New to Work from Home? Here are Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Follow

29 May 2020

The global pandemic pushes everyone to adjust and cope to the new normal. Whether you’re a frontline worker, a businessman, an office worker, or someone who works at a farm or fishery, everyone needs to follow certain health standards and modify the way they are working. Most of the office employees have to abide work from home set up to save their jobs and their companies.


This set up might be new for some but in the United States companies are practicing telecommuting since the 1990s. Some companies like AT&T, IBM, and others find that this alternative workplace help them retain their most talented employees who require a more flexible working hours.


If you’re new to this work from home set up, here are some do’s and don’ts to start you off.




Dedicate a space as your home office


Every home is different but no matter how small or spacious your house is, you need to dedicate a home office space wherein you can stay productive. You can decorate this space with small office accessories so you can still feel that you’re an office worker. That feeling is very important to keep you motivated to finish all your tasks for the day.


You can use regular house equipment like table and chair for your home office but you can also upgrade to a more ergonomic set up to be feel comfortable.  Sit-stand desks can help you alleviate back pain and lower your risk of gaining weight. This set up helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home.


Set boundaries and know your ground rules


Working at the comfort of your own home can be a blessing and a curse. Why? It is because you control your own time. A lot of employees are not masters of time management especially with all the distractions that surround them at home. There are those who will open work email first then eat breakfast then watch television or talk to their home mates until they can’t finish their tasks within the work hours. But how can you overcome this habit? Know your ground rules! You need to set your office hours and commit to it. You need to give your 100% commitment that you won’t entertain anything unless it is in your schedule. If in the office you have 15 minutes break in the morning and in the afternoon, make sure to schedule also your break time and your lunch time. If you need to work for eight or nine hours per day, make sure to drop office works beyond office hours.


By setting clear boundaries you are making sure that you are committed with your work and life balance.


Make a to-do list and follow them


One of the essential parts of time management is making a list of what you are supposed to do and sticking to it. You have to consolidate all your tasks in one place and then decide your priorities. Write your everyday to-do list before going to bed so that you’re mentally prepared when you get up the next morning. Make sure that your list is realistic so you won’t be overwhelmed by it.


Making a to-do list helps you to not forget your tasks and tracks your progress. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction if at the end of the day you’ll see that you’ve finished your tasks.





Don’t snoop in social media while working


You might say that it’s a little inappropriate because everything is in social media nowadays, but still you shouldn’t snoop in it while working. Why? It is because your social media screen time could be the culprit that you can’t finish your tasks. Being present on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is good but it’s a distraction for you. Schedule your access in those platforms during your break time at work or after your work.


You need to be strict to yourself so you can do justice to your work.


Don’t connect to a public Wi-Fi while working


It’s a no-no! According to Paige Hanson, Chief of Cybersecurity Education at Norton LifeLock, they wouldn’t recommend employees to access work emails and websites using public free Wi-Fi. “You really have to treat free Wi-Fi like someone's looking over your shoulder, knowing every single thing you type and what you click,” she said in an interview with NBC News.


As an employee it is your responsibility to treat your work as confidential as possible. It could also be your liability if your company website or confidential files got hacked because you didn’t take precautions. If you do not have Wi-Fi at home, you can use your mobile phone’s personal hotspot to connect. It is safer than public internet.


Don’t be an island


Communication is one of the key reasons for a successful work from home venture. You need to communicate with your team, your friends, your partner, and your family. Tell them if you are having a hard time coping with the situation. Tell them if you’re having problems understanding the tasks given to you. Take help from people who can help you. Explain your predicaments and do not suffer alone. Make sure to have a support system.


One of the causes why everything seems to be going downhill is that you don’t let anyone in to help you solve your problems. Part of the new normal work set up is adjusting with the system. Everyone is given a chance to adjust first and give their best to the job. By being transparent to your co-workers, you’re letting them know that you are trustworthy of the job.



These are just simple do’s and don’ts you can use while working from home. For more tips on health and lifestyle, visit the Flexiwellness Center.