Trending: The Rise of Standing Desk in this Generation

15 May 2020

More people are now joining the standing desk trend as an alternative to the usual sitting set-up during office hours. Even multinational technology company like Google offers standing desks as part of its employee-wellness program – same goes with AOL, Twitter, and Facebook.

Google has already provided its employees with electric adjustable standing desks in their New York office, to promote productivity and keep the energy level high in the office. Currently, together with Facebook, these wellness programs provided for their employees are their smart solutions to overcome the dangers of sitting for hours each day.

Ever since the alarming studies of ill-effect of sitting too long, the standing desk trend has soared, or better yet, beginning to be the newest solution to prevent further health risks.

There has also been a great demand for standing desk usage after the work from home setup was established to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus pandemic. This new remote work trend was forced on many companies that wouldn't have any other options to keep their businesses afloat. With 66% of employees now working at the comfort of their homes, there has been research saying that small businesses could consider this setup when the pandemic is over.


Along with embracing the work from home setup, businesses are also implementing tools to keep their employees productive - and one of those is having a daily meeting using a zoom, conversation on Skype, and Google Hangouts. 


The Standing Desk Trend and Forecast

During this coronavirus pandemic, more businesses are thinking of ways to ensure the safety and health of their employees – and one of these are letting them work from home.

Standing desks aren't’ just to provide solution to back pain and weight solution - but to also to help with productivity and keep anyone safe during these uncertain times. 

In 2017, a market study has been released that there will be a healthy growth of standing desk users until 2022. A strategic insight was also cited in a report titled “Global Standing Desk Market - Growth, Future, Prospects, and Competitive Analysis, 2017-2015.” As of 2016, there has been a significant domination of overall standing desks market worldwide - and more people and transitioning into these desks because it can be easily altered for its height. On the other hand, there;s is also a projection in high adoption in electrical adjustable standing desk segment in the following years. 

To be more specific, nearly 40% of the overall market revenue of the standing desk trend is dominated by the North America Region in 2016 due to high health awareness and motivation from the employers.

However, it is anticipated that Asia Pacific will be the highest growth rate of standing desk users in the global market in the following years. 

FUN FACTS: Standing Desks Has Been Here For Centuries

Believe it or not, standing desks are nothing new. Did you know that great men like Charles Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson, and Winston Churchill worked at standing desks every day of their lives? It was also reported by www.btod.com that Leonardo da Vinci has also used a standing desk when he painted the Mona Lisa and more of his creative works.

Jefferson is perhaps one of the most famous standing desk users. He has been using his six-legged “tall desk” with an adjustable slanted top that was large enough to place a folio. He used it to draw up brilliant architectural blueprints for buildings like the Virginia State Capitol.

Dickinson, an American attorney, and a famous duelist was also known to have used a standing desk to write and get his creative juices flowing.

Speaking of writing, a self-help book from 1858 shares that most professionals practice their penmanship, and nearly half of all business writing was done at standing desks. How convenient it is even in the early days, right?


The sedentary lifestyle started in America in 1950s when the country was industrialized, and machines have taken the place of many jobs – bringing more people to work on desk jobs. Since most people are disregarding their overall health from prolonged sitting, here how sedentary lifestyle affects your health.

When you sit, your heart rate is low, good levels of cholesterol drop, and the body stops producing lipoprotein lipase which plays a role in energy metabolism.

Sitting too long can also cause depression because of lack of or “feel-good hormones”. In a study conducted by www.ajpmonline.org, out of the 9,000 middle-aged women who sat for more than seven hours a day, there was 47 percent more likely to suffer from depression than those who sat four hours or fewer.

A separate study also suggest that inactivity for more than three hours a day decreases people’s life expectancy by two years.

What are the possible effects for the employees while using standing desks?

These two multinational companies have always kept their employees’ health at mind before anything else. With productive employees also comes excellent output for business.

Creativity. With tech giants like Facebook and Google, the generation of ideas and creativity is at its most important. With their culture of innovation, a bit of stretch in their creative muscles must be observed at all times. With a standing desk in their perusal, there will be a more relaxing working atmosphere with the liberty to move around, stretch from time to time, and increase in focus.

Since creativity is an essential component of any type of industry and department, it might be a great decision to invest in a standing desk as early as now.


Healthier Mentally and Physically. Studies say that reduced flexibility and mobility are expected if you sit a lot. It’s also prevalent amongst taxi and car drivers to experience back pain and work-related musculoskeletal disorders according to www.researchgate.net. It’s also stated that male truck drivers were four times more likely than sedentary workers to develop a herniated lumbar disk because of too much sitting.


Deep Sleep. For most desk job workers, getting a quality sleep is the hardest because of the sedentary work routine and tiredness. Insomnia and poor sleep is related to unproductivity of an employee as it can lead to low performance, trouble with concentration and moody tendencies.


Higher Concentration. People with less physical activities tend to lose focus and zone out on their tasks because it’s either their stressed or bored. Oftentimes, the reason associated with a decreased in concentration is sleep deprivation, so one may feel slow, distracted, and not performing well during the day. This means that when you’re too preoccupied sitting at your desk the whole day, a possibility of tiredness and terrible concentration is expected.



1. Check out trusted tech sites for reviews

Tech sites such as www.androidauthority.com, Mashable, and Techadvisor are great sources of reviews so you can decide which standing desks fit your needs the most. One of the most reviewed standing desks is the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk: 3-Stage Premium Option E5 from FlexiSpot. You can go from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds, thanks to its premium 3-stage electric height adjustable desk frame that ensures smooth and comfortable transitions.


2. Ask yourself if you need a height-adjusting table.

If you’re looking for a flexible workstation, then yes, height adjustability is highly recommended. As mentioned above, the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk: 3-Stage Premium Option E5 perfectly accommodates all of your work and well-being needs. You can adjust it whether you’re reading, answering emails, typing, laying out some blueprints, and even binge-watching some series. One of its unique features is the customizable frame that moves laterally and is capable of extending the desktop with ease from 43.3″ to 70.9″.


3. Does it match your budget?

Choose something that will benefit you in the long run but also check its affordability. Unfortunately, consumers psychologically evaluate the fact that the more expensive the item is, the higher-quality it is – but although not entirely incorrect, there are also brands that care for their consumers by providing affordable alternative yet does 90% of the work.


 Always ask yourself before choosing the perfect standing desk. Can your monitor fit in it? Is your space perfect for the size of the desk, and so much more. To give you more options on which standing desks to buy, visit https://flexispot.com/