4 Spots to Visit this Mother's Day

05 May 2022

Excuse us as we celebrate the light of our homes, the bearers of children, the caretakers of the home, busy working employees, girl bosses, powerful and lovely women: our mothers. We can’t explain how much love we have for this woman in our lives who has been a constant source of love and support ever since we came into being after more than six to eight hours of labor.

Sadly, when we grow up and live individual lives, we tend to take for granted our parents, mothers included. We prioritize work or our friends more that we forget to value our parents who we don’t get to see as much anymore. Most of the time, we spend special occasions with our friends for fear of missing out and let our families be, with each member having their own schedule for what used-to-be regular family gatherings.

And yet, our moms remain to understand. They probably already know what they signed up for 30 years ago. When they were carrying us in their womb, they already had an idea for sure that pregnancy would be painful and motherhood, excruciating. But even with the hardships that face us, we find that moms are the most unconditional lovers. Their children don’t give much to them but yet they sacrifice a lot of their personal time and resources to make life comfortable for everyone. They show how much they care without limits or fear of being too attached or too present. Mothers have gone through so much in life to know that we have different phases, and their children are now living separately to find themselves and to go out for the wildest of adventures on their own.

Still, we shouldn’t forget about our mothers. While there are so many factors at play, we also owe our lives to our mothers. It’s important that we celebrate them on a special day where they get to be pampered, made to feel loved and special, and are able to just simply love life. So what should you do this Mother’s Day? There shouldn’t be any other reason than to go visit home and see your mom. You can make time if you drop the excuses and even for just a day dedicate your time to your mom.

People have different personalities so you should adjust according to what your mom will love. Your mom might be outgoing and would like to explore the outdoors. Your mom might have always wanted to do this activity but never had the chance to because she was busy taking care of the family. Your mom might have wanted to do something fancy but couldn’t afford it before. Now it’s your chance to pay it forward and treat your Mom to a Mother’s Day she won’t ever forget.

We’ve listed down some places you can explore with your mom on Mother’s Day. We guarantee you that it doesn’t really matter where you take her; the more important thing to focus on is to simply block off your schedule and be present with your mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Museum / Bookstore / Library

Take your mom on a cultural date on Mother’s Day. There are so many exhibitions in town that you can come check out that will both fascinateand educate you with art. There are also tons of interactive museums that your mom would surely love to experience. If your mom is also a bookworm, make sure to take her to the bookstore or a library where she can pick some books to buy or you can read together while you’re there. There’s nothing more nourishing to the mind than filling it with arts, history, and culture.

2. Massage Spa / Hair Salon / Skin Clinic / Nail Parlor / Eye Care

We know how tired your moms must be from their everyday grind. Most women are multitaskers and even after their work hours, they still take care of the family when they get home. They hardly have time for rest so they would surely enjoy a day of pampering.

Schedule everything in advance so that your mom won’t need to plan anything anymore on this special day. She can just sit back and relax and wait for all the treatments to be done to her. First, you can surprise her with a visit to the salon. You can opt to have your mom choose what hairstyle or hair color she likes, but if she’s the adventurous type, challenge her to a new look she has never tried before. Just make sure it won’t give her a nightmare.

Afterward, you can go ahead with your pampering project for the day. In no particular order, your mom would love her hands and feet to be massaged or dipped in milk or oil before a mani-pedi session. You can also take them to a skin clinic for a refreshing facial. And to complete the look, why not suggest to your mom to get her eyebrows shaped and her lashes lifted. She’d be amazed at the results!

Then, end the day with time spent at the spa. Your mom’s body and mind would be thanking you for a relaxing body massage. The aroma at the spa is also soothing and calming; she might even fall asleep through it all!

3. Out of-Town Destination

Your mom might have always wanted to go to Hawaii or Los Angeles. Or she might have wanted a trip to Europe or South America but has never quite had the time and resources to do so when you and your siblings came to life. Now is your time to treat her to a wonderful vacation where she wouldn’t have to worry about the fees she has to pay. She will get to have a change in scenery and experience new things that she never thought she would still be able to in her lifetime. Make sure to bring a camera along so that you are able to document your mom at her happiest.

4. Home

Last but not least is to spend Mother’s Day right at home. Your mom might just be a home buddy and there’s nothing wrong with that. If she prefers to stay at home, then honor that. Simply being there with her is already more than enough to put a smile on her face. And since you’re already there, make sure you come home with a gift for your mom. While we love sentimental and handmade gifts (by all means, do them!), we also think our moms need practical gifts. A great gift idea is to hand her with a piece of ergonomic furniture that will make her everyday life comfortable, convenient and luxurious.