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Summer-Proof Your Home Office

05 July 2023

Ah, the sweet scent of sunscreen, the gentle kiss of sunshine, and the temptation to ditch the home office for a beachside siesta. Summer is upon us, and while the great outdoors beckon, your trusty home office can still be a summer oasis. Embrace the season and let's get into some exciting tips on how to prep your home office for the summer without sacrificing productivity!

1. Let the Sun Shine In - But Not Too Much!

As the sun graces your window, resist the urge to squint like a vampire and draw the curtains. Instead, embrace the natural light and position your desk near the window. Bask in the glow of productivity while you enjoy a panoramic view of the summer world outside. But beware, you don't want to end up like a popsicle. Place some sun-blocking curtains or blinds to keep the heat at bay and save yourself from melting like a snowman.

2. Green Up Your Space - Literally!

Add some life to your office with some indoor plants. They'll not only bring a refreshing touch of nature but also help to purify the air, giving you the feeling of working amidst a lush, tropical paradise. Just remember not to get too chummy with your new plant pals during conference calls - unless they're good at keeping secrets.

3. Splash Some Colors Around!

Give your home office a summer makeover with some vibrant, uplifting colors. Ditch the gloomy grays and go for playful yellows, lively greens, and oceanic blues. Let the colors energize your space and infuse your work with newfound enthusiasm. Just don't blame us if your walls start throwing beach-themed parties without inviting you!

4. Fan-tastic Breezes and Icy Freezes!

Stay cool as a cucumber with an office fan that doubles as your personal cheerleader. Choose one with multiple speed settings to match your level of productivity. Alternatively, consider a mini-fridge within arm's reach, stocked with chilled beverages and ice creams to celebrate your summertime triumphs. Just remember to keep the brain freeze at bay during brainstorming sessions!

5. Freeze Your Schedule - But Not Your Work!

Embrace the season's flexibility by organizing your work schedule around the sun's patterns. Start early to enjoy the cool morning breeze and end early to relish those golden hours at the beach. Time your most brain-busting tasks during the cooler parts of the day and reward yourself with frozen treats for each completed milestone. Just remember not to spill popsicles on your keyboard!

6. Summertime Soundtrack - Jam with the Sun!

Create a summer-inspired playlist that boosts your mood and keeps your motivation riding the waves. From classic beach anthems to funky summer tunes, let your favorite songs turn your office into a fiesta. Just be cautious when dancing in your chair during video calls – it might lead to an unexpected raise or an impromptu dance-off with your boss!

7. Surfboard Not Required: Get Ergonomic!

Now that your space is practically a vacation destination, it's time to think about comfort. Invest in an ergonomic chair and desk setup that will support your posture, making you feel like you're lounging in a hammock with a Mai Tai. Remember, your back is not a surfboard - so give it the love it deserves!

The FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7): Your Unyielding Companion for Ultimate Stability and Heavy-Duty Support!

Are you tired of flimsy desks that buckle under pressure? Do you need a workspace warrior that can handle the weight of the world? Look no further for the E7 desk is here to save the day! This remarkable piece of furniture has been crafted to provide unmatched stability and support, ensuring a solid foundation for your work endeavors.

1. Certified Stability: Built to Conquer!

When it comes to stability, the E7 desk holds the crown. It has earned the prestigious BIFMA certification, guaranteeing its unwavering stability. Say goodbye to wobbling and shaking as you tackle your tasks. With its scientific design, featuring a mere 0.05mm gap between columns, this desk ensures smooth and seamless height adjustments. Plus, the leg columns are thicker than your average desk, effortlessly accommodating two people and supporting an impressive 355 pounds of weight. Talk about an ironclad ally!

2. Durability to Endure the Ages!

Crafted with solid carbon steel that meets automotive material specifications, the E7 desk is built to withstand the test of time. It boasts exceptional durability, shrugging off wear and tear like a superhero. Unevenly distributed items? No problem! This desk remains steadfast and unwavering, providing a sturdy and reliable surface for all your work endeavors.

3. Rigorously Tested, Tried, and True!

The E7 desk doesn't shy away from challenges. It has undergone a battery of tests at the FlexiSpot lab, enduring a staggering 20,000 motion tests to ensure its longevity. It's been pushed to the limits and emerged victorious, ready to be your steadfast companion on your professional journey. With its sleek and modern design, achieved through meticulous laser welding, the E7 desk is a stunning addition to any workspace. It's also coated with anti-wear and temperature-resistant material, ensuring that its vibrant color remains consistent for years to come.

4. Height-Adjustable Marvel: Comfort for All!

We understand that everyone is unique, and so is their preferred working height. Fear not, for the E7 desk has got you covered. With its adjustable height ranging from 22.8" to 48.4", it caters to individuals of all statures, providing personalized comfort like no other. Say goodbye to uncomfortable hunching or tiptoeing, and embrace the ergonomic bliss of a desk tailored to your needs.

5. Organized Oasis: Tame the Cable Chaos!

Let's face it, tangled cables can turn your workspace into a wild jungle. But fear not, for the E7 desk comes equipped with an integrated cable management system. Hidden beneath the tabletop, it keeps your cords in check, allowing for a clutter-free and organized environment. Bid farewell to the frustration of untangling cables and embrace the serenity of a tidy workspace.

6. Keypad Wizardry: Height Customization at Your Fingertips!

The E7 desk doesn't stop at being a stability maestro and organizational marvel. It comes with a quality keypad that grants you the power to customize your preferred height with ease. With four programmable height settings, USB charging ports for your devices, and a convenient child-lock button, this desk is a technological wizard that adds a touch of futuristic flair to your workspace.


There you have it, sun-chasers and workaholics alike, a summer-ready home office that'll make you feel like you're vacationing while working! Embrace the season, mix business with pleasure, and who knows, maybe you'll end up with a killer tan and a promotion. Remember, summer is fleeting, so seize the day, but don't forget to send that report!