Tips to Become More Active While Gaming

30 October 2018

Let’s face it: gaming isn’t as active as other lifestyles out there.  Whether you’re a Tekken pro or a Galaga flying ace, you’re probably not carved like a classic Greek sculpture if you’re spending your time on the couch.  That doesn’t mean you have to be in bad shape, though.

Science is pretty serious when they talk about the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle, and that means that gamers need to be serious about it, too.  You don’t have to strap on your boxing gloves and reenact Rocky IIIbut here are a few tips to become more active while gaming.

Up the Difficulty

Not all games are down to pressing buttons, particularly with the stakes are high and the game is particularly punishing.  But then, you’ve got the quiet periods -- those moments when you’re building your base before the Zerg swarm shows up and all hell breaks loose.

In those in-between periods, do yourself a favor and up the difficulty in a different way.  Try some seated scissors, some ab squeezes, or even a wall sit.  Controllers are wireless these days, so take full advantage.  You don’t even need to take your eyes off the screen to get a good workout in.

Stretch It Out

Without a doubt, if you’re a gamer, your wrist is a muscle that could see a bit more stretching.  Mouse clicks, keyboard commands, mashed buttons, and swiveling twin-stick shooters are just some of the things that require full-on wrist action.  Don’t cut your gaming career short with carpal tunnel or extreme eye strain.

Take a break.  Do some wrist exercises.  We’ve all relaxed the death grip on our controllers after an intense Rocket League match and felt our knuckles ache.  Not cool!

Spend a few minutes twisting your arms and fingers in circles.  Massage your wrist.  Clench and unclench your fists.  Maybe even throw in a fist pump here and there -- particularly if you just won your match!

Take a Victory Lap

Speaking of winning, there’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of victory.  But you know what’s even better?  Showing it off.

Gamer taboo is mostly a thing of the past.  If it’s part of your life, share it!  Take a victory lap around your apartment.  Text a friend.  Tell your dog that you’ve single-handled defeated the greatest source of evil in the universe.  He’ll probably believe you, especially if you bribe him with snacks.  (Don’t worry.  We won’t tell.)

Get a Standing Desk

Especially for the elite gamers out there, consider upgrading your battle station.  You know how all the actors in those action movies stand around that big war table in the center of the room while they try to figure out what to do next?  Why should it be any different for you as you plan your next campaign against your enemies (or your friends)?

Not only do standing desks have a ton of health benefits, they can boost your productivity levels and clear your head.  These days, you’ll find a ton of awesome standing desks.  Some lock into place with height presents, but some of the coolest desks out there actually adjust to your preferred height without restrictions.

If you’re looking to up your game, do yourself a favor and stand up!

Gamify Your Life

Sometimes, it’s the sense of achievement that keeps gamers coming back for more.  If that’s you, use it to improve your life while you’re between matches.  Instead of staring at the lobby timer or browsing your favorite website to kill time, step away from the desk and do a chore.

Make the bed.  Take the dog outside.  Walk around the block.  Nobody’s saying you have to go out there and run a mile, but take the opportunity to reset and refresh so that when you’re back at your desk, you’re ready to slay your opponents without mercy.

There’s a lot we could cover when it comes to gamifying your life.  There are even cool websites out there to help you do it.

Dance it out

From WoW to Fortnite, dancing culture has weaseled its way into video games like few other things have.  Whether you pull off a win or a loss on your next bout, sometimes, there’s nothing left to do but just dance it out.

If you’re not up on the hottest craze when it comes to dancing, don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered.

After you’ve danced it out on your own, you can take it to the next level:  Coordinated dancing.  And after that?  There’s only one answer, and you know what that is.