Ways to Beat Holiday Blues

07 January 2020

Are you depressed? Or Have to deal with work-related stress harbingers? This article helps you to get over your holiday blues in just five simple steps.

Although very rarely discussed, holiday periods are not necessarily a time of joy for everyone. For some who might have to deal with one stress-related issue or the other, the holiday can heighten their feelings of isolation and loneliness both in the short and long run.

One of the easiest mistakes to make is associating the holidays with happiness and freedom without any conscious thought into what gives you overall personal happiness and fulfillment. Understanding your personality makeup helps you to understand better the reasons why you may have to deal with holiday blues or why the concept might mean little or nothing to you as a person.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with loneliness, loss, or just grieving as a result of one thing or the other, then here are some steps to help you feel much better;

Be Conscious of your Daily Routines

Although this might seem like it has nothing to do with why you’re experiencing a case of holiday blues, it is in fact, a strong determinant. Inconsistencies in your daily schedules can lead to reduced mental functionalities which in turn will affect your physical and mental performance.

Activities like sleeping, exercising, and eating can have adverse effects on your health if they’re not done properly, or if you have to deal with meaningless disruptions to them. Understanding how your daily routines work best and keeping yourself within the right purview will help you stay happy during the holidays and avoid the holiday blues as much as you can.

Engage the Appropriate Tools  

In many parts of the world, holiday periods can be immense fun but also equally stressful and can take a toll on you as a person. It is, therefore, equally important that you make use of some tools that can make your life much better.

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Engage in Networking Activities

If you're a natural introvert, then it can be quite easy for you to get bedridden with a constant feeling of loneliness, isolation or the desire to just avoid others as much as you can. Especially during the holiday season, when everyone else is out there having fun but you feel the need to stay indoors to avoid any physical contact or mental engagement with other people.

Engaging in activities that allow you to connect with other people can help you to raise your spirits in more ways than you can imagine. Reaching out to family and friends who may understand who you are and will know how best to keep you smiling will go a long way in improving your mental state. Once you start experiencing increased positive mental activities, you can beat any holiday blues that you may experience.

See a Therapist

Therapists are professionals who understand more about the workings of your mental functions than anyone else, and if you feel any mental stressors during work weeks or the holidays, then seeing one may be very beneficial to helping you feel better.

A therapist can easily understand why you may be feeling under the weather mentally and how best to help you navigate your circumstances to beat holiday blues.

Focus on Positive Emotions

One of the most effective ways to avoid holiday blues is by focusing on the most positive emotions that you can think of. In many cases, holiday blues are not only mitigated by stress-related factors, but they can also equally by self-induced when you keep your mental energies focused on negative emotions.

A compilation of these negative emotions in your body can lead to significantly reduced mental and physical performance and hence keep you suffering from holiday blues.