Use These Tips And Template To Influence Your Boss To Purchase A Standing Desk Machine

13 February 2020

You might have seen or come across standing desks, maybe at a friend's place of work or maybe on the Internet or some online video, and you are already familiar with the how functional standing desks are; the health benefit, how it can enhance your productivity at work and also collaboration with your colleagues. Having known these benefits that are attached to using a standing desk, you desire to have your boss get you to influence your work, but you still chasing the clouds, and don't seem to know how best to pitch it in to your boss.

Well, you are just at the right place to learn how best you can explain standing desk and the benefits to your boss, and that will have your boss say nothing than affirm to purchasing one or maybe more. For your request to be more formal and duly taken care of, this article will also provide you with a template you can use to request to fortify your request for a standing desk. The work place is increasing on a daily basis and the advent of science and technology is creating workstation machines and other inventions that are contributing to the growth and sustainability  of corporate environments.

Now, it is pertinent to note that you have adequate knowledge of the workstation machine you are requesting for. Here are some tips to give you a better fit to explaining why standing desk are important workstation machine, and its advantages if added to the workspace. 

  • Conduct your research proper on how efficacious and enhancing standing desks are, in terms of workers collaboration, work mode, and other activities that is related to carrying out the organization’s works.
  • Enlighten your boss on the financial advantages of investing in workspace improvements
  • Convince your boss that standing desks don't occupy too much space that could cause any form of hindrance in the office environment motility, and how it is very usable to any staff with any height just by adjusting to the preferred height.
  • Know the right time to request for a standing desk. The beginning of the years are mostly still your best time to explain and convince your boss for a standing desk as the budget is not yet saturated. Also, when there is a change in the management personnel of the organization could be a good time to explain a standing desk for acquisition.

Now, let us look at a template  to effect this request.


With the intent of giving more of my professionalism and delivery to this job, I'd like to suggest a workstation machine that will contribute tremendously to my activities and also help maintain a good and  healthy position.

This might sound like looking to be more than comfortable at work, it is however going to be an addition and upgrade to the work conditions of employees which will earn us an edge at being technologically inclined and also being considerate of staff welfare. Particularly, I am writing to request that a standing desk is placed in my office.

Listed below are reasons why I firmly hold that standing desk will be a great addition to my productivity and also to my colleagues'

  • Increased productivity
  • Improves energy and mood with super position transitioning feature
  • Encourages collaboration
  • A deterrent to health related issues, such as: high cholesterol, reduces back pain, lowers the risk in being obese and gaining weight
  • Research shows that standing will lower the risk of having heart diseases, standing reduces the chances of having type 2 diabetes
  • Research have also proven that sitting for a long time is likely to cause depression, and other mental issues.

With this few highlighted benefits of a standing desk I've enumerated, I opine that  FLEXISPOT VALUE ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESK EC1-48"W or FLEXISPOT VALUE ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESK EC1-42"W would be a perfect fit and choice. You can click this link to see this valuable product standing desk

Thank you for your time and attention, and letting me “stand up” for my health!

I appreciate the opportunity granted onto me to express my thoughts on being more productive in your establishment whilst considering my health too.

Best regards,


With the tips above and the template I exemplified, you're sure enough to get your boss on agreeing to purchase that Standing desk you've long been wanting to have.

Stay productive with standing desk!