Elevate Your Life: Embrace the FlexiSpot Pro Plus E7

05 August 2023

Get ready to ditch that old snooze-inducing desk and leap into the world of productivity and perkiness with the FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)! Brace yourself for the revolution that's taking workplaces by storm. You might be thinking, "Standing desk? Is this just another fleeting trend like kale smoothies or fanny packs?" But hold onto your office chair, because this trend isn't just here to stay; it's here to conquer!

Picture a world where you can switch from sitting to standing, effortlessly gliding between work modes. With the E7, you'll be a posture director, bidding farewell to slouching and embracing a stance so upright, you might just give those Buckingham Palace guards a run for their money. Don't just sit there like a sack of potatoes, become the master of your own destiny... and posture!

Imagine yourself, the dazzling dynamo, swiftly switching from sitting like a sloth to strutting your stuff on your FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7). It's not just a desk, it's a lifestyle upgrade! You've heard about going black and never going back, right? Well, once you've experienced the glory of standing while you work, there's no turning back to that mundane chair-clinging existence.

Hold on to your ergonomic hats, because we're about to unveil the magical marvels of the FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) that will have you ditching your old desk like a bad Tinder date (oops).

Health Hype: Say goodbye to the zombie-like slump that comes from hours of seat snoozing. The Pro Plus E7 encourages you to become the action hero of your own life. With its easy-peasy height adjustment, you'll go from sitting to standing faster than a caffeine hit. Don't just stand there – pedal your way to glory with a desk bike or treadmill, all while whipping your health into shape. Flex those muscles and show off your standing prowess!

Posture Perfection: Ever feel like you're morphing into a question mark while hunched over your desk? The Pro Plus E7 is here to save you from that Quasimodo impression. It's like having a personal posture coach that screams, "Stand tall, champ!" You can adjust its height to the Goldilocks zone – not too high, not too low – just perfect for your back and neck to thank you with virtual high-fives.

Alert Alchemy: Get ready to banish those snooze-inducing spells! The Pro Plus E7 boosts your energy like a double espresso, without the jitters. Say hello to sharper focus, heightened senses, and a brain that's ready to conquer tasks like a productivity superstar on auto pilot mode. Plus, your muscles will be so relaxed, they'll think they're at a spa.

This isn't just any standing desk – it's the standing desk of your dreams, the E7. It's like the Swiss Army knife of desks – dependable, sturdy, and ready for action!

Stability Savior: This beauty is BIFMA-certified, which basically means it's more stable than your grandma's secret cookie recipe. Its legs are thicker than other desks, and the lifting action is smoother than a silk robe. It can handle two adults without breaking a sweat – that's a whopping 355 pounds of pure desk power!

Durable Dynamo: We're not joking around – the E7 has survived 20k rounds of motion tests. That's like testing a car by driving it to the moon and back – twice! And just to show off, we're throwing in a 15-year warranty. Bet your old desk can't compete with that.

Sleek Superstar: Who says desks can't be eye candy? The E7 flaunts a frame so sexy, even James Bond would be envious. The holeless leg design is like a work of art, and the anti-wear coating ensures it stays fabulous for ages. We all know anyone would want a desk that fits you – timeless and forever stylish.

Height of Happiness: Whether you're a towering titan or a petite powerhouse, the E7 has your back. With an adjustable height range from hobbit to skyscraper, it's the ultimate height-happy companion. No more battling with chairs that are too tall or too short – this desk is the Goldilocks of the office world.

Cable Conqueror: Say goodbye to cable chaos with the E7's secret weapon – an embedded cable tray! It's like a hidden treasure chest for all your charging needs, keeping your workspace as organized as a Zen garden. Plus, it comes with a premium keypad that's practically royalty – USB charging ports, programmable presets, and a child-lock button for when your little rugrats come to play office.

And that's not all! The E7 comes in a variety of options, from C-Frame to T-Frame, and an array of delectable desktop materials and colors that'll make your creative heart sing. So, what are you waiting for? Join the standing desk revolution and hop on the E7 express – it's not just a desk, it's a lifestyle upgrade that'll have you saying, "Sitting? Oh honey, that's so last century!" Get ready to stand tall, work smart, and conquer the world, one standing desk dance move at a time.

Best to Partner It with

Unleash the ultimate power duo – the FlexiSpot V9 Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation and the FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) – igniting a symphony of efficiency and awesomeness in your workspace! Elevate your work game with the V9's energy-boosting prowess, designed to turbocharge focus and unleash your inner productivity diva.

Behold the V9's marvel: a dynamic workspace that morphs effortlessly to your whims. Its spacious desktop pirouettes in any direction, like a nimble dancer, accommodating your laptop, tablets, and a treasure trove of work essentials. The 360-degree casters glide like smooth operators, sparing your floor while they play.

The V9 extends an invitation to your housemates (if you work remotely), or to your workmates (if you work onsite), offering its splendid features for a collaborative work fiesta. And speaking of splendid, the adjustable seat is a tailor-made throne, fit for every stature – a true blessing for siblings of varied heights.

Prepare for a cushy experience on the throne of inspiration, thanks to the V9's plush seats. But hold onto your hats, for the pièce de résistance: the bike's eight resistance levels, your passport to a high-octane endurance adventure.

The V9 and E7 duo isn't just a partnership – it's a symphony of innovation, an orchestra of motivation, and a grand adventure waiting to unfold. Gear up for a journey of unparalleled focus, boundless energy, and productivity galore!