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Up, Down, Up, Down: The Benefits of Adjustable Beds

30 March 2019

Do you wake up feeling sleepy and achy, with back pain that never seems to go away? You may have a bed that's not right for your body.

Adjustable beds aren't just for hospitals. They can be purchased by individuals sleeping with back pain who need an adjustment, both literally and figuratively, to their sleep routine. Are you curious about the benefits of adjustable beds? Here's a brief guide to help you understand your options and decide whether or not an adjustable bed will help you get a better night of sleep.

What Are the Benefits of Adjustable Beds for Back Pain?

Before we get into the specifics to consider while shopping, it's important to understand exactly how an adjustable bed can help you if you've been sleeping with back pain. According to Spine-Health, individuals with degenerative spondylolisthesis may sleep better in a reclined position, with support under the knees, as it may reduce pain in the lower back. Similarly, those with spinal stenosis may sleep better with recline, as laying or standing straight will be less comfortable for them. Getting in and out of bed can be troublesome for individuals with back issues, and an adjustable bed can help to put the user in an upright position first before they get in or out.

What to Look for When Shopping for an Adjustable Bed

Most adjustable beds appear the same. The design allows the user to raise or lower either the upper body or legs — or both! The base and mattresses are often sold separately, though some models include both. There's no need to buy a box spring with an adjustable bed as the frame that moves the bed is all you need.

Many adjustable beds have additional options and upgrades such as a remote controls to move the bed, the ability to adjust firmness and split sides so each sleeper can change the incline for their individual needs. Other additions include built in massager and timers that will move the bed in different positions at set times.

Be a Goldilocks: Try Before You Buy

Goldilocks didn't settle for any old bed. After finding Papa and Mama Bear's beds too hard and too soft, she found Baby Bear's bed to be just right. Follow her lead and get to the store to try out beds before buying one. You want to make sure you're happy with both the design and the comfort level. Also, don't forget to check things such as loudness of the mechanisms that move the mattresses. The weight of the frame can also be significant, so make sure it will fit in the space, and understand that it might not be possible to move the furniture around once it's set up.

If more than one person is sleeping in the bed, they should both test it to be sure they find it comfortable. Many brands allow for 30-day free trials of their adjustable beds, which will give you a chance to get accustomed to it and see if it's the right fit for you. And finally, be sure to check out the return policy. Some brands have generous return policies but require the customer to pay return shipping fees, which can be quite hefty.

Stop sleeping with back pain and suffering through your days and nights. With the benefits of an adjustable bed outweighing the small concerns, such as weight and not being able to move the room around, you're bound to get a good night's sleep soon.