How to take a break from work: the ultimate guide to a mini-vacation

13 November 2019

A mini-vacation is described as a four-day break or long weekend usually when you take Friday and Monday off. This allows most people the much-needed break and rests from work. Working from home allows you the flexibility to manage your tasks and clients, but it doesn't always afford you the time to rest and relax. This is why, at specified intervals, taking a mini-vacation is essential to performing optimally at your job.

In this guide, we will examine the reasons why you need a mini-vacation and the activities you can enjoy to make it all worthwhile. Most people find it hard to plan activities to carry out during their vacation, and this guide hopes to simplify that process.

Why you should take a mini-vacation

Work can be very satisfying primarily when you work for yourself and have your own business. Working from home allows you to set your hours and enjoy individual freedoms. Having a feeling of accomplishment usually fuels us to do more and become better. This doesn't mean overworking one's self doesn't have adverse effects on you. Here are some of the reasons you need to take that mini-vacation today.


Working all the time can lead to burnout and stress. Taking breaks and relaxing after long stretches of work goes a long way in protecting you from harm. Exhaustion can significantly reduce your productivity and affect work output. When your task is concerned, your income would be affected too. Taking a mini-vacation keeps you in shape and gives you the energy to get back to work.

Boost productivity

Taking breaks and vacations allows your body to rest and recuperate. This significantly boosts your productivity when you resume work, as you will feel more energized. Proper rest has also been linked to increased creativity and problem-solving skills. 


The chief reason for any form of relaxation is relieving stress. Working builds a lot of tension in the body due to constant use. Taking a mini-vacation will allow your body to get the proper great it deserves and bounce back with full recovery. Regular work without any breaks is a dangerous path to go down. Take breaks after long periods of working to keep your body in shape. 

Family Time

A mini-vacation will allow you to spend time with your family. Although working from home means you have a flexible schedule, this doesn't mean you high always have time for your family. This depends on the volume of work you have to deal with. Taking a mini-vacation will allow you to spend quality time with your family in a calm and relaxed setting.

Activities to make your mini-vacation fun

You do not need to go overboard with your mini-vacation activities. You can carefully plan out your time to include various leisurely activities including: 

Watching TV

Although this seems a bit obvious, most self-employed people barely have time to watch a good movie. Take your time to watch a nice film which will help you relax and have fun. Sitting on the couch and watching movies will help you relieve stress, and if you watch comedy, you will get some good laughs too.


Playing games with your family is an easy way to relax and have fun. Chess, checkers, video games, and scrabble are all good games that can help you relax and pass enjoy your mini-vacation. This would also help you bond with your family as you can enjoy and share this experience with them.


Good sleep will go a long way in helping you bounce back to full strength. Although it may not seem like an activity, planned and proper sleep is crucial to your mini-vacation. Most times, as a self-employed worker, you may have sleepless nights trying to meet deadlines and complete projects. Sleeping helps your body heal from the stress of sleepless nights.

Additional activities for your mini-vacation

Relaxation is one part of the mini-vacation equation. You need to stay healthy and active during this period. Exercise is good for the body and keeps you fit and energized for resumption to work. There are many activities you can engage in, such as running, jogging, and swimming.

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