The Benefits of Using a Smart Workstation

23 September 2019

Being at a computer or desk for a large majority of the day is inevitable for a lot of us.  However, the evidence is now irrefutable that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to our health.  This can ultimately result in a poor quality of life and unnecessary suffering due to preventable illness or injury. 

Chances are you can’t significantly change the amount of time spent at your desk each week.  So what can you do to improve your health and life? The easiest way is to invest in an adjustable desk that allows you to switch between sitting and standing frequently.  The Smart Workstation, known for its optimized function, style, and ease of use, is your practical solution to add movement into your daily life.  

Here are the top five benefits of the Smart Workstation:

Optimal spine health

Back pain is a growing epidemic due a combination of factors related to sedentary lifestyle and the skyrocketing rates of obesity.  Excessive weight and too much time spent sitting can result in strain throughout the body.  The spine (and other joints in the body) is meant to be periodically moved to promote circulation, flexibility, and strength.  Regular movement is crucial in injury prevention for the spine.  Thus, when used properly, standing desks have been shown to decrease risk of back pain. For information related to the benefits of a standing desk for your spine, click here.  

Improved posture

It is completely normal to feel fatigued after being in one position for too long, leading to a poor posture.  Slouching is more common in sitting and is hard on the entire body.  Ultimately, it squishes your abdominal organs, leads to muscle imbalances, and creates a potential for chronic pain or injury. Whether you’re standing or sitting, being able to adjust your desk frequently will make a big impact on your posture.

Better Mental health

Sedentary lifestyles have also been found to contribute to mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.  Having a flexible Smart Workstation that allows you to change positions frequently will help you break out of the detrimental cycle that comes with sitting.  This will optimize your outlook on life and create a sense of well-being.

Boost your productivity significantly

Regular movement optimizes brain health and power.  Having the flexibility to move around and change positions during the day is a game changer for work (and life) productivity for this reason.  Taking the time to periodically adjust your Smart Workstation promotes increased blood flow to your body, particularly your brain, and keeps you from getting stiff, anxious, or stuck in unproductive thought patterns. Plus, ideas and work output improve considerably when you feel less stressed and content, both benefits of movement.  

It’s super easy to use

The Smart Workstation’s convenient design doesn’t require any additional space to put it into a standing position, making it easy to fit anywhere a desk would go. Plus, it is control operated making it simple to adjust without any heavy lifting or confusion.  It keeps the process of adjusting the desk simple to prevent unnecessary distraction in your work day. Just set it up, adjust as needed, and continue with your day!  

A adjustable desk is a must to improve your life

With a sit to stand desk, you can expect to spend less time in a doctor’s offices for pain, depression, or other health related ailments.  This means you have more time to enjoy life, get your work done efficiently and make the impact you want in this world (in and outside of work).

If you enjoy your standing desk, you may consider other accessories that will further improve your quality of life and productivity, such as floor mats and fully adjustable chairs.