Why Standing Desks Are Perfect For Your Child With Special Needs

20 January 2022

Raising a kid is hard in itself; what more if it’s a kid with special needs? It will be hard for a child who is born with an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to stay focused. He or she will always be distracted with difficulty to listen and pay full attention, would find it hard to follow directions properly, and will probably show little to no effort for school tasks. When told to play quietly, the kid will still be all over the place, climbing and jumping everywhere he or she could. Parents can do little to stop their children’s fidgeting or the constant changing of body positions. Instead of taking the time to savor the activity, the kid will rush to finish it which would lead to a lot of careless mistakes.

Having a kid with special needs would mean double the responsibility for the parent. There should be more patience, attention, love, and understanding on the part of the parent for the kid to manage the disorder. And because the efforts are doubled, the happiness is inexplicable once the kid recognizes you and starts looking for you, reaching for your hand and laughing with you. You would notice them accomplishing things on their own, with special thanks to your support and cheerleading over the years.

Of course, there are already many tools available in the market to help parents raise their children with ADHD. One of these is a standing desk that could be placed at the kid’s study or playroom. The standing desk has become a trend, and for good reason. Research shows the benefits of a standing desk investment for your kid. It will also give you peace of mind as a parent who wants nothing but the best for your child.

Benefits of a Standing Desk for Kids

1. For the kid’s brain to function, movement is needed. His or her sensory feedback will be activated that will help stimulate the brain’s working memory and its capacity to process information. As mentioned above, children with special will tend to move all around the place. A desk that could ensure their safety is a perfect fit.

2. At a young age, living an active lifestyle while staying at home is recommended for children. Having a standing desk will help them veer away from a sedentary lifestyle. They won’t have to sit for long hours and add to the statistics that one out of three American kids has been diagnosed as overweight.

3. Adults zone out after prolonged sitting; what more kids with special needs who can’t keep still for a long time? They will be more alert and present doing activities when working on a standing desk. Why? Because standing helps sharpen a kid’s focus and also awaken his or her senses that will give him or her a better understanding of their lessons.

Considerations for a Standing Desk

Parents already invest a lot in their kids so you should be discerning of what you’ll buy once the time comes.

1. Quick and Easy Height Adjustability Feature.

At some point, you would want to give your kids more freedom. Consider buying a standing desk that the children will be able to adjust themselves. You won’t always be present, especially with the household chores you have to attend to as well. Self-operating standing desks will be the perfect fit for your dynamics at home. And you won’t really know when your kid wants to sit or stand. Having a desk that they could control themselves is way more sustainable than needing to call you each time they want to shift positions.

2. Storage

You have to take into consideration the activities your kid does to know how big or spacious you need the desk to be. Buying a spacious one in the first place will give you the flexible range of being able to do any activity or attend a class in the future. For extra storage, there are standing desks that also come with a pull-out drawer. You could also add desk organizers to keep your kid’s desk organized and free from clutter.

3. Durability

A good investment is one that will last you for a long. When buying a height-adjustable standing desk, check out if it offers a wide height range because that will mean he or she could use it up to when they are much older.

4. Warranty

You have to also look at a product’s warranty policy. It should be easy to return for a replacement or repair if you’re buying from a trusted manufacturer. That means the company values your satisfaction.

What Flexispot has to Offer

You know you’re in good hands with a company like FlexiSpot that values its customers and their wants and needs.

It offers a height-adjustable ergonomic study desk that is suitable for kids. You may get it with a grey or black desk frame. The desk height range is from 29 to 48.6 inches which could accommodate heights from 4’8 to 6’3. This means the table could grow along with your children.

The motor is also super stable and whisper-quiet that it won’t be disturbing anyone if your kids decide to play with it. They could also adjust the height themselves with this desk’s standard two-button up and down keypad. The desktop has 42” x 24” in dimensions that is spacious enough for any activity that your kid might want to dabble into. The desktop work surface is one inch thick and is made of environmentally friendly material. There are many color choices and sizes that you could choose from.

The legs are robust and the frame features a double steel tubing which ensures the stability of the desk at any height. This will ensure your kid’s safety which should be one of your topmost priorities.

Final thoughts

You only want what’s best for your child. To help with his or her growth and development, don’t hesitate to invest in tools that will make studying and playing more fun for them.