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Virtual Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship

24 February 2022

Michelle and Mike have been a couple for eight years. They were childhood friends being that their parents adored one another. Their parents would schedule play dates until Michelle and Mike started hanging out with just the two of them. Mike would walk Michelle’s Golden Retriever and Michelle would come to visit to play video games with Mike and his older siblings. They saw each other grow until Michelle started putting on make-up, letting her hair down, and wearing dresses. Mike began to look at Michelle differently, with his attraction growing by the day. He finally asked Michelle about their Junior-Senior Prom. Things were awkward at first until Michelle caught the sparks and it was the start of the cutest love story.

Fast forward to the present, Mike went on to serve the army and as a part of his vocation, was sent to different bases across the U.S. until he was stationed overseas, Germany to be exact. Growing up together and being used to seeing each other all the time, it wasn’t an easy transition for Michelle and Mike. But they always look forward to the time that Mike will go home and they could spend some time together in person again.

Good fortune wasn’t in their hands when COVID-19 hit and Europe became the first epicenter of the virus. Mike had to accept that he would not be home for quite a time seeing that the virus persisted and is still very much a problem in the world. But Michelle and Mike were not willing to give up on each other. They of course maximized the World Wide Web to their advantage, keeping their long-distance relationship alive and exciting.

Below are virtual date ideas for all the couples who are a part of this Month of Love:

1. Watch a movie.

There are many video conferencing apps available on the Internet. But apart from using Zoom or Google Meet, there has been a surge of group streaming apps where you could watch a movie or series with your partner simultaneously. Netflix has Teleparty, Hulu has Hulu Watch Party, and Disney+ has Group watch. If you want a third-party app that is easy to use and free of charge, go check out the FlickCall Watch Party Extension. You may also use apps such as Twoseven, Watch2gether, Scener, and Rabbit.

If you want to level up the video syncing experience and even take the both of you to a common virtual loft apartment while watching together, try the Plex VR. For this one to function, you would need hardware compatible with Google Daydream, Gear VR, or Oculus Go.

Add extra fun by injecting movement to your date by using a desk bike while you watch a movie. You get to burn extra calories and be wide awake while the movie is playing. The FlexiSpot V9 Bike Workstation comes with a removable desktop and you may adjust the resistance levels accordingly.

2. Play a video game.

Yes, it might be a group of friends’ thing but every now and then, you could make a romantic night out of it. You don't know how many couple games have sprung up on the Internet today, and it’s easy to search for them. There are fun ones that will have you thinking and strategizing on how to win while there are other games that will allow you and your partner to know more about each other. If you want to test your communication with your partner, try Overcooked, a game that will push you both to exercise teamwork. You will be operating a co-op including deciding and cooking dishes in the kitchen together.

Another fun game is called “Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime.” Your relationship’s dynamic as a team will be put to the test, finding out in the process how you could rely on each other.

Of course, there’s Animal Crossing which is most likely on every couple’s list. People refer to it as a “vacation on a screen,” creating your own island paradise where your partner can visit and you could explore together.

For more focus, you could use a Dual Monitor Mount or a Single Monitor Mount. You could change the configuration of your desktop, play with angles, or move the monitor closer to you so that you’ll be more focused and alert. You could easily clamp this monitor mount on your desk and adjust it accordingly as you watch. It also comes with a cable management system to hide unruly wires. Even though you are competing against your partner, you should be playing your A-game.

This brings us to recommend a standing desk plus a standing desk converter that can help you stay awake throughout the game. Flexispot has height adjustable standing desks and standing desk converters for you to choose from.

3. Schedule a Heart to Heart Talk

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Since you can’t feel each other physically, you could still stay emotionally connected by committing to be vulnerable, honest, and open with your feelings for each other. A card game that has caught the attention of millions of people across the world is the “We Are Not Really Strangers” (WNRS) game. Its creators warn that feelings may arise while playing the cards, which shouldn't drive you away because that’s exactly the point of this card game. Use what is written on the cards for you and your partner to awaken your vulnerable side and ask questions to each other. The WRNS game is loved by so many first-time lovers or those who are on their first dates, virtual or in person. It could get rid of the awkward tension and graduate from small talk to a deep and meaningful conversation.

You could even write notes while you listen to your partner’s answer. Make sure proper lighting is installed in your room. A task lamp with an adjustable arm and rotating head will be perfect to do the job.

Your love can stand the test of distance if you both choose to do the work. You don’t know how long you’ll be apart or if you’ll still be together in the future, but if you are committed to making your relationship work at the moment, then there are no challenges you couldn’t face. Have fun on your virtual dates and don’t forget to dress up even though it’s just at home!