Want To Get More Work Done Next Week, Start By Taking A Day Off

16 February 2020

"Oh! this work is becoming depressing, I can't seem to make out time for myself anymore, even my kids are beginning to complain."

These are the kind of comments that come from most of us every other time, just because we have a job that occupies so much of our time and we find it difficult creating time for ourselves not to talk of our loved ones. Let me run you through some adverse effects of being occupied with a job the whole week and not having a day off, and I will also take you on a proper insight on why and how you can integrate a day off into your work life and the promising and yielding results.

The annual survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) shows that 60% of workers in the United States reckon with their job as a major cause of stress. Also, Princeton Survey Research depicts that three-fourth of employees experience more stress from their job than it has ever been recorded.

The results of being overly occupied throughout the week

There are so many conditions attached to getting yourself all worked through the week. It breeds  psychological problems and also hinders your productivity as an individual. Take a look.

Cognitive Constraint

There is a thing about being able to combine thing and work simultaneously, this js mostly attached to individuals that have the ability of being able to multitask, but when you are bombarded with so much work, and the load is becoming excessive, you tend to slide into losing concentration and your cognitive strength. This lose of concentration withers away your mental alertness to stay active at work, most especially when you are given a target to catch up with so it becomes a problem, in no time you become all usurped with the excessive workload and staying focused on a task becomes a huge problem to catch up with.


Have you been at your job and at some point you feel you can't just wait for the time to tick closing hour? Study has shown that one of the factors that contributes to the inactiveness of people is from the workplace. When anxiety sets into your lifestyle, it drastically affects your delivery at your workplace and professionalism, your relationship with your colleagues, and for some of us we take that big bag of virus home as well.

Now let me run you through how you can stay productivity when you take a day off from your work.

For you to stay at the top of your game at work and ensure that you keep a good relationship with your colleagues or supervisors, taking a 24hours off is a great way to stay and act up to own yourself. It gives you that time you need to put things in place for the busy week ahead. So what are you supposed to use that 24hours for it to be yielding.

  • Relaxing
  • Set a list of prioritized duties
  • Reflective thinking
  • Getting gamed up

Relaxing: That day you decided to take a day off your work, one of the things you can do is to get enough relaxation as much as you can. You can decided to go to a park, maybe to the movies, massage parlor. And oh, going to a massage can actually be a good thing to do, so you could get all the stress taken away with a professional massage to your body. Also, going to the park or to the movies with your family is also another way to keep you out of the accumulating stress, and that even makes you a more family person.

Set a list in  priority order

What have you heard about making the best out of creating a list? Creating a list of your activities for the next week can actually go a long way in ensuring and contributing to your productivity both at work and at home. Getting your list right is placing things in their spots according to their height of importance and relevance. You can go on and set your proposed achievement at weekly intervals with your list. If you are person with so much to do and you can't just place creating a list, having a bullet journal can be a good idea to help you keep track of the present, past and plan the future.

Reflective thinking

Another thing to do is to engage in a reflective thinking on the things that you normally won't have the time to focus on during work hours. You can take this moment to reflect on your own personal needs, family needs(relaxation or vacation) and better ways to sharpen even your professionalism. Thinking thoroughly exposes you to the loopholes that are posing a threat to your life, and also helps to eradicate or minimize being depressed.

Getting gamed up

You see this 24hours off is a mini vacation and you are to spend it to be all fun and also productive for you. You can go on and have outdoor games that best catches your interest. If you are single, you can spend out of the hours, playing badminton, chess or any outdoor game at all, and for couples or couples with kid you can also spend part of the hours engaging in games, sharing love as a family.

The one day off is a "me-time" you can spend however best suits and catches your interest. It is promising to help you relax and wield the stressful days you had in the week to keep you all ready and productive for the next days.

I hope you find this article assistive.