How to Start a Podcast for Fun and Profit

20 December 2019

When at best, podcasting is undeniably a good way to not only express your views and passion about something but also make money.

Although the trend of podcasting is not new, it seems that it has hit the mainstream industry now. Gone are the days when podcasting had only one medium. Today, video channels and platforms, like Netflix and YouTube, supplanted it.

That means it is high time to make the most of this opportunity. Starting a podcast and making money from it needs careful thinking and planning. You need to build an audience by choosing the right topics people want to know about. A combination of the right timing and right subject is vital when it comes to making your podcast fun and profitable.

Simply put, if you have good communication skills and like sharing information with people, podcasting makes a realistic mean for you to make money. The booming industry does not only enable you to enjoy your hobby. You can turn it into a moneymaking business. The logistics and technical expertise of podcasting can b overwhelming, but if you do everything step by step, it all becomes easy.

Look at the given steps to find out how can you become a successful podcaster.

 How to Start a Podcast for Fun and Profit

· Set a Goal for Your Podcast

Whether you podcast to compliment your home business or make the podcast as your home business, having a goal to talk about something is important. If you simply want to run an online radio show, it also requires a goal to convey something beneficial to your listeners. In addition, if your goal is to turn your hobby into a serious business, your goals will dictate the decisions you want to excel.

· Decide Topics You Want to Cover

Like any other business, deciding the niche in podcasting is extremely important if you want to make it fun and profitable. Your topics or niche need to be unique enough yet open to help you run a long-term show.

For instance, you want to share information on a beauty regime or want to coach or mentor your listeners, find something that the public does not know or can relate to. Divide your main topic into sub-topics or narrow it down to a specific market. That is to say, make the information as simple as you can to educate people and build an audience.

· Know Who You Want to Podcast For

Knowing the audience is all about finding your target market. Getting success in any domain is not possible unless you do not know its target market. Targeting the right audience is one of the best market strategies that help you save a lot of time and money.

In other words, before you hone in podcasting business, make sure you find out what you are offering and whom you are offering to?

Plan Your Podcast as Business

· Suggest a Name for Your Podcast

Whether it started as a hobby or a serious business, like any other business, your podcast needs a name. Coming up with a good name for your podcast is one of the most vital tasks. Try to come up with a unique name that describes your show’s nature. If you want to do podcasting with your home business, you can choose your brand name for the podcast.

· Plan Your Podcast Frequency, Format and Length

Time is crucial when it comes to conveying your thoughts and message through a podcast. According to expert podcasters, your podcast show length should not exceed 20 to 45 minutes. If you plan to podcast daily, try not to exceed the show than 30 minutes. However, if it is going to be a monthly podcast, your show can be 45 to 50 minutes long with some valuable information for your audience.

The next important feature that needs planning is your podcast’s format. How will you organize it? Will you invite guests or just deliver a monologue? How many segments will it have? The podcast needs a proper structure and planning to make it an earning business.

· Decide a Medium for Your Podcast

Decide what hub you would like to choose for your podcast. You can create your website through WordPress to share your Podcast. It has some useful podcast-relate plug-ins to help you build a perfect platform for your podcast.

Moreover, graphics play an important role in setting up on your podcast directories. You need proper graphics to help you show up your podcast on the listener’s devices. The other pieces of equipment you need are a microphone, Skype, auto-editing software, and hosting services.

Do not forget to get yourself some high-quality desk converters or adjustable desks such as AlcoveRiser Standing Desks Converters from FlexiSpot before you record your podcast. The robust adjustable desks are suitable for people who work from home.

They are spacious and are great to keep your monitors, microphones, and any other desk accessories you need during the podcast. In addition, they can help you prevent health issues related to the spine and back.

Make Profit from Podcast

Remember that making money from podcasting takes time. However, if you create quality content, target the right audience, and use techniques like affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and advertisements, you can generate a good amount of money.

Bottom Line

Overall, a podcast is an excellent medium for people to share messages with their listeners and inspire them. It makes an impact on the listeners' lives. However, if you want to turn a podcast into a profitable and viable business, you need to follow the given steps.