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Starting A Home Business and Gaining the Support of your Family

22 November 2019

Making the decision to start a home business can be intimidating and a challenge. It may be even more difficult when your family does not support your home business idea. Maybe they think it will lead to financial hardship, and your spouse could be worried about how to pay the bills. It could be a parent whose idea of home businesses are tied to scams and they don’t want you to become a victim. These are all very normal concerns, and if your family is not supportive of you are starting a home business, don’t worry, you can still gain their favor. Read on for some tips to win them over.

Be educated

Know what your going into business for and and the why behind it. Most people will ask “why” your starting your own business, especially if your leaving a successful job. Know what your getting into, and how you will be successful. Take time to learn information about having a home business, and how you are not getting involved with any scams. It leaves little room for any doubters if you are educated about the what and the why.

Make a plan

Like any business, your home business needs a plan. Finding success depends heavily on this. Your plan should include what your market is, how your business will be defined and how you will pay for it. You don’t need to quit your job immediately after starting a home business, and your best option could be starting it part time while you continue to work around your full-time job. Having a plan should be an ongoing project as your business should be growing at a steady rate. This will help anyone who is not supportive be more trustful about what the execution of your home business will be, and what the results will look like.

Ask your family for help

Stop seeking your family’s approval and start asking for their help. Get them involved with initiatives you have and include them on your successes. It will generate better buy in once they are more involved and feel invested. At a certain point, if you do not have the support of your spouse or partner, you may need to decide how important it is to you. If they still aren’t supportive after some time has passed, sit down and talk to them about why. Try and help change their attitude and viewpoint by being open and honest, and open to their feedback. If they don’t change, you may have to pursue it anyways, and show them that it will be a success.

Show how it will be different than what they expect

This really ties up everything together. If your family has concerns about how they will be provided for, if you get caught up in a scam, or just they just don’t get it, show them how it will be different than what they expected. Show them your successes and be take action like you say you will.  When you have clearly defined plans, and courses of actions, they will see you have taken the steps to ensure success. When your family starts seeing concrete results, they will realize it is not another pipe dream.

Follow your dreams and passions, and don’t be afraid of failure. You will likely regret not taking the chance to pursue your passions, than never acting on them. Be thoughtful and considerate when you decide to start sharing your ideas with your family, keep them involved and make sure you have shown them the plan for the future. If they don’t understand at first, keep trying and don’t give up. Remember, anything is possible.