The Under Desk Treadmill Is the Hottest Office Equipment. Do You Have It?

15 May 2020

Treadmills have a longstanding reputation in the fitness equipment market. The treadmill is always top of mind because it offers versatility for a lot of fitness enthusiasts. Both the young and old can use the treadmill, whose market size is expected to grow in the coming years.


But there is also a growing demand for the treadmill’s latest incarnation: The walking pad or otherwise known as the under desk treadmill in the home office parlance. Smaller and compact, the under desk treadmill is the right fixture for those who love to multitask and incorporate fitness in their daily schedule.


Let’s break down the difference between the two in different categories.


Functions and Features

So, you want to lose weight. That’s awesome. Cardio exercises really the way to go to shed unwanted pounds. You bought the treadmill for home use but you found that running is not for you. Well, that is fine, because not everyone has the energy and perseverance to run. A walking pad can balance things out. The mere mention of “walking” is less intimidating than “running” which is often associated with the treadmill. Although they have overlapping functions, the treadmill differs from an under desk treadmill just by its functions, sheer size, and controls. It is not meant to be used while working. A walking pad is a hybrid creation that melds work and an active lifestyle.


Movement Noises

A treadmill can be noisy what with its machine thumping on the floor. So if you are living in an apartment or condo, the noise might disturb your neighbors. Not so with a walking pad. The walking platform operates quietly as it has less distance from the ground and has a layer of cushion to absorb shock and noise. The cushion will also lessen the noise from running so that you can do your physical activity quietly.


Mobility and Weight

A treadmill has a bulky frame and would require heavy lifting if you want to move it somewhere else. The under-desk treadmill, on the other hand, is easy breezy to move around. We can say that the walking pad is a champion in the weight and mobility category because of its slim design. It only weighs about 28 kilograms. With the bottom moving rollers, even girls can easily move it and complete the storage process without a helping hand. With this, you can also exercise everywhere – while working or watching a movie or even in the garden to get your dose of vitamin D.


Space saving

Finding the right spot to run or do active walking in the house can be tricky with the limited space. A treadmill will eat up space, and moving it from one point to another can be a hassle. The walking pad is the handiest exercise tool for those who face small-space situation. It has an innovative design and can be folded and stored easily. When folded, it only takes about 17 cm in width and can be placed under the sofa or bed.


The Choice Is Yours

You have the option to integrate fitness into your life. Whether you walk or run, sit or stand, we have the equipment to get you started on the road of wellness.