The One Question that can Protect Family Time

21 January 2020

It’s quite difficult for people to balance their job and family life. Those who are doing full time jobs probably have good salaries. But satisfactory salaries lead to overwhelming work and busy schedules. Eventually, you save your family from all the financial issues but give them less time.

However, this is not the right approach for many people. They want a healthy family life plus a handsome salary. It’s tricky for most of the parents to maintain a balanced life. If you are struggling with work and family life, here are some strategies that can help you sustain your unbalanced life.

Strategies for a Balance Life

Set Priorities

You may be juggling with your goals and aims. You might have a list of things that you need to manage every day such as:

  • Giving your children proper time
  • Maintaining a healthy life by going to the gym
  • Giving your partner enough time
  • Supporting someone in your family
  • Planning to contribute to your community
  • Solving the ever-pending family and relationship issues

A person is unable to do all these things in just 24 hours. Make priorities of your goals and aims. If your family is most important to you, make them your priority. Give your family more time after work. The second step you can take is to decide the second priority after your family.

Be 100% Devoted during Family Time

You are passionate with your work and do it with all your heart and honesty. But you are not equally passionate with your family, either with your spouse or children. This results in family fights. When you come home after work, don’t be ‘just available’ but also responsive to your family.

Give your family a good time when you are with them; listening to them is the key in making your relationships successful. Give them suggestions and try to make their life better. After being equally passionate with your family, you can see your partner and children will feel blessed to have you in their lives.

Plan Things in Advance

Weekdays are quite busy. You can plan things in advance for the weekdays. Attach a little calendar on your fridge and circle the days when you have to do something important with your family. Go shopping on weekends. Make your meal plans of several weeks and write them on sticky notes on your fridge. It will help you on busy days when your mind is unable to focus on things.

If you eat lunch at home, make some essential preparations, which can be done a few days before. This way, you can have a good meal with your family. Plan everything before that needed extra time.

Manage Time for Fun

Following the same routine every day makes your life miserable after a few months. You will feel nausea with your living habits. Make time for activities and fun with your family. Plan activities, such as going for movies, picnic, dinner, and walk. You can play football with your children.

Give time to yourself as well. Do activities that give energy to your soul and body. If you want to exercise, go to a gym. Manage your busy schedule with things that will brighten up your life. Those who don’t have an enjoyable life tend to face troubles in their work life too.

Manage Your Work Hours

Negotiate your work hours if it is possible. Quit your part-time job if it is not benefitting you as much as it is hurting you in terms of family time. Do not be so materialistic that you start undervaluing your family life. There is nothing more fulfilling than spending quality time with your family after a hectic day at work.

You can also negotiate with your employer. Talk to them and try to negotiate for flex hours. Also, ask your employer to allow you to work from home if the nature of your work allows that. However, manage your work on time rather than being lazy and spending more hours doing things that require only a few minutes.

Limit Involvements after Work

Sometimes, parents create so many activities for their children that they do not get enough time to even meet them. Limit outside activities of your children and focus on one activity at a time. Also, limit your activities after work. If you have many activities, choose only one of them. This way, you can keep away from spending all your time outside.

The Bottom Line

You should know that if you are facing troubles in your family life, you will likely face issues in your work. Those who are constantly stressed and mentally occupied are less creative and energetic. Organizations can help their employees reduce their issues as it is also in their favor. Organizations and companies can plan a picnic for staff and their families. They can also advocate the importance of family to their employees and offer counseling on family issues.