Lockdown Lessons: 5 Easy & Healthy Eating Tips

21 May 2020

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) leading to millions self-isolating across the world, keeping yourself healthy is the top priority. It’s affected everyone worldwide and as seen in a recently conducted a market research study by Kantar, the global research firm, an above-average expenditure trend on healthier foods and vitamins continues to rise. Across the world, people are looking for healthy eating tips to help maintain their resistance as a defense against the virus. And although there is a lot of science behind staying healthy, here are 5 healthy eating tips that you can easily try to transform your day-to-day overall health.


Keep yourself hydrated.

Although drinking water can’t prevent COVID-19, it has been proven to help aid weight loss, results in healthier skin and hair and most importantly, it boosts your immune system. By keeping yourself hydrated, you provide your cells with oxygen that allows it to work at full capacity in fighting foreign bodies that may try to attack your immune system. An easy way to keep track of your water intake is sticking to your favorite tumbler or glass and taking note of how much water you’re drinking throughout the day. Drinking lots of water has also been proven to reduce stress and could help you stay active and productive.


Replace your coffee with fruits and other liquids. 

While a cup of coffee might be your best bet in waking you up in the morning, too much of a good thing can also be bad for you. While caffeine may help keep you alert, it can also dehydrate you. To keep your energy up you can opt to have an apple. Instead of boosting your energy with caffeine you can reap the benefits of an apple’s natural sugars to keep you alert. If you’d prefer something to drink, try yogurt drinks. The active cultures of probiotics not only help you regulate your digestive health, it can also help boost your immune system as well.


Find healthier snack options.  

While oranges and other fruits rich in Vitamin C can also boost your immune system, you may find them quite a boring snack. Try freezing your fruits to snack on or blend them all together to create a healthy shake. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips, try some nuts or granola. They still have that crunch and light saltiness while providing you with protein and nutrition, a far better alternative to excessive salt and MSG.  

Prepare your grocery list in advance.

Often when we go grocery shopping, we find ourselves grabbing what’s familiar and what’s comforting. This usually leads to a heavy haul of unhealthy junk food and canned goods. An easy workaround to this is prepping your shopping list before going to the grocery or the market. This way you can taper down on your impulse buys and focus on items that help promote healthy eating tips. You end up making the most of your shopping experience and end up saving more when you plan correctly!  


Snack less by keeping busy.

A way to taper down snacking is by keeping yourself busy with other activities. You can opt to go for a walk or try some simple stretches at home. If you’re working from home and can’t get away from your desk, have your desk work for you. With the latest in office ergonomics, products like home office desk bikes, can help keep you active while you’re working. Exercise helps circulate blood throughout your body which has been proven to help you stay focused. The endorphins that staying active can also help reduce stress. You not only actively avoid snacking but ultimately increase your productivity.


While these healthy eating tips might be an easy way to improve your health, ultimately the secret to a healthier lifestyle is in forming good habits that help improve your help. By focusing on these tips, you can start your journey to a happier and healthier you.