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Last Hurrah! Have the Most Fun Office Christmas Party

19 December 2022

We're fairly certain that your office is already getting preparations for this year's Christmas party before the holiday break.

You might have a committed group of people planning your event, much like The Office's Angela Martin did with her fellow organizers in the sitcom. Alternatively, consider how dedicated Phyllis Vance was when she assumed the leadership position. Of course, there will always be that annoying superior or silly boss who likes to steal the show at every gathering aka our favorite Michael Scott.

If there isn't a special committee, the HR department may decide how your Christmas party will be organized. Your names will be written on paper, placed in a box, and distributed so that each person will blindly get a paper that says who their "baby" will be for the party.

They will choose a topic after discussing it among themselves or asking everyone what they wish their Holiday party to be about.

Now is the time to insist on getting what you desire. The theme would dictate what foods you would consume, what outfits you would wear, what performances you would see, and probably what setting your next Facebook profile photo would have. This is one of the rare occasions when you can drink beer or wine at work and converse with your coworkers informally about topics that concern your personal life. So take advantage of the opportunity and propose a theme that appeals to you; ideally, your coworkers will share your interest in it.

Here are some ideas for possible themes:

Party with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme

There is no need for an explanation given that The Nightmare Before Christmas, a 1993 Tim Burton classic, is well known to all. You may transform your office into Jack Skellington's realm by repurposing Halloween decorations. Choose black and white decorations, give skulls and skeletons Santa hats, and create a faux Jack Skellington. Only English cuisine shall be served, including puds, bangers, custard, roast beef, mash, and other traditional comfort foods.

Snowy Christmas

Who gives a damn if it's sunny right now in your state? By hosting the party, you can still have a Winter Wonderland Christmas. Use white fairy lights, fake snow to cover your workspace, and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. To stay on trend, choose decor in all shades of white and silver. You might even order an ice sculpture to be delivered on the day of the company party if you're feeling particularly generous. Or you could create a snowman out of Styrofoam for less money.

Winter chic or an outfit with a Frozen theme could be appropriate for the dress code. Workflow advises drinking a chilly vodka cocktail or a hot cup of mulled wine from the open bar. Warm foods like baked lasagna, apple pie, shepherd's pie, and panna cotta are preferred.

You may construct an indoor ski slope or organize a pleasant skating session at the neighborhood ice rink for entertainment. Or if you have the budget, you can take the whole office to Banff or anywhere up the mountains where you can ski, snowboard, and party in actual snow!

Christmas luau party

Sunny Hawaii is at the other end of the northern winter. Make everyone dance the hula while wearing grass skirts. Even your least happy coworker can feel merry because it is so vivid and colorful. Assign someone to play some tunes on the ukulele for entertainment, or just play reggae music or Bob Marley loudly. The visitors to this Christmas party with a tropical theme would find it refreshing after the long winter.

Another exciting aspect of Hawaiian cuisine is the possibility of preparing a boodle fight with seafood, vegetables, and fruits. You could set up a food station with poke bowls and cool smoothies. A lively game of limbo rock might get everyone going.

Mask party

If you want a no-brainer theme that almost everyone says yes to, then go for a masquerade ball; it is a popular favorite. After all, the COVID-19 season has already gotten us all used to don masks. Request that everyone dresses to the nines for the event. Theater masks and red and gold accents should be used in the room's décor. All of the night's arrivals must be greeted by a red carpet and stage lighting. For a comprehensive meal, serve starters, a main dish, dessert, and champagne.

For the music, engage a jazz band, and for the after party, a DJ. Provide prizes for the King and Queen of the Night. A station for producing masks might also be present in the location. The party's icebreaker may be a fun round of "Who Am I?" There would be a sheet of paper with your name on it on your forehead. For you to know who you are, you must go around and engage in conversation with the other visitors. It might also be turned into a game for couples in which you are given a partner from a love team and must search the room for them.

The International Christmas Party

Whether or not the office staff enjoys traveling, it is always fun to experience Christmas in a different nation. Nearly every nation pauses and celebrates the season differently around Christmas time. Make the celebration a potluck and invite the visitors to bring food from their native countries if your workplace is international or from their hometowns.

Ask attendees to dress in national attire or in something that makes them think of their native country or their family's roots. Make a playlist from other countries as the soundtrack for the night.

Organize a fun trivia contest about the numerous Christmas customs and rituals observed around the world.

The Company raffle

A Christmas party raffle for all the employees is held in addition to bonus announcements and honoring exceptional employees. The party planning crew would want to think about offering top-notch ergonomic furniture as the grand prize.

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Don't pass up this opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for your staff to not only have a jolly Christmas but also an efficient year!