Programmers:Stand Up For Your Body!

05 October 2019

In the era of technology and globalization, extensive screentime has become a central part of daily life for most of us. Every day we spend hours and hours staring at our phones and computers for business, recreation and everything in between. This is especially true for programmers, freelancers, gamers and many others whose professional and recreational livelihoods revolve around their computers. With the rapid growth of the gig economy, scores of professionals opt to work from home. While these technologies have enriched our lives in innumerable ways, the proliferation of technology has its drawbacks as well. Among the most prominent of these is the vast amount of time we spend each day sitting down.

Experts are calling sitting the new smoking. It has been clinically proven that sitting or lying down for too long each day can increase your risk of chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and some cancers. If you spend most of your day sitting down, you are at risk of these diseases. Programmers are known to do just this – sit down and work on the computer all day long, rising only for a bite to eat or another cup of coffee. For workers whose jobs require this, it is particularly important to consider the impacts that regularly sitting for long periods of time may be having.  

But worry not, for there is great news: these health problems are not inevitable. In fact, there is much we can do to prevent them. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) is a fancy term coined by Dr. James A. Levine of the Mayo Clinic. The term sounds complicated, but in reality is quite straightforward – NEAT refers to the energy used every day during non-cardio activities like tying your shoelaces, walking the dog, cooking, folding clothes and standing. While more intense cardio exercise is certainly healthy as well, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of being impacted by the aforementioned health issues by simply engaging in more of these non-cardio activities each day.

Of all the ways we can add more non-cardio activity to our lives, the simplest may be standing. To make this change, there is no need to alter your schedule or life in any substantial way. Keep programming, but do it while standing! The easiest and most effective way to stand more and sit less during your digital life is to invest in a standing desk.

Enter FlexiSpot’s Electric Height Adjustable Desk, our most popular desktop work and play surface, ideal for most work and home environments. With this product, FlexiSpot gives you the tool you need to live a healthier life for just $339.99. This desk includes a number of features, outlined below, which make this product a must-have for programmers, gamers, and anyone else spending most of each day sitting down.

Quick and Smooth Adjustments – The electric height adjustable desk allows for quick and smooth adjustments. FlexiSpot makes it easy to go from sitting to standing in under 10 seconds with the press of a button. There is a conveniently programmable 7-button digital display panel that makes your sit-stand transitions effortless. This feature is ideal for gamers who want to switch from one height to another without missing a beat. When time is precious, FlexiSpot’s electric height adjustable desk will save some for you.

Advanced All-In-One Keypad – The advanced all-in-one keypad has three programmable presets that allow you to save your favorite seated and standing heights. This feature makes it so you only have to manually identify your preferred seated and standing heights once. From that point on, you can focus on whatever you are doing on the computer instead of worrying about optimizing the desk on which it sits. You can also identify your exact desk height on the energy-efficient LED display, which automatically enters sleep mode to reduce power when the desk is stationary. The keypad also allows you to setup activity alerts to remind you to sit down or to stand up at regular intervals. If your preferred desk height differs depending on what you are working on, these programmable presets are perfect for you.

Maximum Space in a Classic Style – The specific design of the electric height adjustable desk is optimal for a number of reasons. This model is our most popular option because it offers both function and flexibility with its 1” thick work surface made of premium, environmentally-friendly, medium-density chipboard. Available in various sizes and colors, it will suit your existing office or home décor, whatever it may be. Finally, the desk’s frame features double steel tubing that ensures stability even at its highest height, and its powder-coated seamless surface resists water, scratches and stains.

For most of us, our work and play largely require that computers be a regular component of our lives these days. While this technology has greatly expanded what we are capable of achieving on a day-to-day basis, the long-term side effects can be serious. In a world where we cannot altogether avoid these side effects, we must make a point to limit them. To maximize the benefits of the technology we use today and reduce the likelihood of the chronic health problems that can result from it, purchase FlexiSpot’s electric height adjustable desk and simply stand while you use your computer.