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2022 Flexispot Black Friday Desk Week is Here

10 November 2022

In the Flexispot family, the season has come upon us to celebrate another Black Friday Desk Week. This means that you stand a chance to cop any of our amazing desks available.

Not just that, these products have been made exclusively for you with some incredibly awesome discounts. So you can make some nice savings even as you make your home office or corner at the workplace more outstanding with our ergonomic products.

We have portable standing desks, large standing desks, L-shaped standing desks, desk converters, desk bikes, and just about any other desk accessories you might need. They are all available!

Now, you probably know that the Black Friday sale for most brands starts on November 25. Yeah, the same thing goes for Flexispot because the sale is between November 25 and November 28.

However, we are glad to introduce a campaign called "Warm Up Activity". This amazing offer runs between November 10 and November 24. So you don't have to wait for the Black Friday sale before copping your favorite ergonomic products with some yummy discounts.

The main difference here is that the Black Friday shopping (November 25 - November 28) has more stunning deals and offers than the Warm Up Activity. Now, let's walk through the available desks.

Grab a Wonderful Office Desk During this Black Friday Desk Week

It's no big deal to maximize the advantages brought by a Black Friday sale to get new shoes, clothes, bags, electronics, and lots more at discounted prices.

After all, they are all essential to our daily lives but how about channeling more of that energy into getting products that'll improve your productivity and well-being both at home and at work?

Yes, that sounds great. Owning a classic, stable, and modern standing desk is the foundation of how healthy your workstation will be. Therefore, it's worth it to make some investments that'll make your work output better.

This means that you can use this Black Friday Desk Week to shop and save on your favorite WFH standing desk. Here are the deals for the season!

Flash Sale

The Flash Sale covers the coolest products with the biggest discounts. So if you've always been dreaming of having any one of these ergonomic pieces in your home office, the Flash Sale is your best friend for making the dream come true.

Hence, all you have to do is take full advantage of the following:

Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EG1)

Do you remember the saying "make hay while the sun shines"? Great! You should bear in mind that this offer is only available between 00:00 EST and 23:59 EST on November 20.

So you need to tick off this day on your calendar. And instead of the original C$249, you can get the Standing Desk EG1 with a 20% discount. In other words, C$50 has been slashed from it and it can be all yours for C$199 only.

With this piece, you don't have to worry about back pain. This is because the desk is built to extract and skip the back ache often associated with long hours of sitting. This is good news for every office worker whose workplace is partially or completely sedentary.

The Height Adjustable Standing Desk EG1 will also maintain your level of excitement all through the day. That is, there'll always be a positive aura around you and efficiency around the clock will be guaranteed.

The standing desk is designed with some interesting minimalist aesthetics. Therefore, it works perfectly in your office or the house.

Its desktop is available in mahogany and grey frame. To every creative designer, developer, executive, accountant, and IT specialist out there, this is the desk that will give you an optimal work-life balance.

Go for it!

Standing Desk Converter M2

Come November 23, you will also stand a chance to enjoy a massive 26% discount on our Standing Desk Converter M2. That's a whopping reduction of C$80 and this brings the asking price to C$219.

The desk converter easily switches from standing to sitting and vice versa. So you don't have to exert much pressure. All you have to do is squeeze the single hand bar and raise using only 13 lbs of force.

The maximum load weight on the desktop is up to 35 lbs while just 3 lbs of force are needed to lower the converter. And the icing on the cake here's that the desk converter aligns with most people's heights.

For instance, if you place a ClassicRiser converter on a 28" high desk, it will work perfectly for office workers up to 6'1" tall. That's impressive, right?

The standing desk converter also comes with a large removable keyboard tray with enough space to accommodate your mousepad, mouse, and a full-sized keyboard while also creating sufficient room to position and adjust your wrists healthily.

Or you've been looking forward to correcting your posture while working? The desk converter M2 is built to fight and defeat slouching. It'll also help you build and maintain an ergonomically sound posture.

Remember that the window for this piece stays open between 00:00 EST and 23:59 EST on November 23. Be watchful!

Pro Standing Desk E5

The Flexispot Pro Standing Desk E5 is a new generation of motor tech that you need to have in your workstation. The fun part is how user-friendly it feels while working on it.

In the spirit of Black Friday shopping, we will also put this standing desk up for sale, and on November 25, C$130 will be slashed from its usual C$459 price tag. So with this 28% discount, you can win the Pro Standing Desk for C$329 only.

The desk is built with a double crossbeam structure alongside a dual-motor lifting system that allows you to enjoy a smooth and stable experience as you work on it.

It is very strong and its stability rate is 100% both when in transition or lifted to the highest level. This shows that you can do your work or play that video game without harboring the fear of wobbling or crashing.

It can conveniently carry a weight load of up to 220 lbs, so you can load the desktop with all the essentials you'll need while working. This way, you don't have to stand up from the seat to fetch an accessory every time.

You can also use the advanced keypad panel that has 4 different height presets to easily reach and save your customized heights. There's also a sit-stand reminder that you can use to set a timer.

The timer can be set between 0 and 99 minutes and will remind you once it's time to change your working positions.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair OC10

The Black Friday offers under the Flash Sale deal will be incomplete without the inclusion of the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. And the Chair will be up for grabs by November 26 between the hours of 00:00 EST and 23:59 EST.

Although it costs C$349, we have introduced a C$120 reduction and this brings the deal to an all-time low of C$199. Can you see that this is a magnanimous deal like never before?

The Soutien Chair OC10 by Flexispot is designed to give you the most soothing and fantastic work experience you would not derive from other brands in the ergonomic industry.

It'll also push your arm into perfect alignment with the well-cushioned 4D armrest by giving your neck the perfect position as you ease your head into the fitted headrest.

With its 45° backrest tilt, 3D lumbar support design 4D adjustable armrests, and 135° lounge tilt, the Soutien Office Chair neutralizes every trace of back pain since you'll be able to conveniently recline to your favorite height during recess.

The 3D lumbar support system and the curved backrest will also conform to your spine and neck. Through that, your head will conveniently fit into the headrest and the load on your lumbar structure will be minimized.

The most amazing part of the Soutien Chair 0C10 is that your body structure doesn't matter. Why's that? The chair is exclusively designed to fit into everyone's sitting posture.

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation (V9)

How great would it be to have a desk bike/ bike workstation within your reach always? We understand how mind-blowing it'll be and we have decided to throw out the All-in-one Desk Bike V9 as one of the ergonomic products under the Black Friday Flash Sale.

Priced at C$399, the desk bike will be slashed by a 37% discount. So it can be yours with a price as low as C$249 only.

However, you should bear in mind that this offer is only limited to November 27 (00:00 EST and 23:59 EST).

This ergonomic desk bike will not only help you stay sharp and active but also keep you productive and get rid of those calories that are lurking around your body while performing sedentary projects.

It has a pneumatic adjustment lever that you can use to adjust the height of the seat to your preferred position. And you can check out your speed, the burned calories, and workout time on the Integrated Digital Display (IDD).

With 8 resistance levels, you can switch from mild activity to a more intense and deep session with a flick of your wrist.

The seat of the desk bike is super comfy. It has a broad desktop and lockable gravity casters that'll strengthen your immune system and keep you strong enough to wage war against viruses of any kind.

And when you want to install it, all you have to do is fix the desktop to the bike. Easy-peasy! You don't need additional tools.

It operates quietly and smoothly and it is ideal for everyone in the family, even the grandparents, parents, and children.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk - 48''

Originally priced at C$499, the Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk will also be available on the 28th of November, 2022 with an unbelievably cool 34% discount. This shows that with C$329, your home office can experience an amazing makeover.

The standing desk has a stable and strong motor that allows a quick, easy, and smooth transition from 28.3" to 47.6". Meanwhile, the range also works perfectly for kids.

It is also designed with 4 programmable height presets and more than one user can save their favorite height settings on it without one affecting the other.

The desk is also space-saving, so if your home office or corner at the workplace doesn't have much space, the Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk is your best choice because all it needs is a corner, empty wall, or nook to be well fitted.

It is built with powder-glazed steel tubing and the desktop restrains stains, dents, and scratches. Most importantly, you are guaranteed consistent stability even when at its highest level.

You can also use the leveling glides to adjust and stabilize the desk if it looks like the desk legs are not even.

You'll certainly love the wide space of the desktop since it can easily accommodate all your working or gaming essentials at a time. Measuring 48"×24", the desk is spacious enough to house your laptop, mouse, keyboard, 2 monitors, paperwork, and some other desk accessories.

Turn C$1 into C$100

Between November 10 and November 24, there's another special promo coupon where you can change your C$1 to C$100. However, the condition here is that you must have purchased our E7 Standing Desk during the period outlined above.

And if you are one of the lucky beneficiaries, you can only use this coupon between November 25 and November 28, 2022.

Card Game

All you have to do here is gather 4 puzzles and the goal is to win a sitewide coupon. And with the policy of "one puzzle per day", you'll need up to 4 days for the collection.

On that note, you can start the collection of puzzles between November 15 and November 28 and once you're done gathering them, you'll receive a random. coupon through an email.

Finally, the coupon can only be valid for usage between November 25 and November 28, 2022.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions may be uploaded on the Flexispot website during the promo only and are referenced herein.

We also reserve the exclusive right, at our sole discretion, to reject any disagreements that are not in line with our Terms and Conditions at any time.

Location: Canada only.

This promo sale is a limited-time offer and shall be offered on a “first come first serve” basis. This means that the offer may be ended earlier than planned if the item in question is out of stock.

Alterations in the Terms and Conditions

As earlier noted, Flexispot holds the full sway to change the Terms & Conditions at any time. This, you'll be responsible for checking these T & C regularly for any possible changes.

And if you continue to participate after we uploaded certain changes to these Terms of Service, that signifies your agreement with the new terms and conditions.

You should also note that Flexispot decisions on all matters related to the Black Friday sale will be final and decisive and it will not be liable for any claims made by you, for third-party claims, or losses of any nature.

The claims include but are not limited to, any loss of expectations, special, indirect, loss of profits, or other damages, and any associated claim of any nature such as direct, indirect, third consequential party, consequential damages, or other harm caused by or related to this sale.

Final Words

As we draw the curtains on the Warm Up Activity come November 24, we will also introduce some regular discounts and they'll be applicable on most of our products including ergo office chairs, desk converters, standing desks, and lots more.

All we need from you is to be on alert as the window for all these incredible offers swings open!