Is FlexiSpot Socially Responsible?

21 May 2021

FlexiSpot, as a leading manufacturer of ergonomic products, is noted for high-quality products, and millions of people all over the world love and trust it. On the other hand, we have not explored the company’s goal towards being a socially responsible business. Let us see if its goals or visions have something to do with being a socially responsible company.

Social Responsibility Defined

Social responsibility in business or what they termed as corporate social responsibility entails many concepts and I found a simpler definition from an online article that indicates social responsibility is “the business commits not to cause harm or trouble to the society.” For example, some business establishments dispose of toxic products to a nearby body of water that causes water contamination or pollution. As such, marine life was affected and consequently inflicted damage to the people of the community. Businesses, small or big ones must work towards this end, being socially responsible.

Levels of Social Responsibility

Business or corporate social responsibility is not just one but it has four levels that must be adhered to as it involves not only the business per see but also the whole community or society it serves. There are four levels of social responsibility indicated in an online article about business or corporate social responsibility.

● Economic – the company or business has to be profitable

● Business must comply with legal obligations

● Business must act morally and choose the action that would cause the least, if

any harm 

● Philanthropic – a business should give back by way of giving time, money, or goods to 

                                       the community it serves

As FlexiSpot is a new company, on the contrary, it has earned the trust of people around the world. Based on this positive response it has received, I think that it is a socially responsible company. Taking into consideration the four levels of social responsibility, we do not have tangible evidence that any of the four levels were violated by FlexiSpot. Otherwise, if it had, people would not trust this company.

FlexiSpot’s Commitment to the Society

The company is committed to promoting wellness and productivity in every product that it produces and designs. Each product has its properties of durability, creativity, innovative designs, and functionality. For example, standing desks are manufactured and designed for any user to experience comfort, ease of operation, stability, and functionality. If you have an adjustable standing desk, you can sit or stand while working to prevent pains and another discomfort that could be possibly felt during the use of the desk. There is a variety of standing desks according to the materials used to make them. You have the choice of the wooden, bamboo, glass top, or laminated. 

Flexispot also believes that “there is a healthier way to work.” That is, the products are designed to make the user increase work productivity and at the same time to work the way to physical fitness because health is essential in work. And the company is sensitive to the worker’s wellness and productivity. The desk bikes are the “living witness” to this particular belief. FlexiSpot offers desk bikes such as the Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9.  

This product has all the things a worker needs to work at home. It promotes productivity as well as wellness with the built-in bike and a desktop where work and wellness meet. Aside from the promotion of two important elements in a worker’s life, this desk bike is very comfortable to sit on, adjustable to every height of the user, and the desktop can be moved forward or backward, up and down for easier movements and a satisfying experience.

The health or Wellness of the worker is the top priority of FlexiSpot in manufacturing ergonomic products. As such, under the Health and Fitness category, products are designed to boost wellness with different products for workouts, light exercises, and accessories to match specific exercise equipment that suits every worker’s lifestyle. For example, it offers a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1. This product is compact and very handy but it is packed with a lot of smart features that I would love. 

It has an adjustable level speed that you can choose from 1 to 99. So could do your exercise to the fullest to maintain a healthy body. It also has a LED touch screen and remote control so you adjust and see your speed. This is a perfect workout buddy at home or in the office.

If you do not need a new desk or table at the moment, you may opt to have a standing desk converter instead. A desk converter can transform your workstation into a better one wherein you sit or stand while working. That is avoiding sitting posture for long hours that would cause lumbar pains, neck pain, and another discomfort while working. You can work comfortably in any posture with efficiency and effectiveness.

To support its commitment and belief, FlexiSpot has its own Research and Development team which is composed of innovative and “forward-thinking” engineers who utilize the latest technology in producing and creating designs for each particular product. As such, their creativity and innovativeness come to the fore that makes FlexiSpot stand out among the many manufacturers of ergonomic products.

The positive raves and reviews coming from consumers and buyers around the world have proved that FlexiSpot is living up to its commitment and belief that health and productivity can be possibly realized through the different ergonomic products it has manufactured so far. Consumer trust is difficult to achieve in the dynamic world of business. But FlexiSpot, though not so new in the manufacturing industry has earned that elusive trust from millions of people around the world.

It is now a byword when it comes to excellent quality ergonomic products. If you want to see more of those products, you can visit its website for more details. Rest assured that when you purchase a product, it will be for your keeping for a long, long time.