6 Fun City Adventures for a Quick Work Break

10 March 2022

Does any of these ring a bell to you? You work for more than nine hours a day without compensation and complaint. You finish your work even though it’s already time for a lunch break. You entertain work calls even though it’s a holiday, a weekend, or you’re on leave. You miss your child’s recital or parent-teachers meeting because you have work to do. You bring your laptop to work at the beach. If you said yes to more than two of the above, then you fall under what everyone calls the classic workaholic.

You might think that if you do not reply to an e-mail sent over the weekend, you will lose the company a client and cost your job. You think that when you don’t answer your boss’ call at 12 midnight that he might fire you the next day. You are on vacation but you have to check on the office in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Thoughts of work consume your everyday life, may you are in the office or not.

Okay, it might be because you love your job so much as you say so. Or you just have so much work to do that you need the extra time to finish your tasks. Maybe you’re not working as efficiently as you want to and your job is on the line. Maybe you’re up for a promotion and you’re working extra hard to secure it.

Whatever your reason for overworking yourself, the fact remains that you won’t survive the everyday grind if you don’t value and allocate time for rest. You are a battery that also needs recharging outside of work. Below is a list of activities that you could try without leaving the city and your workplace for a long period of time.

1. Give wall climbing a try.

If you can’t hike up the mountains, you could still do some climbing while in the city. If you fear heights, then there is no better time than now to face your fears and pump some adrenaline into your system. Basically, you go to a wall-climbing center and with a rappel attached, you climb a wall with rocks. The rocks are what you hold on to so you’ll stay close to the wall and won’t be dangling up in the air. A belayer watches you from below so that the rope that you are attached to will remain intact when you’re climbing up and slowly loosen when you’re going down. Others think it looks easy but it becomes challenging when you can’t find rocks to hold on to. When you’re going up, you won’t really feel how high you already are unless you take a moment to look down and see how far you are from the ground.

You also get to test your trust in your partner who will act as the belayer. You are relying on your safety on him or her to watch you all along when you’re climbing up and down.

2. Invite your friends to a fun game of paintball.

Do not skip on playtime with your friends on a weekend for work. A fun activity to do with them other than eating out is playing paintball. You are not too old for it; plus, the mechanics are simple. All of the players would be armed with a pellet gun and armor to protect their bodies. Your objective is to fire paint pellets at another player so that he or she will be eliminated from the game. This can either be a game where you only watch out for yourself and make sure you’re alive up until the end. It can also be a game wherein you strategize with your teammates so that you’ll have the most number of members standing towards the end.

The key is to be vigilant. Be on the move when your hiding spot is no longer safe. Attack smartly and be wary of other attackers too so that you don’t get killed and survive until the end.

3. Pay a visit to every restaurant that has just opened up shop.

You can never go wrong with a food trip. If you don’t have the time and energy to visit other places, you can always jump from one restaurant to another in your town or city. Skip your favorite restaurant and try something new that has just opened up. Order something eccentric from the menu and you might just discover your new favorite dish. Thank us when you have a new hangout place by the end of your food trip.

4. Strategize with your friends on how you can unlock the escape room.

People might have thought it was just a fad back then but escape or mystery rooms have proven its appeal. A group of friends or work colleagues usually try this when they want to stimulate their brains and exercise teamwork. You go inside a room where you’ll be given a mystery to solve, the answer to which will unlock your room. There’s a time limit so if you don’t solve it within the timeframe, they’ll let you go. But of course, everyone gets competitive and practices their analytical thinking so that they escape the room alive. It will surely make up for a fun night of working as a team and having fun together.

5. Sign-up for a ceramic pottery-making class.

You might be on the hunt for a peaceful and mindful activity. Ceramic pottery is one craft you could try and do in the city. Like many other things, this activity looks simple but it’s very difficult to be good at. If you have heavy hands, you might find it harder to mold the clay into the shape that you want. Ceramic pottery requires you to exercise patience and gently mold the clay to achieve your masterpiece.

You are able to release your creative juices and also exercise mindfulness. The activity requires one to be fully focused, helping them take their minds off from stress and anxiety.

6. Sip red wine or champagne while painting.

There are many small businesses that have started to offer this activity. Well, you could do it right at home. Prepare your canvas, paint, brushes, and palette. During your breaks or in between drawing outlines and details, you may sip your wine. You can absolutely do this at home or outside with a group that offers the service. You don’t even have to be a gifted painter because they will give you a tracing outline. You pick your choice of wine and paint whatever is on the board. So if you're a beginner, don’t be shy to join because everything will be guided from start to finish. This also gives you a break from the usual late-night intoxicated chats.

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