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Four Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Corner Standing Desk Converter

22 May 2020

We know you are excited to get your hands on that corner standing desk converter. But before buying anything, make sure that you have done your assignment. Yes, it’s important to take a few minutes to assess your current home office situation so you won’t face any issues in buying a corner standing desk converter.

So put on your thinking cap and let us have a rundown on the things that you should think through before a corner standing desk converter.

1. Do You Prefer to Use Large Monitors or Dual Monitors?

First, determine the sizes and number of your home office monitors. If you have large or dual monitors, buying a corner standing desk converter is the right decision. Corner desk converters have larger work surface depth, which creates more distance between you and your monitors. This is an important detail that you should not miss because being too close to your screens will cause eye strain. Another bonus: Since a corner standing desk converter has the capacity to carry your bulky monitor, you will have more free space on your office table.

2. What Is the Weight Capacity That You Need?

If you like big screens, you should buy a corner standing desk converter with high weight capacities. The best thing is to check the combined weight of your monitors before purchasing a corner standing desk converter. Remember that a great corner standing desk converter should be able to hold all your things with ease even when you lower or raise it to any height. Plus, it should have a mechanism that allows for easy up and down motion with minimal effort on your part.

3. Does the Unit Create Noise?

The noise level of a unit can vary depending on its lift mechanism. Maybe a little noise is tolerable anything above 50 decibel can be upsetting. Do an in-depth research or call a brand’s hotline to know more about this if you are easily distracted by noises in your office environment.

4. Is the Unit Ergonomic?

Not all corner standing desk converters are created equal. This equipment is only as good if it delivers ergonomic solutions to your home office. It should be able to adjust to the right height so you can see your monitors at eye level. It must have enough space and angle for your keyboard mouse so can type at the right angle. And this should be applicable whether you choose to sit or stand. If your corner standing desk converter is like this, you can practice good posture habits and eliminate strains on your body.

Go Ergonomic  

We highly encourage that you consider ergonomics before buying that corner standing desk converter. Your body will thank you for it, and repay you with more energy and focus. It is the kind of chain reaction that you want to snowball in your home office. Make sure that you go for the better option for the sake of your body’s wellness.