 to 5 job, you’re likely spending a good portion of your waking hours at a desk. So, it makes good sense that you would want to get the setup just right for your comfort. Many YouTubers ranging from Ed from TechSource (which has almost 1.5 million subscribers) to Dr. D-Flo (with 10,000 subscribers) create ultimate desk setup videos using electric standing desks and flexible monitor mounts that ensure their subscribers can still move around freely while working on their computers. 

standing desk setup

Caption: Dr. D-Flo reviews FlexiSpot’s electric standing desk in a desk setup video for his 10K YouTube subscribers.

2) People Are Searching for a Great Desk Setup at a Bargain
Let’s face it, buying the perfect desk setup can get pricey. That’s why some of the most popular desk setup videos on YouTube showcase a great desk setup on a budget of less than $500. One popular way some YouTubers transform their traditional sit-down desk into a healthier, more ergonomic desk setup is with FlexiSpot’s ClassicRiser. Starting at just $199, it leaves plenty of budget for other important add-ons like monitor mounts, anti-fatigue mats, a desk lamp, and more.

deskriser setup

Caption: Dale Fallows from Gadget Tube keeps his desk setup minimalist and functional with an all-white sit-stand desk converter.

3) People Love Ideas for Organizing Their Tech Toys
A big part of creating the ultimate desk setup centers around displaying your technology in a way that helps you study better, work better, or game better. So, if you’re looking for a more creative way to display your computer monitors or organize all your power cords, speakers, keyboard and more, you can find some great ideas by watching desk setup videos on YouTube. 

standing desk converter

Caption: YouTuber Conrad Comments uses FlexiSpot’s 35” ClassicRiser at his office to hold both of his large screen monitors.

If all this talk about creating the perfect desk setup has you in the mood to revamp your current workspace into something that better meets your style and needs, you can find some great options at an affordable price at FlexiSpot.com. Shop now!