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Scary Good Savings at FlexiSpot's Spooktober Sale: The Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

23 October 2023

October is here, and while we won't be summoning any magicians or medieval knights, what's brewing is FlexiSpot's Spooktober Sale, and it's frightfully fantastic! If you're in the market to elevate your workspace, this is the opportune moment to seize. We've brewed up some eerily enticing deals, and you won't need a caped crusader to decipher their appeal. No tricks, just treats!

Up to 50% Off - Hair-Raising Savings!

Let's kick things off with the jaw-dropping discounts available during our Spooktober Sale. You can save up to 50% on a wide array of products, making it a breeze to transform your workspace without depleting your savings.

C$30 Off on Orders Over C$500 - Use Code: SPOT30

For orders exceeding C$500, we're sprinkling a little extra magic. Simply apply the code SPOT30, and you'll be treated to a C$30 discount. It's a deal that might leave you spellbound!

The FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) - Yours for Just C$429.99, Down from C$579.99 in This Spooktober Sale

Prepare to bid farewell to your dreary, snooze-inducing desk and dive headfirst into the world of productivity and pep with the FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)! Get ready for a revolution that's sweeping through workplaces like wildfire. You might be wondering, "Another standing desk trend? Is this just another passing fad like the Tiktok dance challenges or beaded friendship bracelets?" Hold on to your office chair because this trend isn't merely sticking around; it's taking over!

A Director of Posture

Envision a world where transitioning from sitting to standing is a seamless dance. With the E7, you'll be the master of your own posture, bidding adieu to slouching and embracing an upright stance that could rival even the Buckingham Palace guards. It's time to cast off that sack-of-potatoes feeling and seize control of your destiny... and posture!

Stand Up and Strut Your Stuff

Picture yourself as a hustler, effortlessly switching from sloth-like sitting to confidently striding on your FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7). It's not just a desk; it's a lifestyle upgrade! Remember the saying "once you go black, you never go back"? Well, once you've experienced the sheer delight of working while standing, there's no returning to the mundane world of clinging to your chair.

Health Benefits Galore

Say farewell to the zombie-like slump that often follows hours of sedentary sitting. The Pro Plus E7 inspires you to become the star of your own show. With its user-friendly height adjustment, you'll shift from sitting to standing quicker than a caffeine jolt. And don't just stand there—pedal your way to glory with a desk bike or treadmill, all while giving your health a kickstart. Flex those muscles and flaunt your newfound standing prowess!

An Alchemical Boost

Prepare to banish those yawn-inducing spells! The Pro Plus E7 infuses your day with the energy kick of a double espresso, minus the jittery side effects. Say hello to enhanced focus, sharper senses, and a mind that's primed to tackle tasks as effortlessly as a productivity superstar on autopilot. Plus, your muscles will be so relaxed, they'll think they've landed in a spa.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill standing desk; it's the desk of your dreams, the E7. It's the Swiss Army knife of desks—reliable, robust, and always ready for action!

Perfecting Posture

Ever found yourself morphing into a human question mark while hunched over your desk? The Pro Plus E7 is your savior from those Quasimodo-esque postures. It's like having a personal posture coach constantly reminding you to "stand tall, champ!" You can fine-tune its height to the Goldilocks zone—neither too high nor too low—just perfect for your back and neck to shower you with virtual high-fives.

A Stalwart in Stability

This beauty boasts BIFMA certification, signifying its stability surpasses even your grandma's secret cookie recipe. Its legs are heartier than those of other desks, and the lifting motion is smoother than a silk robe. It can support two adults without breaking a sweat, handling an impressive 355 pounds of desk power!

Built to Last

Don't take our word lightly— the E7 has triumphed in 20,000 rounds of motion tests. That's akin to assessing a car by driving it to the moon and back, not once, but twice! To add a cherry on top, we're tossing in a 15-year warranty. Your old desk couldn't hope to compete with that.

The Epitome of Elegance

Whoever said desks couldn't be easy on the eyes clearly hasn't met the E7. It flaunts a frame so stylish that even James Bond might turn a shade of green. Its holeless leg design is akin to a work of art, and the anti-wear coating ensures it retains its fabulous appearance for years to come. Everyone craves a desk that's timeless and perpetually chic.

A Height for Happiness

Whether you're a towering titan or a petite powerhouse, the E7 has you covered. With an adjustable height range that spans from hobbit to skyscraper, it's the ultimate companion for height enthusiasts. No more wrestling with chairs that are either too tall or too short—the E7 is the Goldilocks of the office world.

Decluttering with Ease

Bid farewell to cable chaos with the E7's secret weapon—an embedded cable tray! It's akin to a hidden treasure chest for all your charging requirements, ensuring your workspace remains as serene as a Zen garden. Additionally, it comes with a premium keypad fit for royalty—USB charging ports, programmable presets, and a child-lock button for those little rascals who decide to turn your workspace into their playpen.

And that's not all! The E7 offers various options, from C-Frame to T-Frame, and an enticing array of desktop materials and colors to make your creative heart sing. So, what are you waiting for? Join the standing desk revolution and hop aboard the E7 express—it's more than a desk, it's a lifestyle upgrade that'll leave you saying, "Sitting? Oh honey, that's so last century!" Get ready to stand tall, work smart, and conquer the world—one standing desk dance move at a time.