When Coffee Cannot Do Its Trick Anymore: Reasons Why You Are Still Tired After Drinking Coffee And How To Combat It

12 July 2021

Although it has been stated that "mankind survives on caffeine," there will never be enough coffee for some of us to operate at all, let alone stay awake for longer periods. If you're having cups after cups of coffee and somehow still drifting in and out of sleep, it may indicate more than caffeine tolerance.

Coffee possesses a plethora of beneficial and healthy effects, ranging from fat loss to minimizing the likelihood of developing diabetes mellitus, maintaining good liver and kidney health, and lower cholesterol, among many others. However, why does a cup of Joe make certain people groggy?

You require your cup of steaming hot coffee yet you are in the mood for relaxing and sleeping. Let's investigate why your daily cappuccino makes you lethargic!

Coffee Is Not a "One Drink, Fits All" Affair

Many folks simply cannot function without their daily dose of coffee. Some use a coffee maker as fragrant home aromatherapy, while others hang out at their neighborhood coffee shop while they read their favorite book. After they are finished reading their book and sipping their preferred brew, they will purchase a premium blend of their delectable fave. Regardless of how you obtain your coffee, it has long been the go-to beverage for cracking open those weary peepers each morning.

Ironically, for certain individuals, the very same cup of joe has no effect on their attentiveness. If you are a caffeine-intolerant coffee addict, you may be wondering, "Why does caffeine make me feel the opposite of awake?" While the reasons vary, thousands of research is there to assist you in comprehending your weary mocha conundrum.

Understanding Why Some People Prefer To Begin Their Day With a Cup Of Piping Hot Coffee

The cause for that immediate awakening jolt is due to the function of adenosine receptors in the brain. Adenosine is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that is a component of a person's RNA; RNA would be the transmitter that synthesizes and binds adenosine to a target.

After the RNA has completely bonded adenosine to each of the receptor sites, it induces lethargy by slowing the nerve cells' functioning and prompting capillaries to contract. This becomes the point at which you seek a cup of joe from your drip machine in order to reclaim your energy.

Caffeine binds to the adenosine receptor when the coffee reaches an individual's system. This is because caffeine mimics the adenosine's transmitter, but coffee doesn't quite inhibit the functioning of that cell because it is not pure adenosine.

As a result, those neurons in the brain fire at a much higher percentage, and the capillaries shrink. Your adrenal glands will recognize all this hectic operation and provide you with a hefty supply of adrenaline - the chemical that triggers you to fight or flee for your life.

We have a basic understanding of why your early cup of joe stimulates you. Next, let's analyze why some people just do not think of coffee as their daily energizer. It's fairly simple to dissect the logic as to why caffeine does not perk up everyone.

Therefore, get yourself a whistling pot and freshly-brewed coffee, stay conscious, and let us sip a healthy cup of these facts and hacks!

When Coffee Loses Its Effectivity

There are numerous explanations why, coffee after coffee, you find yourself remaining sluggish. Here are a few possible explanations for this:

Your Body Is Too Accustomed To Coffee

The consumers' sensitivity towards coffee really does have an impact on individuals. As the person becomes accustomed to intake a big dose of caffeine, the arousing effects will lessen.

Drink Your Water Too

If you sip more espresso and lattes than water, dehydration may well be an issue. Caffeine is a notorious diuretic, which means that it eliminates greater fluids than is what is deemed necessary. Therefore, swap at least a cup of coffee for eight glasses of water to restore your electrolyte intake!

A Sweet Ending But At What Cost?

If you are drinking sweetened coffee, you may be facing a blood sugar spike. This bodily phenomenon occurs whenever your blood glucose levels rise and the sugar is used up for your daily functioning.

Blame Your Ancestors 

Falling asleep with plenty of coffee in your bloodstream to fuel a plane may be genetic. Each individual has a gene that metabolizes coffee. Nevertheless, there are certain hereditary traits that make you less reactive to being caffeinated. 

 It makes no difference if you consume a teacup or a gallon; the caffeine will not provide the kick that you need.

Listen To What Your Body Really Needs (Hint: It Is Not Always Coffee)

Another explanation why coffee never does the trick for you is that you're in desperate need of slumber! Many people who work overtime, stay up all night to meet deadlines, or struggle with sleep disorders may experience symptoms of exhaustion after their coffee intake. They've undoubtedly got to the stage in which no cup of caffeine could satisfy them. They require an energizing siesta rather than binge-drinking coffee.

Better Than Caffeine Hacks

Here are alternate substitutions to assist you to stay awake. They may lack the essence of coffee, but nevertheless can be just as potent as a cup of joe.

No More Pounding The Alarm

This alternative may raise several red flags. Not to fear as it is not what you assume! Our recommendation is a dimmable alarm which is a quiet variation that slowly wakes you with progressively growing brightness that resembles daylight, rather than propelling you out of bed

Meet Your Match-a

You may try some invigorating teas, such as matcha. This contains an amino acid that boosts alertness and enhanced performance.

You Go, Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic method to awaken the system and rejuvenate the entire body. The various stances and relaxation techniques are intended to gradually acclimate your body to reach a state of awareness.

Final Thoughts

If it took cups upon cups of coffee to get to this section of the post, you're probably one of those people who cannot remain awake on caffeine alone! With several explanations why caffeine is counterproductive, you have lots of options for being as productive as the coffee junkie next to you.

Throughout the day, put away your coffee and take a yoga mat, a water bottle, or even some gum. We are certain that you'll be restored to your most alert state in under a minute!