Tips to be more productive from your home office

27 October 2019

Between getting retail therapy from home, or not having to leave your house to get your dream job going in your home office space, we really can't decide which we would like to add to the list of the world's modern wonders.

Instead of worrying about the alarm. being able to get up early enough to get to work in record time. the crazy traffic that some of us come in contact with more often than we would like, and a ton of the things we would rather live without. you can simply snap open your pc right after you get out of bed, and get to work.

With working from home, you can get more work done, as you can decide to work all day up until you hit the sheets to call it a night, or decide to work as little or as much as you want.

Being able to work from home is something a lot of us are grateful for, but with great power comes with great responsibility.

Being able to work from your comfort zone could have you getting a little too comfortable, and hence, your productivity could begin to retard.

Now, like with everything in life, there are little bits and bobs you can do to help get more productivity out of your working from home endeavors, and they would be listed down below.

Accountability! Yes, dude, you get to send out your own query emails now

With Working from home, getting too comfortable, and losing sight of things is one of the issues we easily run into.

To succeed in working from home, you have to hold yourself accountable.

Now, you have no manager or boss, busting your chops for not getting your work done on time; so you have to do it for yourself.

Draw out a work plan and stick with it. Manage your time properly, and you would get so much more productivity out of your work endeavors.

Get comfortable! and no, I don't mean to break out the birthday suit

One way to get even more productive working from home, would be to ensure that you are comfortable.

Being comfortable is such a broad thing, and it also largely depends on the individual.

A general rule of thumb here would be to find an ideal space in your home or home office and set up.

It could be anything about that corner of your home or home office that really gets you in the mood to take over the world.

Find that place that you get the most comfortable, and try to work from there to see how it goes.

If you can’t think of a place right off the bat, you can try different spots daily. try a few spaces and decide on which one helps you focus the most, and gets your creative juices going.

Also, try to figure out your most comfortable clothing to work in and go with it.it could be anything, but as long as it helps you get comfortable while you work, you should absolutely go with it.

Get in tune with your person, break out the personalized confetti

When you find the ideal work spot for you in your home or home office, the next best thing to do would be to make it yours truly.

It could be a poster of your celebrity crush from your teen years, a weird piece of art you have some kind of connection with or anything at all.

One of the perks of working from home or owning a home office, means you can do whatever you want with the space, and not have your co-workers make fun of you (what is this? high school?)

Take advantage of this perk and decorate your home workspace to your heart's content.

Productivity can come from so many things, and getting your state of mind right is a great contributor.

Uh, oh, not so much!

Now I know I said to go crazy with it by personalizing your workspace, but sometimes, it could get a little too much.

While decorating your home workspaces, keep in mind to keep clutter out of said space and keep it breathable.

You don't want stuff all over the place, and not being able to find your work stuff easily.

You don't want stuff taking up so much space that the air circulation begins to get tough.

Your home workspace needs easy accessibility at all times, and there shouldn't be clutter.

Having to spend more time looking for stuff or having to deal with the clutter in your home workspace really does contribute to a reduction in productivity.

Keep things neat and tidy, ensure that you only bring in the things you really need to your home work space, and watch your productivity soar!

We might work from home, but we aren't savages!

Having the right set up in your home workspace is a great contributor to productivity

The right size table, chair, position of your printer, etc., it all counts.

My all-time favorite thing to add to the ultimate home workspace is this adjustable weight desk!

Working takes a whole lot of sitting, and if you don't get the desk, chair etc. right, you are in for a world of discomfort and low productivity.

Why this desk is such a favorite is because of its practicality, it:

  • Is Created with ultra-modern technology that allows for its light touch and smooth adjustments, its being super stable and whisper quiet.
  • Let’s you easily set your preferred height with a simple touch of a button. You are ensured a smooth and seamless transition as you sit, stand and more.
  • It is of superior quality, and of medium-density fiberboard which is excellent for the environment.
  • Comes in a range of colors to match your preferences a lot better.
  • Is of robust and stable construction. Its solid integrity ensures that it doesn't move while you sit/stand.it is also scratch, water, and stain-resistant.