The Effectiveness of Desk Converters to the Elderly

11 October 2021

As Talent Canada stated online, the global pandemic has left many senior workers furloughed by 9.7% from April to September 2020. The unemployment rate may have gone haywire and had hit the highest rate in the history of Canada, but that didn't stop senior workers from thriving amidst the pandemic. 

Support and Plans for the Senior People:

Earlier this 2021, the Canadian government gave financial assistance to the senior workers through programs like the GIS or the Guaranteed Income Supplement, and the like. Through this financial assistance program, old workers can get back on track and would be able to sustain their lives and careers. 

old worker

Job Opportunities for the Senior Workers:

In a study that Reuters did, they noted that despite the prejudice that senior workers are less likely to be creative and adaptive, more companies break the stereotype and give equal opportunities to the old workers. 

Indeed, the dogma that says senior workers can't get creative past retirement is an old-aged belief. Even beyond their working years, old workers are way more competent and more productive than younger workers. Companies trust senior workers too for several reasons like loyalty, strong work ethic, and a good attitude. Indeed, Canadian employers would honor most workers that show a strong work ethic and a good mood at work. 

Ergonomic Protection for the Senior Workers:

The odyssey of the senior workers does not stop beyond their working years. Even at old age, they can see their most authentic potentials and great talents should they be given a chance. However, physical limitations might challenge them, and they might not be as speedy and flexible as the middle-aged and young workers. However, they can still ace work primarily when they utilize the best ergonomic products in the market: the FlexiSpot standing desks, sit-stand desks, desk converters, and ergonomic chairs. 

FlexiSpot and its Ergonomic Gift:


FlexiSpot creates the most outstanding ergonomic pieces, such as the 
Deskcise V9 Pro (a desk bike combining fitness equipment and an office chair with a desktop). The company ensures that all senior workers can find comfort and effectiveness when they try this product. This desk bike can make sure that their work hours will be active, and there is no room for any sedentary pain because of this fantastic desk bike. 


FlexiSpot caters to the need of the clients to have more active blood circulation. Through the 
Massage Gaming Chair, they can freely move their feet and legs with flexibility, and they can stretch these body parts with ease because this gaming chair has a retractable footrest that will give the utmost relaxation for them. So, once they have this ergonomic piece, they can ensure that they would not experience pain around the leg area. 

FlexiSpot ensures that each of these ergo pieces can function well to exert the most ergonomic functionalities and support the users. Every aspect of these ergo pieces is vital because they provide the utmost protection that the senior workers need. Hence, seniors can enhance the range of their motions. It's because these ergonomic products can stimulate blood circulation. 

Their blood must flow well so their muscles will become active too. When their muscles work actively, they have a bigger chance to move faster, and they will get protection against injury because of the enhanced agility and good sense of balance. And just like these ergonomic chairs from Flexispot, you may also see this effectiveness with the desk products at FlexiSpot. 

The Fine Structures of the Desk Products:

The best sit-stand desks from FlexiSpot, like the desk converters, have impressive structures too. Desk converters can help the senior workers practice sitting and standing while at work. 

The capacity to sit and stand while working helps senior workers achieve the most flexible work performance. They can perform a broader range of motions because of this product. Most senior workers face problems such as arthritis and gout that hinder them from maximizing their work performance. 

standing desk converter

Therefore, when they use the best ergonomic products like the 
Standing Desk Converters M7 Series, they will achieve optimal work performance in the office. They can lift the desk converter with ease because they can hold the handle firmly and adjust the height of this desk converter. 

It also has the X-Lift Structures that can support the desktop and keyboard tray of this product. It won't be hard for them to mobilize themselves too because they can quickly move this product from one place to another. 

It's a desk converter that can carry two monitors and one smaller device, so maximizing their work area won't be challenging. So, with this desk converter, the work pacing will be more leisurely. 

standing desk converter

There is also the 
Standing Desk Converters M7MB-35" that can also carry the weight of two monitors and a laptop device. Its structure is sturdy and could support the devices atop the desk converters. Moreover, the desk converter would not collapse as well, so there's nothing to worry about the stability of this desk converter. Furthermore, it's easy to operate this desk converter because it has a removable keyboard tray that you can easily detach from the desk converter. So, it will be easier for the senior workers to organize their workstations because there are no other buttons to click, and this desk converter is space-saving. Hence, when they utilize these desk converters, they would have more time to optimize their performance at work, and they would not have difficulties moving these furniture pieces. 

Final Thoughts:

If one of your relatives is a senior worker, then these desk converters from FlexiSpot are the best gifts. It's because they could use furniture pieces that have superb features and functionalities. Moreover, these are converters that could help them optimize their work performance despite old age because just like the younger and middle-aged people, they have more skills and prowess to show and knowledge to share with their companies. Hence, FlexiSpot is here to help them fulfill a meaningful career even beyond their retirement age.