The Perfect Guide To Avoiding A Sedentary Lifestyle While In Isolation

27 March 2020

You most likely have heard of the coronavirus pandemic, and there's probably at least a case in your country already. The pandemic has ravaged most of Europe, is ravaging America, and numbers of cases continue to climb around the world. Almost all companies have encouraged people to start working from home, and most governments now have regulations on social distancing.

Some of these regulations are strict, while some are not. For example, over the last month, Germany banned gatherings of twos. That was pretty draconian, but the virus must be defeated. And all options remain on the table.

But where is our place in all this? Regulation on social distancing means that we have to stay in our houses for extended periods of time. As you well know, staying at home is generally a formula for adopting a sedentary lifestyle. If you cannot jog in the park, walk to the bus stop to catch a bus or ride up and down the elevator in your office building, you may just become too out on weight.

During the period of isolation, our beds will look comfier, our sofas will welcome our butts, and we'll generally adopt the life of a couch potato.

The period of isolation will definitely not last forever, and when it's time to come out to smell the roses, you may find it difficult to adjust. After all, you've spent a lot more time than necessary being generally inactive.

However, this doesn't have to be so. If you're willing, there are three ways you could stay active even during isolation. It does get really better as staying active has a way of improving our immune system.

Add Movement To Your Routine

It's great to have a routine. It helps add some level of stability to your life, and will definitely help you keep to time and get work done easier. But routines (and keeping to them) are also important for another reason. They can help you stay fit subconsciously.

When we design our routine, we mostly do it with our comfort in mind. We naturally don't want to walk too far or have too many unnecessary movements. But this is something that has to change. You can easily add exercises to your daily routine to keep yourself fit. Instead of waking up in the morning and going straight to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, you should perhaps try to do a few simple exercises first. Before long, you'll already be used to it.

Get The Proper Furniture

Sitting down for long periods is not healthy. Staying very healthy and building a strong immune system is all you want now. You should probably know that, and if you didn't, now you do. You're probably thinking that you have to make use of desks to work, and desks require sitting.

While that's true, it's not necessary. You can get a standing desk. These kinds of desk help you stand while working, and they relieve your spine of stress. But if you'd like to take things up a notch, you can get an all-in-one-desk bike. These bikes are exactly what you'd imagine they are. They are standing desks that have a bike attached. What better way to get some movement into your bones and improve circulation than cycling while working? Definitely no better way.


This may seem like bad advice, but staying fit isn't just about jumping jacks, press-ups and what not. It's also about making sure that you do not eat bad food. If you cannot stick to a diet, make sure that you eliminate, as much as possible, junk food from your dinner table. Eat a lot of vegetables and try your best to avoid food with a high level of cholesterol.

If you follow these three basic steps religiously, you will find it very easy to maintain great shape while indoors. In fact, by the time restrictions on movement are lifted, you'd be amazed at how well you're doing.