Height Adjustable Standing Desk (E2)


Height Adjustable Standing Desk (E2)

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  • Height range: 28.7" - 48.4"
  • Stable, smooth and silent
Switch from sitting to standing
Take a stand
We live in a sedentary world. A world that’s filled with fatigue, fog, distraction, and ill-being.
Take a stand against that with this bamboo standing desk, and reach new heights of energy, clarity, focus, and well-being.
Switch from sitting to standing at just the touch of a button, and say goodbye to a sedentary world and hello to a bright new future of work.
Stable to support more
Weight Capacity:
Weight Capacity: The E2 surpasses other brands with weight capacity of 187lbs, providing you with peace of mind during your work.
Leg Net Weight:
The E2 desk legs weigh 42.5lbs and are crafted with generous materials, providing exceptional durability and stability in the market.
Foot Size:
The E2 desk boasts larger feet, measuring 25.6'' compared to the smaller 23'' feet found on other brands, resulting in increased stability and support for your workstation
One-Piece Desktop
A premium and seamless surface
The E2's thicker and whole-piece desktop design ensures a smooth work experience without any wobbling or distractions. Most importantly, you know how easy it is for cleaning and maintenance
Certified Safety
UL certified safety for peace of mind
The E2 standing desk is proudly UL certified, with advanced features like overload protection, overheating protection, overcurrent protection, and power outage protection.
So you can work with peace of mind, knowing that your desk is designed to keep you safe and productive, no matter what.
Suit your space
Create a workspace that matches your style. Choose from a range of different desktop materials (and colors), including:
Crafted from wood chips and adhesive resin.
Six times stronger than solid wood. Chemical-free as well as scratch, water, and insect resistant.
Solid wood texture
A beautiful natural-looking texture, its inner materials are made of sturdy poplar and eucalyptus.
Made of fine fibers. Solid, with a unique curved design, and treated to last.
Desk control
Possibilities at the push of a button
Choose from a variety of keypad options to find what gives you a lift:
Up/Down Buttons Keypad Switch from sitting to standing easily with just one button.
Up/Down Buttons with USB Ports Includes an LED display that shows your favorite height settings and two USB charging ports.
4 Presets Keypad Save your favorite sitting and standing height settings with three programmable memory presets and an LED display.
4 Presets Buttons with USB Ports 4 height presets with embedded charging ports, making your desk more convenient to use on a daily basis.
Cord Management
Clutter-free work station
For a sleeker, more comfortable workspace, the cable tray under the E2 desktop tucks all your cables out of view—and out of reach for curious kids or pesky pets.
The desk that lasts long
The E2 desk is built to last, withstanding up to five height adjustments per day, every day, for a remarkable 11-year lifespan. That's more lifting power than your favorite bodybuilder, giving you confidence in its durability and longevity.
Position yourself for success
Whether you’re working from home or looking for a study space, a homework hub, or a reading retreat, this bamboo desk is flexible enough to meet your every need. It’ll position you for success, whatever you’re doing.
It’s a desk that’ll linger for your light-bulb moments, and move the moment you need a change

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