Why Your Company Should Invest in Ergonomic Products

06 January 2022

Did you know that a law in Mexico requires companies to give their employees ergonomic computer equipment? The law’s goal is to provide healthy home workspaces for their employees. We haven’t heard of a similar ruling in another country but more companies in North America are also starting to invest in ergonomic furniture as they’ve seen the value of remote work during this pandemic and also the health of their employees while working from home.

A furniture upgrade is of course an additional expense for the company. Say you have to ship out ergonomic standing desks to 80 different home addresses. It would definitely account for a huge purchase order for the company. According to the Liberal Mutual Research Institute for Safety, it may be an expense in the short term but it will save the company a lot of money on health insurance in the long term. Statistics show that three to six dollars are saved for every dollar invested in employee safety. Using ergonomic furniture will lessen the chances of developing health concerns such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)—Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, ligament sprain, epicondylitis, mechanical back syndrome, and degenerative disc disease.

What are musculoskeletal disorders?

MSD is also referred to as “repetitive motion injury” or “repetitive stress injury.” Prolonged sitting and typing for hours on computers may lead to MSD. Let’s face it; working from home has made our lives more sedentary than ever. There’s no more walking and commuting to and fro our workplaces or taking lunch and afternoon breaks outside. We sit longer in front of our computers to finish our tasks at work early so we could binge-watch a Netflix series. This repetitive motion of typing and just sitting all day would naturally cause some strain on our necks and backs, hips and feet, fingers and wrists, and the like. They might not be a major health concern at the moment but it could possibly result in severe health issues among your employees, causing the company thousands of money for medical expenses. If you do not invest in your employees’ health such as buying ergonomic furniture for them, you are missing out on a money-saving opportunity in the long run. In case you don’t know, ergonomic furniture is not just a fad; it actually really helps to alleviate physical pain and will boost productivity among your employees. We listed below the three reasons why your company should start buying ergonomic furniture for your remote or home-based employees.

1. Care for the well-being of your employees

Good upper management does not only care for its clients or customers; it also prioritizes the people who make the business run. The business exists and runs in the first place because of its employees and when they feel that the company values them, meaning takes care of their overall health, physical and mental, then the employees will become more motivated to work. They want to give their best to the company so that they won’t lose their jobs and they genuinely care about the success of the company.

2. To improve efficiency and productivity work-from-home employees

The pandemic has taken a toll on our emotional, mental, and physical health. Needless to say, the management should already know the difficult times that the employees are being put under and the pressure to deliver at work so that they could maintain their lifestyles.

People have eased into the work-from-home set-up but with the flexibility at home, this set-up still poses some challenges to an employee’s efficiency and productivity. Not to pamper employees but to help them deliver the best they could during these trying times, sending in ergonomic furniture could help build an environment that’s uplifting and motivating.

Anyways, when people started working remotely, operation costs were already cut from not running one singular working office. The saved funds could be allocated to buy ergonomic furniture and help bring more money to the company by having increased productivity and promoting good health among employees.

3. To save money for the company in the long run

As already mentioned, for every dollar invested in employee safety, three to six dollars are saved. Companies should reframe their mindset and perceive buying ergonomic furniture as an investment instead of just writing it off as an expense. You may even already see the returns after two weeks or so with your employees becoming more productive for the company. Plus, as is reiterated above as well, not taking the health of employees for granted in the name of work will be saving the company lots of money for insurance costs.

Flexispot, home of ergonomic office furniture

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Final Thoughts

Think of it this way if you are having second thoughts on purchasing new ergonomic furniture for your remote employees. You are like the parents of your employees and them being your children, you want to give the best education possible to them by sending them to good schools and providing them with the tools to improve their school performance. This would mean more expensive bills but also give more opportunities for children to land high-paying jobs and grow their network that will help them level up in life. If you invest in your employees’ health, the return of an investment will reap wonderful benefits for your company.