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Lonely No More: 10 WFH Hacks

29 May 2023

Work-from-home is when the commute is from your bed to your desk, your coworkers are your houseplants, and no more pesky colleagues interrupting your deep thoughts or stealing your snacks from the fridge. But let's face it—solitude can strike hard when you're stuck between your four walls.

Loneliness is the invisible coworker who never attends meetings but always manages to steal your lunch from the fridge. It's like being stranded on a deserted island, except the only thing you can do is refresh your email inbox and pray for a desperate plea for human contact. In the realm of remote work, you are the ruler of your domain, but also the sole inmate of your own asylum.

While being alone per se does not guarantee loneliness, there may be times that it can slowly creep into your system. When that time comes, do not be bothered. There are ways to entertain loneliness and combat it by yourself.

Adopt a "Workout Buddy"

Working out alone can be a lonely endeavor. So, why not adopt a "workout buddy" to keep you company during exercise sessions? Your furry friend, a stuffed animal, or even a motivational poster can join you for some squats, lunges, and yoga poses. Don't be surprised if your workout buddy steals the show with their hilarious attempts at exercise!

Become a Master of Virtual Pranks

Miss the office pranks? Fear not, for the digital world offers limitless opportunities for mischief. Send your colleagues a virtual cup of coffee that spills all over their screen, or sneakily replace their PowerPoint presentation with a cat video. Just make sure they have a good sense of humor, or you might find yourself on the receiving end of a digital prank war!

Embrace the Feline Overlords

If you're feeling lonely, there's no better cure than a furry friend. And in the work-from-home setup, cats reign supreme! Fill your workspace with cat-themed decorations, wear a cat ear headband during video calls, and exchange hilarious cat memes with your colleagues. Who needs human interaction when you have the regal companionship of a feline overlord?

Zoom Backgrounds: The Absurd Edition

Video calls don't have to be boring. Spice them up by using absurd virtual backgrounds that make your coworkers question their sanity. How about a background of you floating in space or attending a royal wedding with the Queen? The more outrageous, the better. Just make sure to master the art of maintaining a poker face while others struggle to keep it together.

Unleash Your Inner DJ

When loneliness hits hard, it's time to turn up the volume and unleash your inner DJ. Curate epic playlists that match your mood and blast them through the house. Create a daily theme for your tunes, from "Motivation Monday" to "Funky Friday," and watch as your loneliness dances away, leaving you with groovy vibes and a permanent smile.

Awkward Silence? Enter Inanimate Office Buddies

Talking to yourself is so 2022. In 2023, we upgrade to talking to inanimate office buddies! Give each item on your desk a quirky personality and engage in imaginary conversations with them. You'll be surprised how insightful your stapler can be or how supportive your potted plant becomes during those tough moments. Plus, your colleagues will undoubtedly think you're a comedic genius.

Virtual Happy Hours: Raise a Glass

Missing after-work drinks with your coworkers? Bring the party home with virtual happy hours! Set a theme for each gathering, from "Crazy Hat Night" to "80s Dance Party," and watch as your colleagues unleash their inner wild child. Share embarrassing stories, play virtual drinking games, and revel in the laughter that bridges the physical distance between you.

Create a Virtual Support Squad

In the virtual realm, you're never alone. Join online communities and forums where fellow work-from-home warriors share their triumphs, struggles, and hilarious tales of desk mishaps. Swap productivity tips, exchange witty banter, and build a support squad that celebrates your victories and provides a shoulder to laugh on during those less successful moments.

Dance Break Mania

When the work gets tough and the loneliness creeps in, it's time for a dance break! Crank up your favorite tunes, clear some space, and unleash your wildest dance moves. Whether you're doing the robot, attempting the moonwalk, or freestyling like a superstar, dancing is the ultimate stress-reliever and an instant mood booster. Just be grateful your coworkers can't witness your killer moves.

The Power of the Snack Break

Loneliness can't survive when you're surrounded by tasty treats. Elevate your snack game by experimenting with bizarre combinations like pickle and peanut butter sandwiches or dipping potato chips in melted chocolate. Share your culinary adventures with your colleagues and exchange recipes for the weirdest work-from-home concoctions. Food truly brings people together, even if it's just through a screen.

Bonus: Pedal Your Way Out of Loneliness

Tired of feeling like a lonely island in your work-from-home setup? Fear not, fellow productivity enthusiasts! If you're on the hunt for ergonomic furniture that brings both comfort and excitement, look no further than the legendary V9 Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation from FlexiSpot. Brace yourself for the ultimate ninja machine that moonlights as your personal trainer!

Bid farewell to pesky interruptions during important calls, because the V9 operates with the stealth of a ninja, silently supporting your work endeavors. But wait, there's more! This magnificent invention comes with a nifty calorie tracker, allowing you to keep tabs on your progress as you conquer deadlines like a boss. Feeling adventurous? Adjust the resistance levels to unleash your inner workout warrior. And the cherry on top? Customize the seat height and utilize the detachable keyboard tray as a versatile desk. Talk about being the master of multitasking!

FlexiSpot's V9 has become the stuff of legends among office warriors, gaining popularity for its compact design, unwavering reliability, and the ability to seamlessly blend work and exercise. Who needs a dull gym membership when you can break a sweat while conquering your to-do list? So, cast away that mundane office chair and welcome a healthier, happier version of yourself with the awe-inspiring V9. Get ready to pedal your way to greatness, one spreadsheet at a time!


Navigating the solitude of the work-from-home setup doesn't have to be a gloomy affair. Embrace the freedom to wear pajamas, play pranks, and engage in conversations with inanimate objects. Dance like no one's watching during virtual happy hours and form connections with your fellow remote workers.