How Durable Are FlexiSpot Desktops?

17 April 2019

When it comes to choosing the perfect desktop surface for your new electric standing desk, durability is one of the most important features you can shop for. But, how exactly do you measure durability? Well, we think a good field test does the trick. So, we recently put a standard FlexiSpot desktop through a four-part durability test to see how it stood up to a little abuse. Here’s what we discovered.

Test #1: Scratch Test

Customers often ask how susceptible FlexiSpot desktop surfaces are to scratches. It’s a smart question since scratches take away from the desk’s beauty. They also make tasks that require a smooth surface, like writing and drawing, more challenging.

For our scratch test, we didn’t hold back. We grabbed a stainless steel fork from the kitchen and repeatedly scraped the prongs along the surface of the desk.

Result: Despite our best efforts, the fork didn’t leave behind a single scratch.

Test #2: Weight Capacity Test

With multiple monitors, desk accessories, a full-size keyboard, a mouse and paperwork, it’s easy for a desktop to fill up with stuff quickly. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that one of the first questions customers ask is: “How much weight can a FlexiSpot desktop support?”.

To help answer that question, we tested to see what would happen when a 178-lb man stood on the desktop and moved around a bit. While the technical specifications on the FlexiSpot website say the maximum weight capacity is 154 lbs for the E1 desk frame and 220 lbs for the E2 and E3 desk frames, we settled on a weight in the middle for the purpose of our test.

Result: The desktop handled the weight like a pro — no buckling, bending, or signs of stress at all.

Test #3: Cleaning Test

If you’re like most people, you eat and drink at your desk from time to time, making an easy-to-clean desktop surface an absolute essential. To see how well FlexiSpot desktop surfaces clean up, we made an absolute mess, spilling salsa, ketchup, and mayonnaise at the same time.

Result: A simple paper napkin was all it took to clean the mess. Best of all, no stains or residue were left behind on the desktop surface.

Test #4: Fire Test

Ever wonder how FlexiSpot desktops would perform under fire? Well, we set a small fire so you wouldn’t have to. To be exact, we torched some paperwork right on the desktop and let the paper burn completely to see what effect that would have on the desk’s surface.

Result: Only the paper burned! The desktop was completely fire resistant with no trace of burns or other fire damage.

If the results of our four-part durability test seem a little too good to be true, you don’t have to simply take our word for it. We set up a video camera to capture each test so you could see for yourself. You can check out the full video here or by visiting the FlexiSpot channel on YouTube.