The Long-Term Effects of RSIs to WFH Individuals

14 October 2021

1 out of 10 Canadian workers experience RSIs or repetitive strain injuries, said Canada's, Private Sector Union. Other research shows that individuals faced difficulties that affected their physical and psychosocial health during the first few months of the global pandemic. 


The WFH People's Physical and Psychosocial Health: 

During the first few months of the global pandemic, WFH people experienced a lot of hurdles and hardships, especially during the lockdown and isolation periods when they could not do the usual routines. These things lead them to become more stressed and depressed. 

The psychosocial distress they experienced was impossible because the global pandemic gave out the feeling of uncertainty; hence most of them found it difficult to fight back the anxiety. As a result, some individuals felt lost and lost hope. Some had a weak immune system because of these feelings. Individuals found it challenging to have the motivation to strive again. Some of them had experienced sleepless nights, especially those who lost jobs during the pandemic. The unemployment rate increased during the first few months; laying off working individuals were rampant during the first few months of the pandemic because businesses shut down or needed it to cut the budget. Indeed, the working class is one of the casualties of this global pandemic. 

Meanwhile, as many people experienced distress, most of them became weaker too. Hence, they have experienced getting infected by the virus. Unfortunately, most of them did not survive; thus, the number of Covid19 deaths rose. Despite this ordeal, there are still some individuals that managed to stand the threat of Covid19. They were able to survive. These people are also the ones that are part of the working class. They were the strong individuals that have surpassed the ordeal and continued working in their respective companies. 

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The Ergo Protection from RSIs:

The working individuals who surpassed the dangers of Covid19 are still struggling to survive the possible threats of the virus as it mutates into other strains. Earlier this year, different strains mutated, such as the Lambda, Delta, and UK variants. These variants posed a threat to the working people who are still working at home or the hybrid office workers who risk themselves by traveling from their homes to the office. The everyday commute exposes them to the dangers of acquiring the virus along the way despite them getting vaccinated.

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In that case, they need ergonomic protection from the best products in the market, such as the standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks from FlexiSpot. Indeed, FlexiSpot does not fail to provide the best ergonomic solutions to the WFH and hybrid office workers who experience sedentary pain. It's because the design and the functionalities of the ergonomic products from FlexiSpot truly support the contours of the spine. Products like the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and Standing Desk Converters M7B-28" are the ones that can make a person practice the proper posture because when they use these ergonomic pieces, they won't hunch their backs and strain their spine. 

So, when you use these ergo pieces from Flexispot, you can ensure that you would not hunch your back. You would not strain the upper extremities of your body, such as the shoulders and arms that can cause throbbing pain and injuries if you ignore these things. That's why FlexiSpot ergo products are vital for your home office needs. 


Moreover, the ergonomic pieces from FlexiSpot can help you widen the range of your motions. So, you can ensure that you're going to be more flexible when you use one of the ergonomic pieces from FlexiSpot, such as the Massage Gaming Chairthat has the vibrating lumbar support. Once you use this ergonomic piece, you can ensure that your back, especially the lumbar, does not get sore. Once the lumbar support vibrates, you can ensure that the painful veins or the muscles that ache around the lumbar get instant relief. Hence, if you think you are already getting overworked, you can ensure that this ergonomic chair can relieve the strain and pain which might lead to musculoskeletal disorders. 


FlexiSpot could also offer theDeskcise V9 Pro that can help you stimulate blood circulation in your body. It can be possible because this desk bike can help you pump iron and make your muscles work vigorously. When you sit on this desk bike, it can tickle you pink and make you feel more energized. It's elementary to control because it has the 8-resistance levels. 


So, you may go from easy cycling to a robust workout-depending on your agility and energy. In some cases, people would have the gradual exercise first on this desk bike, and as they set a more challenging level, they adjust the difficulty of their routines using the resistance dial of this equipment piece. What's impressive about this is you can ensure that you can complete an office task and report while cycling on the pedal of this desk bike. It's because it has the desktop on this desk bike that you can easily pull using the handles on the side or push it inside if you think you want to cycle for twenty minutes or more. When you have this desk bike at home, you can ensure that there will be no downtime, and you can practice a more active lifestyle while making sure you can deliver the best service to your company. Moreover, when you keep an active lifestyle while working at home, you can avoid the worst effects of repetitive strain injuries. 

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The Long-Term Effects of RSIs:

RSIs are the worst nightmare a WFH or a hybrid office worker can experience, and these injuries can have a long-term impact on the individual's spine health. Most people who get forced to hunch their backs or strain their spine often experience these things because they use non-ergonomic equipment. 

As they age, muscle mass gets lesser and lesser, making them weaker and prone to accidents, so it's better than at the younger age, they would practice using ergonomic pieces. Some people experience bone diseases such as Osteoporosis, and some get impaired because of these diseases when they are older. Once you acquire these diseases at a young age, it becomes more difficult to find solutions to them when you get old. Therefore, it's best to use an ergonomic product that can help you correct your posture and stance, just like you can purchase from FlexiSpot. 

Final Thoughts:

It's pretty challenging to avoid hunching the back or slouching. Most of the time, people forget to practice the proper posture because they have gotten used to sitting or standing improperly. However, with the assistance from the ergonomic products from FlexiSpot, having a good posture will not be a heavy chore.