The Rewarding Discounts and Surprises at Flexispot this 2021

24 September 2021

According to the statistics that Statista presented in 2020, eight out of ten Canadians perceive the deals and sales to be essential for a rewarding online purchase. It's because people always look for a money-saving purchase experience. Hence, this September 2021, FlexiSpot will bring the Standiversary event in Canada for the most valued customers from Sep 27-29. It's the 5th-anniversary event that can provide the most exciting treats! So, buckle up and prepare for this anticipated event. 


The Gift of the Standiversary:

As a way of expressing heartfelt gratitude to the valued customers, FlexiSpot (the home of the best standing desks, stand-up desks, and sit-stand desks) is here to present the most exciting event this year. At Standiversary, you can find great deals this season, and you can have the best discounts and exciting coupons to help you avail products at a discounted price. At this event, you can try games. Fabulous prizes await! If you love discounts, then Standiversary is an incredible event for you. 

But, before we talk about the exciting activities at the Standiversary, we will first discuss the advantages of trying online games to avail vouchers and other discounts. 


The Amazing Things about Coupons and Discounts:

When you try participating in such events, you become more practical and more competent as a buyer. It's because you learn how to be resourceful and patient. Coupons have particular periods when you can redeem them. As a result, you become more willing to wait to claim the reward after. 

When you participate in such exciting activities, you reap the rewarding and fulfilling feeling. It's because you see how you patiently try to win a coupon or wait for the day that you can avail yourself of the discounts because of these vouchers. Hence, the sense of achievement is there. When you start keeping more coupons, the more eager you become to try more. In a way, you begin disciplining yourself because of that feeling. 

When you earn more coupons, you start to value the importance of your money. You begin to become more responsible in handling your expenses. It's because you will experience waiting for days before you redeem the coupon. You learn to try a few life hacks, such as sharing news to your friends, and in return, you garner points to avail of the coupon. There might also come a time that you would think more than once if you would spend the voucher or not because you would experience challenges in saving points to redeem a coupon. 

When you participate in these events and earn coupons, you let yourself have the dream product. So, whether it's the V9 Pro Desk Bike or the Standing Desk Converters M7B-28" that you are availing, you would feel more satisfied once you earn the coupons with the discount code because you know that you have exerted effort in achieving these things. 

For these reasons, we can say that the FlexiSpot Standiversary event is an excellent opportunity for you, especially if you're a WFH individual that needs an upgrade to the home office or likes to win some exciting prizes. 

The Activities at the Standiversary:

The Anniversary has exciting events like the Turn CA$5 into CA$50 and the 9.27s challenge. These are both exciting because you can have the most sought-after products in the market when you try them out. 

During this event, the best sellers of FlexiSpot will be on sale, such as the EN1-42"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. When you buy this desk, you can have a discount of CA$110 because you can buy it for CA$369.99, which is originally CA$479.99. You can also avail of the EQ3-48"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk for only CA$509.99, which is originally for CA$649.99; that's a huge saving of CA$140.00. You could also buy the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EC1-V2-42" for only CA$349.99 from its original price of CA$449.99, which can give you a CA$100 off. 

So, aside from these products, you can try achieving the other exciting prizes at the Standiversary activities, such as the Turn CA$5 into CA$50 and the 9.27s challenge. Different prizes await you too at these fun activities. So, in the next part, let us know how you could enjoy trying your luck with these activities. 

a. Turn CA$5 into CA$50:

If you wish to have the EG1 Standing Desk, you may try this activity at the Anniversary event. You may deposit your CA$5 before September 27. Then, after paying the deposit, you may check your email for the discount code worth CA$50. This code is what you buy at the standing desk. Then, from September 27-29, you can purchase the standing desk with the discount code. Imagine the savings you can get when you pay the deposit first, then use the discount code. You may have extra bucks to spend on the other discounted products at the Flexispot Standiversary. Indeed, it's such an exciting treat to have. 

What's good about this activity is that you would automatically have the discount code by just paying a CA$5. If you are less adventurous and would prefer not to try your luck with the other activities, this activity is suitable for you. 


b. 9.27 Challenge:

If you're a fan of doing online games like the slot machine and taking chances on getting the right number combination, then the 9.27 is the one right for you. However, it's not a slot machine knob that you're going to press but a timer. Each timestamp has a corresponding prize that you would love to win from this game. 

Yes, you got it right. This game will have timestamps in which you can win exciting prizes. When your timer stops at 7.7s, you can win an 8% off coupon. Then, when it stops at 9.99s, you can win a V9 Pro Desk Bike x5. When the timer stops at 2.22s, you can have Stanmore II Bluetooth x5. Lastly, when the timer stops at 9.27s, you can win the Canyon Roadlite 5x2. So, as you can see, the 9.27s is an exhilarating activity to do because you can win the best products that you may use in your everyday activities or if not you may save them as your gifts for loved ones in the coming holidays. 

Final Thoughts:

So, isn't it exciting? You might be thinking now of this event and all the exciting prizes you might have when you take a chance at the Flexispot Standiversary. Amazing discounts await you; hence check the website: https://www.flexispot.ca/standiversary for other details. 

So, see you there.