Ways to Make Your Work-From-Home Space More Ergonomic and Better for Your Back

18 May 2020

If you're working from home, you're probably facing a lot of challenges. Balancing your work and home life while operating from the same building can be difficult, and dealing with home distractions during work hours can be a drag as well. The fact that you also have to manage your productivity can be quite draining too. However, one thing that most people who work from home have to regularly deal with is the fact that they feel discomfort every time they work.

Yes, that's true. Backaches because of uncomfortable workspaces are more common than you know. And what these backaches automatically mean is decreased productivity, because you cannot be at your best if your back hurts so much. If you feel this pain, these five tips will help make your workspace more ergonomic, and as such will reduce possible backaches.

Sitting Down For Long periods Will Hurt Your Back

There, that's it. I've said it. And there's no way to take it back now. But you should know that it's true. Sitting down for long periods bends your back into an unnatural C-shape.

So what's the solution? There has to be one, right? I obviously can't expect you to work slouched over your desk. Yes, there's a solution. Get a standing desk converter or just a regular height adjustable desk. That way you'll be able to stand and work with your desk at your upright height. I would recommend you get a desk like the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk of Flexispot. It has quick and smooth movement, so switching from sitting to standing positions is never difficult, it has an advanced all in one keyboard that allows you save your favorite sitting and standing heights, and it also has a customizable frame.

Your Home Office Isn't A Cage

It's great to have a home office, but you must also understand that it's not a place you're tethered to at all times. Your body is designed to move, so you should actually get some movement in your bones. You don't always have to be in your workplace to get things done. If you can do some work, like sending emails for example, on your phone, you should. Going through a lot of postures in the course of the workday is great for your body, and will help you avoid backaches.

Your Eyes Need Protecting

For the modern worker, screens are a fact of life. You almost can't accomplish anything without an internet-connected device, and these devices usually have screens on them. Unfortunately, the bright light from these devices can damage our eyes and cause us headaches. Whenever you can use dark mode, endeavor to use it. That way, you'll protect your eyes and have a better work from home experience.


It's not enough to continually change postures during a workday, you should also try to periodically stretch out aches. Importantly, this is something that you can do quite easily at home, unlike in the workspace where you'd be the object of incensed states.

Take Breaks

No one ever got an award for not taking a break. Wait, that's not right. Some people do get awards for that. However, since you're your own manager in a remote work setting, this doesn't apply in the least. When you can, please do take breaks. They are good for your physical and mental health. Forcing yourself to sit still and work is a tactic that will only backfire in backaches. Of course, this isn't an excuse to take a break from work every five minutes. It only means that you should take breaks to stretch out or reset your brain.