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4 Reasons to Use the Desk Bike and Standing Desk

21 September 2021

As most experts say, the new work paradigm that companies worldwide embrace will be the permanent work setting soon. The unique lifestyle needs of people impact this fresh work set-up alongside the fact that new virus strains of Covid19 mutate faster than before. Hence, employees from different countries need to get protected, and it's because most of them are the ones who quickly get exhausted and have a weak immune system. 

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The Workload and Exhaustion:

A survey in Canada had shown that during the first few months of the pandemic, employees admitted that their workloads doubled. It was more challenging for them because they needed to adjust to a new work set-up. Troubleshooting and dissemination of information are things that they needed to work on because they needed to do everything during the remote work. Thus, they felt that the shift in the work setting was not easy. However, as months went by, employees already got the hang of it. Hence they learned how convenient working from home is. Moreover, they have seen the advantages of working from home. 

On the contrary, working from home has downsides. These are underlying problems that most WFH people overlook because these problems are unnoticeable most of the time. 

WFH-individuals do not notice this at times. Due to the pile of work and numerous office tasks that they need to finish at home, they unintentionally ignore the dangers ahead.

It's the danger of a sedentary lifestyle. Workers have this kind of lifestyle if 80% of the time, they do not do other activities or alternate their movements. If they often spend time doing one task while sitting for more than one hour, they tend to have a strained spine. A sedentary lifestyle can put them in danger because they can get exposed to cardiovascular diseases. Hence, people with this kind of disease often suffer from heart illness or hypertension. Cardiovascular diseases start from physical inactivity. When people do not do stretching activities, they become prone to these illnesses. When they do not let themselves sweat, their bodies accumulate unwanted fats. Hence, workers who have a sedentary lifestyle often suffer from obesity. 

In the medical journal of BMC, they stated in March of 2020 that there was a rapid change in the sedentary behavior of most Canadians. They had discovered that most Canadians have more screening time and fewer physical activities. Indeed, other surveys proved that Canadians, especially teenagers and adults, spent more time playing video games during the lockdowns in 2020. Now, even more, companies have resumed operation, and employees have continued work. They are still not safe from the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. 


Ergonomic Protection is the Key:

WFH-workers have the power over the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases that a sedentary lifestyle has as long as employees keep an active work pacing. When employees keep an active lifestyle even at home, they can avoid the dangers of these illnesses. 

Another secret to safer work life is the use of ergonomic products while working at home. Proper ergonomics has something to do with the health of the person. When people do not practice the appropriate posture while working, there is insufficient blood circulation. When there is inadequate blood circulation, muscles will not work correctly. Hence, they experience the sense or feeling of sluggishness. It's because there is less blood flow along the body. Now, when there is inactive blood circulation along the worker's body, they will not sweat, which is vital to get rid of unwanted fats. As a result, some people resort to stress eating, and the cycle repeats. 

In cases like this, Flexispot is what WFH people need. All of the ergonomic products that they produce from Flexispot stand above the rest because these ergo pieces can stimulate blood circulation in the body, improve metabolism, and strengthen the core muscles. Indeed, the standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs from FlexiSpot can improve the workers' life and make them very active and energized at work. 

The Ergonomic Products that Protect:

At Flexispot, you can choose products that would make your work pacing faster and more accurate. These are ergonomic pieces that have the best lifting system and high-grade parts. This ergonomic pair can optimize your work performance because they are products that suit your height and movements. Indeed, there are other reasons to say yes to these ergonomic pieces. 

The 4 Reasons:

At Flexispot, you can choose the desk bikes and use them with the standing desks. Once you try this pair, you can ensure that you will not experience the strained spine again. Here are the reasons:


a. Desk Bikes Have the Ergonomic Design:

From the seat cushion to the V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike pedals, this desk bike will prove that you can sit on the cushion comfortably, and the sitting bones and waist will not get strained. You can ensure that you can enjoy stress-free work with this desk bike, and its ergonomic design complements your curves. Indeed, you use this while typing on your device atop the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. 

standing desk

b. The Height Adjustability of the Electric Standing Desks Could Protect Your Upper Torso:

Flexispot also offers electric standing desks. You can find standing desks such as the EF1-42"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk that provides smooth up and down movements. So, when you need to adjust the desk while working, you can do so on its control panel. What's fantastic with this desk is it has the inverted legs that give stability on the desktop, so no matter how many times it goes up and down, you don't have to worry about falling objects. Thus, you can ensure that your shoulders and elbows are not injured while using the desk product. 

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c. Desk Bikes and Standing Desks Can Help You Achieve the Right Posture:

When you use the sit-stand desk from Flexispot like the EN1-42"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, you can alleviate the chronic neck and back pain. As a result, you can enjoy a more comfortable work pacing because while sitting in front of this chair, you can achieve the perfect alignment of your head, spine, and legs. Meanwhile, if you wish to take a periodic break by exercising on the desk bike, you may do so with the utmost protection. It's because this desk bike contours the spine.


d. When you have the Ergonomic Products, You Can Ensure a Better Metabolism and a Stronger Core:

 When you have equipment pieces such as the desk bike, you can ensure that you will have a fast metabolism and a stronger core. As you increase the intensity of your cycling, you optimize the muscle movement in your lower torso that optimizes the metabolism. Moreover, you would feel the stronger core because you could have increased agility. So, when you use the desk bike at work, you can feel lighter and more robust. 

Final Thoughts:

In the new work paradigm, everyone aims to achieve a healthy lifestyle by maximizing their time at work. Maintaining a beautiful and healthy physique may not be a child's play, but keeping an active work life can be a cinch with the help of the desk bike and standing desks.