What to do when Your Body feels worse After a Massage

03 January 2020

So, you’ve had your massage session and right after that, your muscles are loosened up to the point where you just want to lie down and drift off to your dreamland. That said, after rolling out of your bed the next day, you feel the exact opposite. Your muscles are extremely sore or tight like you’ve done some crazy, high-intensity workout the last day. In worst-case scenarios, the symptoms may even mimic full-blown flu.

But you had the massage for a good reason, right? You might have wanted to relax, de-stress or melt off those stubborn tight spots around your neck area rather than to feel sorer and out-of-whack the next day.

Why Massage causes Discomfort?

Experiencing post-massage soreness and fatigue is normal. This is especially true if you’re having a deep tissue massage, it has been a while since your last session, you were dehydrated before and after the massage, or it was your life’s first massage.

A traditional manual massage is akin to a strenuous workout session. According to therapists, it speeds up the blood and lymph flow to your muscles, allowing access to nutrients while releasing off toxins. They refer it to as an “inflammatory healing mechanism” that your body must endure to reap the benefits of massage, and compare it with the “good pain” of exercise.

The good news is that if your massage has been done gently with tolerable pressure, the inflammation and discomfort should go away within about a day and a half. Moreover, tips like drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and having a snack right after your massage will help relieve the post-massage soreness faster.

However, no pain no gain is not always true when it comes to massage. It may not be your lucky day and you may get to have your massage by a poorly trained therapist who uses a poor technique. The excessive pressure and kneading (to force the twisted muscle knots into a relaxed state) will then do more harm than good. In that case, your body won’t flush out the toxins. Instead, the toxins spilled from the disintegrated muscles will find their way into your circulation and damage your kidneys.

Cutting to the chase, your post-muscle soreness is not always a result of healthy healing, but sometimes it could be a repercussion of serious muscle crush injury called rhabdomyolysis. This is the same condition seen after intense workouts in some people and accounts for one of the reasons as to why massage and strenuous exercise are alike.

FlexiSpot has got you Covered

Given its cons, human massage may not always be the perfect treat that you’re looking for. You obviously can’t control the pressure applied by your massage therapist’s hands unless you speak up — but that’s just a “maybe.” Even then, not all therapists are competent enough to follow your instructions precisely.

Besides, not everyone has the time and energy to drive to a spa after a long day’s tiring work.

This is where the Flexispot Full Body Massage Chair MC1 comes in handy. Once you recline on our massage chair, you’re in complete control of the depth and pressure of your massage. Moreover, you don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting for a scheduled appointment as opposed to a human massage session. After coming back home, you can simply lie down on your massage chair, turn on the power button, and enjoy a relaxing full-body massage then and there at the comfort of your own home.

FlexiSpot has made Massage Easier than Ever Before

With a zero-gravity feature, our cutting-edge full-body massage chair MC1 simulates a "lying on clouds" experience. Once activated, its diversified features including heat and vibration, foot roller massage, and targeted neck, shoulder, back, arm, leg, and foot massage, do a fantastic job of replicating a professional massage.

What’s more? It comes with four preset programs for four different users and its unique "rocking chair" function ensures optimal relaxation time. The built-in airbags, moreover, work to produce a suitable amount of pressure where the rollers can’t reach.

An additional perk of the Flexipsot full body massage chair is its ability to provide a focused spot massage. For instance, if you want a focused massage on your neck and shoulder area, you can press the “fixed spot massage” button that will slowly direct the massage mechanism to the targeted area.

Imagine enjoying the Kneading, Tapping, and Shiatsu techniques — all in one — just by laying on a massage chair — that we bet your massage therapist won’t be able to execute in one session.