Top 3 Productivity Tools: Work from Home Edition

25 May 2020

When it comes to working from home, productivity is what everyone is hoping for. With the pandemic (COVID-19) forcing the majority of us to work from home, switching from your office space to a home office is be difficult for many. Check out these top 3 productivity tools that can help keep you productive, boost your energy and keep you motivated and ready for the New Normal.


Although these top tools serve as our favorites, always remember that the key to productivity is customizing your home work space to work for you. Ensure that your work space is optimized to fit your needs. Whether you’ve got a small space you’re hoping to maximize or looking for a way to stay active and healthy, there’s definitely something in this list that’s perfect for you.


Top Tool #1: Space saving tools  

When it comes to increasing productivity, having to work with the space that you already have is a huge part of staying productive. Transform your workspace and convert your boring old desks with the use of standing desk converters. If you’re new to the concept of office ergonomics, you’re in for a treat. A standing desk converter can be placed on multiple surfaces and is an efficient way for you to maximize your workspace. Depending on your needs you can opt for an affordable portable desk converter or even a fully motorized electric workstation. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain, these desk converters can help provide you better support and flexibility when it comes to a busy workload. Seamlessly transition between a sitting position to a standing position! This is especially convenient for workers that find themselves in front of the screen for long periods of time. Proven to help relieve back pain, neck pain and pressure these desk converters transform both your workspace and your overall health.


Top Tool #2: Desk Bikes

The latest in ergonomics brings you an efficient way to stay active while working from home, with the use of home office desk bikes , you can take your fitness to the next level. While majority of us are finding it harder and harder to stay active, this ultimate productivity tool can help you stay on top of your work and your fitness. Perfect for those that find themselves behind their desks for majority of their day, these desk bikes are easy to move around and use no matter what’s keeping you busy. Say goodbye to the grogginess working from home can sometimes bring! Exercise has been proven to increase blood flow allowing for boosted brain activity and higher levels of energy. With this top tool you can be assured to stay active and productive throughout your workday.


Top Tool # 3: Smart Accessories

The last top tool on our list is all about finding the right desk accessories. Depending on the nature of your work, you will experience the need for better accessories for your workspace. The key in finding the best desk accessories is finding items that help keep you productive and motivated. From multi-screen mounts to a simple humidifier, smart accessories are simple tools that can help you personalize your space to your needs. By personalizing and customizing your space you can truly own your workspace and make your home office work for you.


These are just some of our top work from home tools that you can try out. Feel free to explore all your different options and remember that the key to productivity is an environment that helps you maintain your workload and boost your health. Always ensure that you have the proper support in your work from home setup to keep you productive and on top of your workload. For more tips on maintaining your health while working from home, feel free to check out the Flexiwellness Center. Enjoy access to easy tips and quick lifehacks when it comes to working from home.