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Upper Extremity Issues: 5 Ways to Alleviate Them

12 October 2021

There are three work-related repetitive strain injuries that CCOHS or the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety enumerated. These are muscle injury, tendon injury, and nerve injury. 


Looking at the WRSIs:

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The Ergonomic Solutions for These Injuries:

FlexiSpot can give the best ergonomic solutions that most people in the market trust. It's because all the products that they create, such as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, Standing Desk Converters M7B-28", and Massage Gaming Chairs, can give you the best ergonomic solution. You can ensure that if you're experiencing RSIs, like the tendon injury and nerve injury, you would be able to protect yourself from all these injuries. It's because these sit-stand desks and desk converters that they create can alleviate all the pain and strain that commonly happens because of the repetitive motions and prolonged tasks at work. 

stand-up desk and ergonomic chair with precision and exact measurement. With all the functionalities and specs that complement the curves of your spine and contours of your body. Each edge and angle of their products can alleviate the soreness and numbness that you might be experiencing because of the prolonged motions that are very repetitive too. 

Alleviating the Pain and Strain in 5 Ways:

Identifying these upper extremity issues like the WRSIs is the first step in alleviating the pain you experience. When you can identify these issues, you will know how to prevent the injuries by protecting yourself from having these kinds of pain. Moreover, you may choose the best ergonomic product for you, which may help you optimize your work and maximize your efforts without straining the vital parts of the upper extremities.

Hence, when you have the ergonomic pieces such as the standing desks and ergo chairs from FlexiSpot, you will be able to avoid muscle, tendon, and nerve injuries. These injuries have long-term effects; at times, some even have the impairment at old age because they had not nipped things in the bud and identified the ergonomic injuries when they were still young. So, as a result, they had to deal with the pain later in life which was pretty tough. Thus, it's best to know the root cause of the pain and find solutions to it. 

So, now, here are the five ways to alleviate the pain and make sure that you're able to protect yourself from the dangers of WRSIs. 

a. Alternate Your Movements:

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You must avoid doing one task for a prolonged period. Instead, what you can do is schedule a bunch of chores that you can alternately accomplish in an hour with periodic breaks for fifteen minutes; doing so can help you avoid the muscle injury to stimulate the blood circulation in your body. 

b. Stretch the Muscles and Protect Your Nerves: 

When in front of your device and typing on the keyboard, you have to apply for the neutral position not to raise your fingers—raising the fingers while typing can increase the pressure you feel when working in front of the computer. That pressure could also irritate the muscle and worsen the pain. You may consider massaging your fingers or stretching them up while typing. You could also use the stress ball to lessen the pain that you are experiencing. 

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Most of all, to avoid these kinds of pain, you need to have an ergonomic standing desk that has an even surface, such as the EG1-Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. This standing desk can help you find the proper configurations of the keyboard, which can help you avoid the incorrect angle of the device that can strain the nerves too. 

c. Achieve the Correct Monitor Angle:

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Aside from the keyboard, your monitor could also have an improper angle. Hence, at times, you might end up sitting inappropriately because of your monitor's position. This position can lead you to have a craned neck and stiff shoulders. So, to avoid the pressure on those areas, you have to practice the proper posture, especially when sitting. 

d. You Have to Make Sure that The Monitor is on an Eye-Level:

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When sitting in front of the computer, you have to make sure that the monitor is not lower than the eye level. It's because it can force you to bow down or crane your neck too, and it shouldn't be too high either because it can create wrinkles on your face. So, the monitor should be on the appropriate level for you to concentrate more and not feel strained.

e. The Office Chair that You Use Should Have a Stable and Armrests:

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In most cases, accidents that involve the elbow area take place because of the office chair armrest. Hence, the chair product you will have must have sturdy armrests so your arms and elbows will steadily rest on them and will not slip off. 

Final Thoughts:

You can prevent repetitive strain injuries when you sustain proper posture and the usage of ergonomic pieces. What's good about it is you can achieve these things with the help of the FlexiSpot standing desks and ergo chairs. When you complete the ergonomic protection that you deserve, you will be able to attain the work goals.