The Introduction Of My New Smart Workstation

13 March 2020

The world is evolving, and everyday, the narrative of the workplace or work ethics is changing. Ergonomics is taking it shape, and that has made productivity and safety rate scale higher year in, year out. Creativity, innovation, betterment is what we look out for at every moment in time at FLEXISPOT. Our team of professionals designers are always coming up with sleeky workstation machines designs that meets every single day anticipation, safety precautions and productivity of our clients and prospective clients. After a rigorous study of work, safety and productivity, We Introduce the STYLISH ELECTRIC SIT STAND WORKSTATION MACHINE EM6W. This is yet another user considered workstation machine from FLEXISPOT that is currently leading in the sphere of work ergonomics. This Stylish Electric Sit Stand Workstation Machine  EM6W  has been designed, built and formulated to meet your needs, considering so many factors that are related to user friendliness, safety and productivity. This workstation machine has been designed to meet both office and home use with innovative features that are outstandingly created which makes it perfect for home and office use.

An appraisal of this Stylish Electric Sit Stand workstation machine will convince you of it effectiveness and durability. The features of this workstation machine is highlighted below:

Wireless Charger: It is quite disappointing and annoying when you can't close on a business deal with your phone just because you are out of power or can't place a call through due to insufficient power,  moving about with a power bank is quite a stressful one too. However, this workstation machine comes with an built-in wireless charger that allows you to charge your phone while using your computer simultaneously. So this is one of it kind in the sphere of machine ergonomics.

Personalized Personal space: Getting your things together in one place shouldn't be a problem anymore once you get this FLEXISPOT electric sit stand workstation. This machine comes with an integrated magnet board that allows  you to paste your personal things that will be helpful while you work. Your work might demand that you make use of notes or some other accessories that might be helpful while you work. The board has magnets that allows you to paste these things to the machine, and that will save you from losing some items that are important to your work.

One touch Adjustment: Your posture while working should not be a problem to your productivity or cause you posture related health issues. Our Stylish Electric Sit stand workstation machine comes with a great feature that allows you changeover from one position to the other. With an up and down button that allows you adjust the machine to your preferred height. Pressing any of height button you wish to will get the machine to start moving, and once it gets to your preferred height,  press any button again to stop. Whether you desired to sit or stand, the choice is all yours.

Anti Collision Sensitivity: What is having a machine that can't save you from domestic accidents or save your gadgets from being damaged. FLEXISPOT Stylish Electric Sit stand workstation machine has a built-in anti collision sensitivity sensor that makes the workstation machine reverse backwards whenever it senses an obstruction. This feature was added to the machine to ensure our customers safety with themselves and gadgets. This is just an added security you definitely won't want to let go of.

Integrated Hanging Design: With a professional touch and user considerate approach. This Electric Sit stand workstation machine is coupled with two storage baskets, cup holder, and an extended board that gives you that enough space to place your laptop and you don't have to move from one desk to the other when works demands that you use your laptop. So this is a workstation machine that comes with more than what you might have anticipated. All in one perfect workstation machine.

Ergonomics has been considered to be a thing that addresses purpose and usefulness over what it might look like in design and shape. The narrative has been changed from what it used to be, and by getting this FLEXISPOT Stylish Electric Sit Stand Workstation Machine you are definitely going to be enjoying more than what you might have anticipated or ever thought of about workstation machines. It doesn't matter if you are a work from home person or maybe you are working in a corporate environment, this stylish electric sit stand workstation machine is very perfect for your work and purpose.