Let's find out. Is the MonitorStand Workstation the right fit for you?

21 February 2020

If you have a monitor on your desk, you may have dealt with the challenges of getting it at the right height.  You may have tried setting your monitor up on top of a stack of books or box.   It may have work for a while before you eventually needed one of those books or got sick of working at a desk that looks so unorganized.  This is exactly how the Monistorstand Workstation S6 came into existence. Keep reading to learn more about this awesome new product for organizing your office space and computer monitor.

The Top 4 Benefits of the Monitorstand Workstation

  • A beautifully designed monitor that will immediately bring function to your desk space.
  • Organize with simplicity thanks to a spacious drawer and attachable containers.
  • Charge your electronics with ease with a built in USB port.
  • Disinfect your keys, pens, electronics, and anything else around your desk with an integrated UV light system.

Charge, organize, disinfect, transform.

Who says functional has to be ugly?  Not us.  We are on a mission to provide a balanced combination of function and design to your office and desk space.  The Monitorstand is the ultimate workstation for just that.  It is versatile enough for any desk set up.  Having this work station will help keep you focused on what matters.   

Explore These Amazing Features.

  • USB charging port.   No more dead electronics!
  • A large built in drawer.  Get rid of clutter and maximize space.  Stay organized and productive.
  • Optional accessory containers.  Hang these to provide additional space for organization and décor.
  • Easy to set up.  Ready to go.  Simply install 4 “feet” on the bottom in less than a minute.
  • Built in UV sterilization.  Place anything you want disinfected under the UV light rays at the bottom of the station.  No more lurking germs in less than 10 minutes.

Gain Peace of Mind with Integrated Disinfection

UV light rays have been shown to be very effective in sterilizing up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in a very short amount of time.   Thus, having a built in UV light system is a great option, especially during cold and flu season.   Plus, some of the germiest areas in an office space are the desktop, keyboards, cell phones, and pens.  Cell phones have been shown to have more bacteria on them than a toilet seat, yuck!  This is all especially true if you are working in close quarters with others.

Be Extra Mindful This Year with the Coronavirus Epidemic Lurking

Right now, we are all sitting on the edge of our seats to see how the coronavirus epidemic will play out.  Areas hit the , such as China, are frantically trying to keep it under control and minimize the devastation it could cause.  In the meantime, the best way to minimize your own risk of contracting the coronavirus or any other bug is with good hygiene.  

Good Hygiene = Better Health

The coronavirus is most commonly spread via close contact with people that are infected via touch, coughing and sneezing.  Don’t rely on other people’s hygiene when it comes to your health.  Take matters into your own hands, literally.  Increase your odds of keeping good health with regular hand washing (but not with anti-bacterial soap) after handling food, using the bathroom, contact with “common areas,” or any other human to human interactions.   Then, adding the ability to regularly sterilize your desktop items with UV light will provide an additional level of protection.   

Get Your Monitorstand Workstation Today.

If you’ve been looking for an option that checks all the boxes related to design, function and hygiene, then you’ve finally found it.  You can get this sleek design in grey or light tan.  Then, add any additional organizational accessories to maximize your desk space (or add then later as neded).  Plus, get $30 off your purchase with the code “SAVE30” today.

What are you waiting for?  The unlocked potential of your desk space is waiting.