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6 Tips to Make Space for a New Baby

10 May 2022

Congratulations on having a baby on the way! In just a few weeks, you will be welcoming a new human into your house. Your family must be beyond thrilled for the new addition, a new little ray of sunshine that will bring a smile to their faces. But even with all the excitement around you, you can’t help panicking. What if you aren’t fit to be a mother? What if the baby cries nonstop? What if the baby doesn’t like you carrying him or her? There are so many questions running in your head but the best thing you can do now is relax and prepare, step by step.

First off, you have to consider the living quarters of the baby on the way. If your house is small, you might think you need additional space and schedule a construction project for it. You don’t need to make your home bigger just because a new human is coming. What you can do is to maximize the space of your current home so that you can make room for the addition.

Below are tips on how to maximize your space for more room to move around and exist.

1. Declutter.

The first order of agenda that you have to work on is to declutter. It’s not that your space is limited; it’s just that you own too many things. You have to junk all the items that you are no longer using or those that are not working anymore. They take up precious space that would be great to store in your new items at.

You already have a list of what you need for the baby. Now estimate how much space will all of these cover: clothes, diapers, and baby furniture. Get rid of as much clutter as you can so that there is extra room for the baby to move.

You can also of course install smart storage solutions such as making use of the wall or ceiling to store your items in.

2. Directly give a rule to your family and friends to only give you the baby essentials.

Your guests should be in the know that there’s not much space in your new home. This is why you should make a baby registry that only lists baby essentials.

The better option is to not organize a baby shower or to ask your guests not to give any physical gift. You can opt to hold a diaper shower instead or prepare a very intimate guest list. Do not feel guilty whatsoever if you would have to reject big gifts that won’t fit your house. You may sell or donate them, or simply return them to your friend or family with a message as to why it’s impossible for you to accept the gift.

3. Have a small nursery in the master bedroom.

You already have to accept that you need to make sacrifices because there is no space at your home. It’s not as if you are missing out on anything. You may have a completely different experience and still have fun because of your little sunshine. For instance, if you don’t have a spare room for the new baby, you can make a nursery out of the corner of your master bedroom. The space should at the very least fit the crib and/or a bassinet. You can add wall decor that can brighten up your baby’s day.

You can also use an old closet as a nursery. What you do is remove the doors and then place a crib or a bassinet that the space can accommodate. You can use the built-in shelves of the cabinet for diaper-changing.

4. Make room for the new baby in your other kid’s room.

You may already have a kid who already has his or her own room. It’s not new for siblings to share; it even strengthens their bond growing up. Make room for your new baby in your existing kid’s room. When they’re both a little older and can make their own choices, give them the liberty to choose what part of the room they want to stay in or how they want to decorate it.

When purchasing furniture, you know already not to buy big ones that will take too much space that you don’t have. You should rather be on the lookout for high chairs attached to a counter, multi-purpose cribs, built-in changing stations, and other pieces that will save space for you.

Another functional and stylish tip is to display your baby toys in a hammock. You will have extra floor space and be able to decorate freely that will fit a baby’s eyes.

5. Do not buy any non-essential baby gear.

Do not buy anything that you don’t need at the moment. The time will come that you may need them but there is no absolute reason why you have to get one right now. Control your urges to buy if you don’t need them anyway.

You have to be practical as a mom who has a budget and limited resources. Only buy what your baby needs.

6. Save space by investing in multi-purpose pieces of furniture.

We know that a baby is coming but this piece of advice is something small-home owners should know. Buy furniture that you can use for multiple purposes. Why? You get two furniture pieces for the price of one! You get to save space instead of having to reserve two areas for two different furniture pieces. It might come at a heftier price point but the investment is not only worth it, but also necessary. For example, you can invest in a baby stroller that also works as a bassinet and car seat. There are swings that are convertible to high chairs. A dresser can be turned into a changing station instead of having one that’s specifically for changing.

Of course, to save space, you can invest in ergonomic furniture that you can easily move around when needed. You can adjust the settings of a standing desk so that it won’t take that much space. You can opt for a fitness chair so you reward yourself with good work and fitness.